General electrics development strategy: the imment initiative

General electric a USA founded company whose headquarters are positioned in New York is one of the words most renowned and successful companies in conditions of market stocks and income with the full total price of $150 billion. The business's total earnings in the year 2006 had increased to 17% looking at to the total earnings gained 2005 i. e. 12%.

General electric is rated two by Forbes predicated on the total earnings made by the company, total market shares, and the worthiness of products. General electric happens to be employing around 287, 000 employees all over the world and its own market is extended throughout countries like the united states of America, European countries and the Asian continent primarily India, china, Japan, and Singapore.

But the stock prices of GE appears to be regular at $35 despite of huge market progress, which is one of the most crucial factors to look for in future for GE, despite regular stock prices GE does good in terms of earnings in the market.

B. Strategic posture

As soon as jeff immelt hold the position as the CEO of GE, he details certain mission, aims and strategies that GE has to follow throughout, these are.


Mission of the business is to improve the prior strategies which proved to be inefficient earlier, also to integrate the company as a conglomerate.

One of the major missions of the company is also to fulfill the demand of its customers and also to deliver the best to its clients.


To formulate and react on various strategies and also to modify it sometimes and according to the situation that will assist the company in the long-term gain.

To generate a mass media business that is targeted on the digital future of the business i. e. the acquisition of various media franchise.

To create new techniques and flourish in the healthcare market, prefer to combine GE's advanced imaging techniques with traditional medical care techniques like advanced diagnostics, targeted treatments etc. so as to deliver their customers with new techniques and to gain new opportunities in the market.


The major strategies of GE are:

As an ex-salesman, immelt had always received the propensity to concentrate on the needs of the customers also to deliver them with the best in quality and approach services. For achieving these targets immelt experienced developed some major strategies that includes recruiting new key marketing officer, and train the business enterprise development staff more precisely to marketing tasks. In the process they have appointed a large variety of marketing experts that shows how much GE would like to look for client satisfaction.

The next strategy of immelt is to create a commercial effective counsel in order to bring about jointly the best sales and marketing market leaders together to provide best practice. The business began using tools such as six sigma and net promoter report (NPS) to keep track of customer's frame of mind and devotion.

The next strategy of immelt focuses on being a provider in order to strengthen customer romance. As GE has an enormous base of more than 100, 000 long lived jet engines, power generators, locomotives and medical devices. Immelt seems them as a very good potential service income stream.


GE's policies includes customer satisfaction and worker satisfaction, and these plans are incredibly much connected to the other person and also to the exterior and interior environment as the mission of GE is to provide the best services which can only be achieved when they have a good customer and worker policies.

The current mission, targets and strategies of GE is very much indeed appropriate considering its globalization insurance policies and multi domestic policies. And the main objective of the business reflects the internal procedures of GE as immelt had altered many processes and shuffled departments keeping in mind the missions and goals.

3. Exterior environment: opportunities and threats

A. Natural Physical Environment: Sustainability Issues

The new progress platform of GE is dependant on natural and alternative sources of energy that includes wind, solar, biomass, coal gasification etc. GE is trying to increase their range to these sources in order to sustain in the foreseeable future. The only menace for GE in working with this new growth platform is the carbon emission and the utilization of non green sources. GE must find new ways to handle these problems.

Natural environment matters as it pertains to services for example if GE is providing its services in a few area where the environmental conditions are not that good such as extremely hot conditions in the countries of Africa and extremely cold parts of the Siberia and the arctic group.

B. Societal Issues

Economic: the company is doing perfectly in the recent days and nights in conditions of sales and new services so that as there are numerous new opportunities for GE flourishing in every field ranging from healthcare to consultancy related services. Really the only threat for the company is the competition that keeps growing day by day in the related areas.

Technological: GE has one of the best technicians and R & D section of the world therefore it is a good advantage for GE in order to research new technologies for its services. As GE bargains in a variety of services which range from hardware to providing consultancy to medical services therefore it is a must for GE to utilize new and altered technologies and a good base of specialized employees. The technology that can be used by GE always offers it a forte on the market.

Political: the business must face many political issues especially when it is trading in other countries therefore GE will need to have a good law foundation and an effective Liasoning strategy to be able to deal with political problems.

Socio-cultural: the employees of GE is experiencing a work culture, this work culture is vital for GE to make their workers satisfied and to maintain dignity of work. Additionally GE is very much obsessed about their customers and for that reason they have produced various effective approaches for their customers.

All these makes vary when discussing trading of GE in global market. For former mate. the political situation of the country could be very different, for ex girlfriend or boyfriend. the globalization insurance policies, the employment procedures and the taxation procedures could be very different far away. Moreover the technical aspects also changes when trading globally for ex. the country where GE is trading may not employ a good technological bottom part. Socio culture also will depend on and varies country to country depending on work culture that is described for the reason that country.

C. Activity Environment

Threat of new entrants: as GE is dealing in many services which range from consultancy to hardware and other services therefore they are really facing huge competition in the sector, also when they package in global market they face competition from various local companies and businesses in the same service, but as the strategies of GE is very well defined therefore they can very well compete and also defeat other players.

Bargaining power of buyers: bargaining electric power of purchasers is very high remember the thing that there are very much competition in the market therefore the bargaining power of customers is high and the business would compromise on bargain if required.

Threat of alternative products and services: the services provided by the business are unique in aspect and is great in quality therefore the chances are very low that new products may replace GE's products, but GE should not take this thing very casually as the concept of globalization is increasing and companies are eager to develop new strategies and willing to introduce new products.

Bargaining electric power of suppliers: the bargaining electric power of distributor is not very much in case of handles GE as the marketplace reputation and position of GE is very good and since GE is a very good company therefore coping with GE provides plus point to the suppliers in their stock portfolio.

Rivalry among competitive companies: GE as all understands is a $150 billion company therefore it is apparent that GE contains the main element position in the market whether it's related to services based on consultancy or healthcare or any other hardware service, and GE operates and provide services in every submitted therefore rivalry between GE and its competitive firms is very much indeed for example companies which are pre-established in the healthcare sector are nowadays obtaining a challenging competition from GE therefore we can say that the rivalry is very high in this case.

4. Internal Environment: Power and Weakness

A. Corporate and business Structure

GE can be an American multinational conglomerate company and is a publicly exchanged company; GE is ranked the main company by Forbes in conditions of employees and employers experience.

The corporate composition of GE is divided into four parts

GE capital: led by mike neal the vice chairman of the company, this segment deals with all the financial services businesses which include commercial finance, corporate and business treasury, and GE money. This structure focuses on enhancing GE's capital opportunities.

GE technology infrastructure: is headed by vice chairmen john rice is a section that focuses primarily on aviation, transport, and healthcare and enterprise solution. This segment focuses on producing new software's and leveraging technology.

NBC general: focuses mainly on the globalization and acquisition insurance policies.

Energy infrastructure: headed by vice chairman john krenicki is a portion that focuses on energy, drinking water and coal and oil.

B. Corporate and business Culture

GE is convinced that their culture is among their inventions. GE's culture plays very important part in unifying the overall framework and the working of the business units throughout the world.

The main aspects of GE that forms the major culture of GE they can be:

Their individuals: GE thinks that their workers are their bottom in producing and providing services therefore GE bring together employees to create a interest of management with a combination of features.

Working environment: the environment that GE provides is an extremely integrated work environment with the best business techniques.

Leadership and learning: GE believes that learning is the process of development and so they employ a good base to teach their workers at every step of work.

The work culture of the business consistent to the business's current goals, strategies, guidelines and programs as the company is convinced in gratifying their customers and their workers therefore their work culture is very well identified in this framework.

GE believes in a ecological culture also to make use of the natural resources to the best and this thing is very well confined in the work culture of GE.

The commercial culture of GE is designed kept in mind increasing the grade of services, efficiency, and globalization strategies in order to gain more revenues.

The company has a very diverse employees therefore they may have formed corporate and business culture that not only help employees regardless of their record but also encourage them.

Whenever GE trades in any other country, they always make sure that the workforce there may be content with their corporate culture and also try to formulate strategies based on their culture so that they will have no problem in working with the peoples of this country.

C. Corporate and business Resources

The Standard Electric is highly diverse multinational conglomerate and has a highly expanded market. To make sure continued growth, the company CEO Jeff Immelt has contained various marketing and money strategies over the entire year for justified use of available commercial resources


General electric is currently focusing on basic business design based on which they have progressed over the entire year with little changes. Its objective is to work as a well involved and highly varied company producing with enhancements atlanta divorce attorneys area.

It is currently operating in 11 major business lines which includes-finance, transport, NBC and healthcare.

Jeff Immelt needed the good thing about Basic Electric 's huge and diverse stature by taking the company into high technology based mostly industries due to lack of competition whose expansion strategies were predicated on Technical command, Services acceleration, Commercial superiority, Globalization and Growth platforms.

The to start with objective of Immelt's strategies was increment in organic development of company from its 5% twelve-monthly rate during Welch's tenure to 8%.

His tactical planning included renewing and rebalancing existing company portfolios and then making an attempt development from fresh and sound foundation.

One of the significant steps considered were acquisition of varied markets and sites in existing business like Hispanic ad market etc. which helped in providing scope for future market opportunities and enhancements.

The main marketing strategies require worker of company as their consumer on par with other consumer categories, knowing of strategies followed by its competitor, developing relations using its major consumers and over time environmental safety has become a priority for Basic Electric.

Compared to its competitors the marketing strategies of GE is exclusive and widely liked, the fact it has not only implemented its previous strategies but also taken some bold modifications looked at by others, having potential risk makes it more advanced than its challengers.

The company has long widely in past years by acquiring home based business as well as buying past business as well. It offers opened up its branches in more than 150 countries and R&D departments in India and China considering their cultural traditions since it considers its employees its first consumers.

One of the weaknesses of GE has been its poor record with environmental issues. Allegations have immerged of water and air pollutions against the company. The new marketing strategy took it a spot to make sure no further misuse of natural resources happen.

The role of marketing director is of utmost importance in GE. The strategy should be searched for further new impressive and technically possible marketing strategies in order to increase its total revenue by 20 to 25%. Edge for the manager is existing wealth of $150 billion and companies acoustics market reputation.


Jeff Immelt needed the job of CEO of Basic Electric's during great financial issues credited to 9/11 incident which brought financial turmoil to the whole country's current economic climate but Immelt acquired huge notion in company's reputation and confirmed encouraging results as time handed down. Initially the company's share decreased by 20% scheduled to which he was generally criticized.

But with continual efforts at the end of time 2002, its cash flow risen to 10% compared to previous year and by the end of yr 2004, company's income increased to 20%. The success attained by the company is because of its visionary CEO who proved helpful incessantly despite criticism in order to make Basic Electric one of the very most renowned name ever.

Currently its sensible financial stand in market offers it range for exploring new business areas and expansion of Basic Electric. The financial strategy of investing and acquiring new business is regular with one of the primary aims of GE i. e. expansion of company broadly throughout the world.

Net profits of General Electric have increased every year noticeably during Jeff Immelt's tenure as its CEO. By assessing GE's cost price and value index it could be determined that in the beginning the company needed to suffer few loss with speedy recovery in 2002-2003 while there is a slight drop during 2003-2004, presently GE's business boast of $150 billion business and still expanding.

Overall the new financial strategy was predicated on company's earlier successful strategies with further investment in high technologically audio and service sufficient business with development of high quality products.

Finance is the backbone of GE, much like new business investment there is always potential risk, companies gathered wealth is an advantage point for further developments.

With its initial criticism of over expected business success GE's CEO Jeff Immelt got groundbreaking decision and within 2 yrs he took the business to its place objectives with online income increasing many folds and financial reputation strengthening.

The strategies accompanied by GE for financial steadiness are based on its prior successful financial strategies with slight modifications. Among the significant strategies of the company is deliberate synchronization of its product price with that of the country's selling price in order to own complete harmony using its local consumers.

In 2001 after 9/11 GE's stakeholders and shares declined significantly and its new appointed CEO Jeff Immelt was criticized broadly for his potentially high-risk decision. But GE were able to fight back to its overpowering position and among the most renowned name in market.

The possible financial administrator role is to be sure that company's product is sufficient and relative to consumers pocket. The satisfaction of company's stakeholders and shareholders has always been company's first concern. Additionally company should put into practice those financial strategies which can be in accordance to the present market condition and economy.

Research and Development

Initially Immelt chosen $100 million for Standard Electric's research and development service at Nishayuna in NY, investing in building new campus and laboratories. It had been developed for conversation between business director and technologist to enhance its product quality.

Although Immelt possessed programs for investment in long term research product which can not be feasibly commercialy for at least ten years as well. He showed more curiosity about high technology assisted products.

Expansion was also obvious in R&D team with new installation in India and China along with R&D budget being risen to $327 million in 2002 to focus on more on organic research rather than acquisition.

The Research and Development team is one of the most considerable and highly developed of GE with increase in its budget annually being visible guaranteeing high quality and innovative as well as inventive product being assured by the company.

Operation and Logistics

The performance of the business is easily determined by its sales income. In 2004-2005 the sales income increased from $ 1, 34, 481 Million to $ 1, 49, 702 Mil.

This concludes that the business's sale swiftly increased from 2004-2005.

Also cash flow from continuing operation increased from $ 16, 285 Million to $ 18, 275 Million in the same period that means production increased continually.

Sales volume of GE has a huge level of development that delivers unique personality among competition.

GE production administrator increases the level of production so sales revenues and net profit increases.

Human Source Management

GE's Human Source of information management includes occupation and arbitration in corresponding with america laws and regulations, and with a company's directives.

Main purpose of GE's HR pros is to identify the new competencies that progress managers would have to exhibit.

GE's HR investigated the manager's profiles most importantly global companies like TOYOTA and DELL.

GE's HR replies utilizes 20% of total time with customers time, 30% on people, teaching and 10% with governance, working with the panel, and ending up in the investors.

The current monetary environment is forcing GE's to explore tactics to remain competitive. Business process outsourcing of certain functions can be an ever more popular way to boost basic services.

Information Technology

GE's experienced the best product, content and services.

A dedication to GE's inspires an entrepreneurial culture to execute ideas into differentiating opportunities for clients, business and most importantly to drive "one GE" on the market place.

Strategic Factors

Internal Factors



Services acceleration






External Factors


Market place

Growth leaders

Technical leadership





Recommended Strategies

GE is a global company and it wishes to achieve global presence in the whole world. It is recommended here that:

GE should invest in advanced business surveys in future market's to develop its market value.

GE should participate local growth leaders in their targeted areas who help actualize the real customer needs in such markets.

GE should adopt new technology to fast its services and products in the market.

7. Conclusions

The strategy of GE to provide services in every sector is proved to be a very good strategy as it offers given empowerment to the business to increase its sales and income on a very big scale. The business is also deciding on the globalization strategy and it is trading in many countries across the world making them increasingly more powerful in terms of services and customer connection. Immelts growth strategy to increase the talk about prices and increase the revenue is became very efficient in the framework. Immelt can be an ex lover- salesman therefore he is aware of that the customer is the primary person that makes a decision your stock prices and the profits and the market position most of all, therefore he had introduced ways of make the customer happy and the strategies proved to be very good. The main element to effective execution of the strategies is to building on the past while imagining the future, technical authority, services acceleration, commercial excellence, globalization, growth platform are the major type in the effective implementation of the strategies.

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