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Try your hand at a global warming cause and effect essay

We don’t doubt that like many other people you’ve already heard of global warming many times. Global warming takes place when the levels of greenhouse gasses rapidly go up and as a result, less infrared light and heat leaves the planet’s atmosphere. We should blame this longstanding process for the constantly growing temperatures on the Earth.

Everybody knows that climate change is a significant part of our planet’s history. For the past 150000 years the Earth has faced dramatic temperature fluctuations. Perhaps, you’ll be shocked to hear this, but even at those time carbon dioxide was one of the most decisive components of global warming, while it’s a common belief that carbon dioxide is a «child» of modern civilization. Yes, in the past temperature changes were also tied to the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

These days carbon dioxide occupy up to 0.03% of the entire gas content in the planet’s atmosphere and has rather a disproportional impact on the global temperature. For the last time the percentage of carbon dioxide has drastically grown. It has even surpassed the alarming rate. Unfortunately, up-to-date industrial civilization is mainly driven by fossil fuels, including oil, coal and gasoline and all of this greatly contribute to the overall rise in carbon dioxide emissions on the planet. Unstoppable deforestation also makes things worse as it ensure constant carbon dioxide releases. That occurs because of burning of plant life, not to mention exposing soils to sunlight. Trees have always withstood carbon dioxide releases, but today they’re rapidly cut down. By doing this, we’re depriving ourselves of a good natural remedy against global warming. Stress this crucial fact in your essay on global warming and its effects.

In fact, there’re many ways enabling carbon dioxide to get to the planet’s atmosphere. Some of them are quite natural, while others are direct outcomes of our human activity. That needs to be mentioned in your cause and effect essay on global warming.

Are you ready to realize that up to 95% of the total carbon dioxide emissions come from natural sources and that would happen even if the planet wasn’t been inhabited by human beings. So, you might have thought why we should blame ourselves for such a terrible natural disaster as global warming? Yes, we should, indeed, and that’s another significant details to be mentioned in your global warming causes and effects essay. The matter is that the cyclic nature of this substance wouldn’t change a lot if humans stopped releasing too much carbon dioxide every year. As you see, humans aren’t going to stop what they’re doing to our great regret. Yes, we give just 3%, but that’s more than enough to ruin the entire balance of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. To be exact, we’ve already done this and now we’re looking for an adequate remedy.

Many factors contribute to the rapid increase of carbon dioxide in the planet’s atmosphere. Not only disposed industrial wastes contribute to this disaster, we should also consider the planet’s constantly growing population. All of this has radically transformed our lands, waters, not to mention the blue sky. A radically reshaped environment gives us a revolutionary new set of possibilities for our cultural reproduction and this simultaneously gives birth to a new cycle of mutual determination.

The root of this global problem lies in the historical separation of people from nature. If you attentively explore the consumption patterns as well as lifestyles of today’s Americans you’ll clearly see that our cultural values have greatly shifted from the perception of our dependence on the health of the planet’s ecosystems. So, global warming can be defined as a longstanding crisis of our human perception in the everlasting competition with natural cycles, ignored by us for a long time.

In addition to the global temperature surge, scientists have discovered that chemicals dubbed chlorofluorocarbons or CFC for short, long utilized as refrigerants and aerosol sprays can damage the planet’s ozone layer. The destruction of this layer is expected to increase the rate of skin cancer and damage crops. The marine food is endangered too.

Today’s environmental crisis is the direct product of the crisis of perception. We simply don’t want to see that our foolish actions have resulted in tremendous effects. With this «specific» approach, it would be extremely difficult to get out of this hole. What do you think of prospects of our future generations born in the world heavily affected by human destructive actions? We don’t doubt that your thoughts on this matter aren’t positive. We ought to take a huge responsibility for global warming. Only with this serious approach, we can overcome this disaster.

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