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Genre Research: The Relationship Comedy

The thesis introduces some basic conceptions of "genre" and then generally analyzes the features of the US and UK film genre especially in conditions of romance humor of US and UK film. The writer uses Love Actually and Pretty Woman as two cases to stand for UK and US love comedy respectively. Love Actually was acted by many fantastic actors and stars like Hugh Offer, Emma Thompson, Mr. Bean (Rowan Atkinson), Alan Rickman, etc, which makes the movie an all-star lineup. However, very Woman doesn't fall season behind. It had been acted by Hollywood movie star Richard Gere and Julia Roberts. By contrasting the two representatives, it isn't difficult to reach at the conclusion that UK love humor is more realism while the other is more idealism. I believe it pretty much has something related with their different civilizations and national people. British people are definitely more conservative than Americans so their love is nearer to life, it's better for audience to find the real love in reality because some storyline of the movie as being a familiar one took place in area. It shows some true situation in true to life. Pretty Female is a lttle bit like the realization of North american Dream to North american people; the movie makes the fairy tale aspiration become true. That's why these two movies are great learning materials for relationship genre research.

When discussing film genre, there is no reason not forgetting the etymology of genre, which comes from French (originally Latin) term so this means "type" or "kind". With the word genre getting into use of British, it isn't hard to encounter "literacy genre", "genres in painting" etc, however, this newspaper mainly emphasizes on film genre. How exactly we define genre is depending on our purposes. Film genre is closely connected with the aspect of audience's common knowledge and their objectives, that is, how audience recognizes and is aware of movie. As Alastair Fowler said that "readers learn genres steadily, usually through unconscious familiarization", I put forward the idea that audience use genre to tell apart a specific movie and it creates a genre a code between suppliers and audiences in the text of a specific movie.

When I commence to analyze US film genre, I can't disregard the impact of Hollywood, which produces a sizable amount of blockbuster through the whole world, to name but a few, Gone With the Blowing wind, The Audio of Music, Titanic, GOD, THE FATHER of the King, Avatar. . . In Hollywood movie, the main genres are action-adventure, funny, technology fiction, teenpics, warfare motion pictures, westerns, melodrama and so on. It really is universally acknowledged that love is indispensable in human's lifeЇјso it's always the source materials for literature and fine art creation. There is absolutely no hesitation that love is usually the eternal theme of movie, that's why the pack of romance tale is on the glory trail for long years. In some other film genre, romance is supposed to be the sub-genre, which makes romantic thriller, loving drama, action relationship and romantic comedy. And even in Titanic this kind of devastation film, romance is an important aspect which runs through the entire movie. At different time people's prospect of love reveal their moral value in those days. The development of movie is usually based on the quality temper of the age to spotlight the theme of that time period. Through the Second World War period, Gone with the Wind flow, Casablanca, For Whom the Bell Tolls are popular motion pictures because they take at the true history of the culture, which reveals the changing life brought by the conflict. Within the period of 90th century, There is a Mail, Message in a Bottle, A Walk in the clouds these new time relationship enter into the silver screen. Especially in There is a Mail internet has become a bridge between your hero and heroine, besides that the film also displays cyber love in true to life. As it goes to nowadays romance, it becomes a lot more incredible and amazing just like Over the Universe, Sliding Gates, twilight.

When I continue steadily to analyze the UK film genre, there are three main characteristics heading as follows. First of all it inherits and evolves the realistic custom of English play. For instance, Gandhi, A Passing to India, Gosford Playground represent the introspection of the annals and culture of colonial domination; the Bridge on the River Kwai, the Private Life of Henry VIII, the Queen criticize the corrupt customs of old value and national heroes; the Land Females, Love Actually promote the typical civilization of mainstream modern culture; Four wedding ceremonies and a Funeral, Mr. Bean advocate the positive frame of mind towards life. Second of all, UK movie is keen on the creative characteristics of British drama, resulting in the high creative value in either filming or performance, especially the "gentleman style" in operating. It also clarifies why many British films get the Academy Award like the English patient, Shakespeare in Love. The lastly, it adapts some literary masterpiece and most of them stay famous with the initial work. Tess is modified from Hardy; Oliver Twist is revised from Charles Dickens; Sense and Sensibility is turned from Jane Austin. When all the above-mentioned factors are taken into consideration, a final result could be attracted that UK motion pictures are definitely more traditional and sustain some top features of English crisis.

Hereinafter I'll illustrate Love Actually and Pretty Female to analysis the features of UK and US relationship funny respectively and compare their similarities and distinctions. Love happens to be one of the very most successful English love comedies which breaks the record of Bridget Jones's Journal and wins the top-grossing movie release in ever before. It is consisting of ten separate experiences but also there are small relationships among those stories at the backdrop of traditional festival-Christmas. In fact the name of the movie "love actually" means "Love is actually around", so the entire melody of the movie is immersed in warm and love. The beginning and closing part take place at Heathrow Air-port where people part or reunite with their family or friends. Fathers and sons, moms and daughters, couple, boyfriends, girlfriends and old friends, they smile, accept or kiss each other, making the international airport cozy beautiful place. Love is found everywhere. Our eye do not show a lack of sense of love, but insufficient observation. This film demonstrates different kind of outlook of love in UK society. Love is around no subject who you are and what social class you result from. Even you are the best minister of the United Kingdom; you might fall in love with your assistant. The director just shows that there is no hierarchy, no stratum in love, everyone is equal at the front of love; love makes people nearer to the other person and makes them get together whatever their identities are. Love is around no matter which country you are from and what terms you are speaking. Love has no boundaries. The tiny guy confesses his thoughts to the African-American lady at the encouragement of his stepfather. Love is daring, there are neither epidermis colors nor races in love, and we all cheer for the little guy because of his braveness. Totally there are ten reports and everyone will get some touching details in some stories because they are closely related to your life and I really believe that's why it's not exactly like Hollywood romance humor, its special gentleman style laughter and softly moving plot are not such as a raging flame but can still give us warm and power. It makes audience feel safe and packed with self-confidence that love is all over the place. Be generous and gratitude alive because love is actually around us. It is a movie but additionally it is like what happened inside our own life. In addition to the romance story in the film, we can find the epitome of British isles politics and the relationship between British isles and American. "A friend who bullies us is no more a friend. " Bring out their opinion that they don't want to be an attendant of America. We are able to still capture the satire that Englishman used to show disagreement with North american and their pop culture. They have fun at American's arbitrariness and their open up culture. Satire is one way of English humor. As may us, funny is very important in English film industry because the country feels pleased with their sense of humor. Mr. Bean is just about the stereotype of funny and Rowan Atkinson's face signify funny and laughter. When he arrived in a movie we can predict that something interesting may happen. So even he shows up several minutes in Love Actually, he still creates pleasure to the audience.

On the other hand, Pretty Female is an average Cinderella Hollywood style relationship comedy. Hao Jian cases Pretty Female is an enchanting film and studies how this movie leads the audience to enjoy the visual and ideological pleasure through placing typical movie words. He argues the director's use of movie vocabulary and the like "zero trim" is a technique to remove obstacles between the characters and the audience. (Hao Jian, 2002) Since there is no denying that personas will be the souls of movie, this newspaper mainly targets character types' personalities to summarize the genre features rather than the angle from shooting methods like montage etc. Edward signifies prototype of the top school while Vivian signifies the working school in US. From my point of view, American romance comedy is more idealized just like a story book and a wonderful dream because women are eager to face her prince of captivating like Edward and boys desire to be successful and also have the social status as Edward. That is to say, American romance history is more idealism so that the heroes and heroine are so glorious that audience wish they could become them. Vivian, the attractive girl in the movie, though she does not have a decent occupation, she still has her own attributes, which draw in the perfect hero and gain his love. I analyzed the heroine and find she's four qualities that makes she become the princess. To start with, she actually is frank and genuine, so that she always expresses her emotions directly and doesn't cover her viewpoints. Next, although she actually is a prostitute, she still has self-respect. When she lives an appropriate life provided by Edward she still prepares to leave because all she desires is not just material things. Thirdly, she is a pleasant woman, which may be drawn from her pretty actions and innocent dialogue. Finally, she creates her own idealism when she is a street girl and fortunately her dreams become a reality. In real life it's hard to assume a millionaire falls in love with a prostitute, but just because of the mode of Cinderella and the prince of modern time makes audience's wish come true, the film becomes an extremely popular one even until today. Pretty Female still makes sense in our population; the eye-sight of love differs inside our time. Now it appears that status, lot of money and appearance have become some "necessaries" in matching love. Love is no longer 100 % pure love; people become as well as clear intensions, for example, the insurance of life, the typical of consumptionIt seems that individuals now regard marriage as a "marriage" instead of an "organization". In the movie it instructs us that family background, job, features aren't so important, the most important thing is one's internal world, pure soul and warm center. Pretty Woman inherits the traditional mode of US romance comedy, which contains attractive man, hot amount woman and happy stopping report. However, this movie also praises feminine while some other US film would show sympathy of female like Thelma and Louise, the colour Purple and so forth. All in all, Pretty Female is an extremely basic Hollywood movie which is beneficial for us to review film genre of romance comedy of American.


Through the further finding of genre analysis, it can help us obtain some fundamental conception of film genre in terms of romance comedy. Film genre is an extended journey that in this newspaper I only underline a little aspect of film genre. As far as I am concerned, romance humor is so popular that this film genre can always appeal to audience's attention and sit in the cinema to take pleasure from the movie. However, Love actually and Pretty Female are just two stereotypes of love comedy. You'll find so many films of this type, if you want to get more conclusions we always have many choices since If Only, Five first schedules, Sleepless in Seattle, etc, are basic romance story value watching.


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