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A sample of a global warming effects essay

Every day we hear about global warming as well as other climate changes. We not only hear, but we also come across them. Some of them even look scaring and make us worry for the future of our human civilization. Let’s discuss this in a global warming effects essay.

Have you ever thought if there’s an evident connection between human activities and climate changes? Sure, you have. In this greenhouse effect and global warming essay we’ll get familiar with the unique nature of global warming and learn how it influences the entire planet.

Before exploring global warming, let’s get familiar with climate basics. The world climate keeps changing all the time and these changes have an enormous impact on our lives, cities, ecosystems, not to mention the use of energy. These days global air temperatures are approximately 1,5 degrees higher than were in the beginning of the 20th century. As follows from the report made by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, by 2100 average global temperatures will grow to 8.6 degrees F. The vast majority of experts suggest that the changes are fully anthropogenic. In other words, all of this is caused by human beings. As for the most visible climate changes, we can point out to emissions of heat-trapping gases released into the atmosphere when fossil fuels are burnt. Perhaps, the most significant emission is carbon dioxide, also known as CO2. Sure, you can’t overlook carbon dioxide in your effects of global warming essay.

Many people don’t see the difference between such terms as climate and weather, but the difference really exists. Climate deals with typical conditions of temperature, cloudiness, humidity, wind speed and direction as well as other meteorological factors, prevailing regionally or globally for extended periods. Weather mainly describes the hourly or daily conditions faced by people every day. There’s even an old saying telling that climate is what people expect and weather is what they really get.

We can easily notice that today the weather has changed, but we can’t say the same about global climate because in this case it takes a long time until people see obvious changes. Nevertheless, for the last time global climate has changed a lot. Otherwise, you wouldn’t write this essay global warming effects.

For hundreds of millions of years our planet has seen plenty of long-term as well as short-term climate cycles, so this means it’s quite possible to measure these changes. Many of the climate changes of the past appeared to be extremely dramatic, especially if they were caused by asteroids and comets.

The IPCC has recently assessed the world climate and confirmed that the planet’s climate is gradually changing and we should blame ourselves for this. By the way, many of the factors, which caused earlier global changes keep influencing today’s climate. However, today human activities have become the predominant force. As a result, our climate changes rapidly.

Now we’ve come up to the major thing of this issue – global warming. In simple terms, we can say that global warming is caused by burning of huge amounts of fossil fuels, including oil, coal, natural gas and so on. Burning actually releases heat-trapping gases right into the atmosphere. Such gases as carbon dioxide act just like a blanket, retaining heat and decreasing the rate at which Earth’s surface could radiate heat to space.

Deforestation is another key factor to be considered. Unfortunately, forests are burnt or cut down. As a result, carbon dioxide is no longer stored and it’s released into the atmosphere. You know the result – that’s global warming we’re talking about. These days, the current level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is the highest for the last 800000 years.

Now let’s see how water heats and cools the world climate. Water greatly contributed to the appearance this rich abundance of life forms on our native planet, though that can’t be said about other planets of our solar system. The matter is that our native planet is neither too close to the sun, nor too far from this vital celestial body. Instead, it lies within rather a narrow habitable zone, whose major feature is water in the form of vapor, liquid or ice. Water in its liquid form is very important for any life form as well as ecological function. Its transition to liquid and solid forms is significant for climatologic and ecological functions.

Water molecules are used to heating the atmosphere by absorbing sunlight. However, today there’s a relatively small amount of water in the atmosphere, while air, being stuffed with water molecules efficiently absorbs up to 70% of incoming sunlight, thus warming the atmosphere.

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