Good Will Hunting Biopsychological Approach Essay

The biopshychological method to Will's tendencies would suggest that he is like he is because of his human brain chemistry. The chemicals in his head cause him to respond violently to pressure. The makeup of his genetics cause him as the way he could be and he'd be by doing this no matter how having been raised.

This method would also suggest that maybe he is changed by drugs to balance the harmful chemicals in his human brain. Behavioral Approach: The behavioral approach could imply that all Will's actions are learned and he is a product of his environment. He can violent because he was probably beaten as a child and as he grew up he learned to deal with his complications through physical violence.

He held up this kind of behavior because he was hardly ever punished significantly enough to get him to stop. This individual learned that he could go to court and talk his way out of his conditions which would not give him any kind of reason to halt doing what he was carrying out. He also learned to never get to near to anybody or perhaps open up to them. This was learned mainly because some of the people in his life who had been supposed to take pleasure in him had abandoned him.

Psychoanalitic Way: The psychoanalitic approach could indicate that Will's habit was from his unconscious mind and were urges from the child years experiences. For example , Will was beaten in kindergarten with a bully, down the line in his existence he recognizes the ansto? and starts a battle with him. His decision to fight was made subconsciously by an behavioral instinct from a childhood knowledge.

When he was obviously a child having been also mistreated by his parents. Later on in Will's life, this individual often places to violence subconsciously because of his childhood beatings. Humanistic Approach: The humanistic strategy would suggest that Will makes his decisions based on free of charge will which is basically a fantastic person.

Can is just how he is mainly because that is just how he would like to be. Can does not realize until later on that this individual has to very much potential to squander his lifestyle. Will is an overall great person. This really is shown in the in his activities throughout the film, for example , when he decided to retain working structure instead of taking a job with military intelligence because he would rather assist individuals by making real estate than acquire people slain.

Cognitive Approach: The cognitive approach would suggest Will can be how he is because that may be how he sees him self. Will is known as a well educated man but for almost all of the movie Is going to sees him self as a no person who will help cheap and stay in the ghetto. Once his cleverness is noticed realizes that he gets the opportunity to employ his knowledge and generate something of himself.

Sociocultural Approach: The sociocultural approach would declare Will can be how he's because of influences from society. Society generally views persons from the segregazione as people that will never help to make something of themselves thus he seems the same way about himself. Culture expects people from the segregazione to use violence to fix their problems.

This is why Will most likely resorts to violence in tough scenarios. Society as well does not enable men to spread out up and promote their sense freely. This is why it is so hard for is going to to open up and receive emotional.

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