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Future E Business Obstacles And Opportunities Information Technology Essay

E-business changed the way business was being done over time. It created more and more avenues and opportunities. E-business evolved the competitive platform. While the old competitive barriers are diminishing it created new entry and competitive obstacles. The hard competitive barriers are becoming weakened while the very soft competitive barriers became more and more prominent. It is believed that not 50% of the potential of e-business is to be unleashed yet. This definitely signifies that e-business has many more to provide. E-business has appealed the firms and customers from all segments. E-business increased the connection among different businesses. The integration among departments, different businesses, and various areas through e-business managed to get possible to offer variety of services to customers. The brand new technologies, broadband internet made the transactions possible. Improved integration and interoperability needs of next era e-business systems are found by new e-business solution architectures. New technologies of data storage space, distributed gain access to and cloud computing allowed advantages like gain access to of information. Trading knowledge, online information exchange, bidding for even small articles, included online solutions and so many more business applications have grown to be possible with the blessing of technologies.

While e-business has revolutionized global current economic climate and information management, it also improved services and reach of businesses. There is certainly high opportunity that e-business will overtake the traditional way to do business in approaching years. Home based business, technology and organizational architectures have emerged and will emerged to support e-business.

Web 2. 0, web 3. 0 and other trends appear to revolutionize whole e-business spectrum. E-business is the journey of empowering business which has wheels of technology, strategies and procedures. The robust, secure and adaptive platform must absorb new enhancements. In this chapter we will discuss various conditions that can offer opportunity for e-business to unleash its potential. While carrying out this we will also discuss about the constraints. E-business is used in many industries - and can go beyond those areas. The collaboration of business components, different industries and solutions while creating new opportunities posed many new issues. The emphasis still remains the strategic and technological aspects of e-business.

The legalities, intellectual property related issues, security and regulatory issues will definitely focus of future e-business. While addressing the complex and communal issues e-business related to punch the balance. Its a way of living, life-style and way of doing business. Hence future e-business is alternative and more systemic where it isn't a technology but it is life style and business style attractive to masses.

15. 2 New solutions knocking on the entranceway:

Technologies are developing at a faster speed than social development. Last three decades witnessed this technology change and last three decades go through the technology movement changing the lifestyle of every specific. The people hesitant to use debit card credited to security concerns have began freely using credit cards, started paying electronically and online. Systems evolved which revolutionized the speed of Internet, downloading and communication. Online movie releases, online book produces are no longer continued to be a friction. The faster, cheaper and relatively more anchored transactions fueled the progress of e-business. E-tourism, e-libraries grown up by many folds in last five years. The brand new systems like 3G, web 3. 0, advanced processors and new frameworks promised the better business experience. The brand new technology like cloud computing and 3G even helped to improve the old paradigm of e-business like:

- One needs to own the infrastructure

- One needs to pay monthly

- There may be nothing like on demand

The new paradigms like collaborative on-demand services, business deal based payments, posting of space and information along with cpu, memory have modified the business enterprise paradigm. The brand new paradigm and new technologies helped to build up new means of management, proper and implementation allowing to get over hurdles in adoption and diffusion of e-business. Which means this is now prompting e-business not and then be looked as technology development but also as a business development. E-business readiness, environment readiness is increasing and with new systems knocking at the door it is expected to grow e-business many folds. Systems are drivers because of this change and are also prepare platform to support new tactical and business principles. It really is expected that the option of broad band to end user increase further to 1000 million which will establish a socially suitable communication lifestyle. The brand new technology development in safeguarding hypersensitive information has created many work at home opportunities. The next technology systems will improve level of privacy safety, strengthen security, provide customized services and access controls and will change the face of the business enterprise and social ventures. The explosion of cultural networking and their possible integration with business and information ventures would help develop a collaborative and included e-business system creating many business opportunities.

But this will definitely lead to many questions and issues like systemic, interpersonal and honest issues. It'll pose the problems like impact of different activities on other systems, social infrastructure. The new systems knocking at the door can like new security frameworks can help to solve these problems.

15. 3 Business with limited infrastructure:

The new systems and on demand services, on demand storage area, on demand infrastructure and even on demand information can allow to set an enterprise with limited infrastructure. The built in and collaborative techniques allow setting up business with limited infrastructure. The processing electricity can be distributed, memory and storage space can be shared, and bandwidth can be shared. This allow service agency to provide you infrastructure on demand - i. e. when you need (for specific time slots), how much you will need (a little total huge one). In any manner this may increase a few security concerns about information and business data. That can even be resolved by technology letting you have your private and controlled but distributed and collaborative frameworks.

15. 4 From e-paper to E-gadgets:

The traditional gadgets without communication skills are substituted by e-gadgets - those are wise and have communication ability. These communication abilities of e-gadgets help the progress of e-business. These gizmos allow different transactions, they can speak among themselves and build knowledge and information platform. E-paper will be the range of display and other electronic digital technologies those are made to give feel of real newspaper and gives the knowledge similar to actual paper reading. Secure images, wider taking a look at angle and no blinking helps to make e-paper reading convenient in comparison to images on regular computer screens. E-papers, e-gadgets change the entire transaction connection with users involved with e-business. Likewise advanced gadgets, connectivity, integration allows the communication among different stakeholders. The overall ease of communication and capacity to transact electronically expected to evolve the business enterprise communication to next level.

15. 5 Changing the way business is performed:

From the years mutually the way business used to be done has evolved. Primarily from the easy exchange of useful amenities the business enterprise started out and created value for each trader in the town. As this kind of exchange had not been possible always and therefore there is need of common currency. This unveiled different cash. These coins were different for different kingdoms and there was no way to exchange over the small kingdoms. Little by little there was standardization and security inserted in money. This evolved to common currencies, conversion rates and later to some standard currencies like Euro that can be traded across countries. An individual experience and business growth have been the driving factor for development of business.

Electronic technology improved the traditional businesses. The information availableness, advanced communication means and systems like credit cards managed to get possible to transact remotely and without real forex. In approaching years the further evolution of technology can dwelling address the problems in purchase experience and security concerns in these exchange. Next level of integration between the traditional and modern ways of business will change the way business is done. The more brilliant and user friendly gadgets will not only help users but also to entrepreneurs.

15. 6 Planning for new technology:

No innovation is possible unless culture, environment and business is ready for new technology or with the innovation. It wants the understanding of technology and resources by users and further users can see value and nominal risk in new technology. There are a few other factors like person should able to identify himself with the technology use, he should be acquainted to technology and can easily see the value in it. Society gets ready for new technology predicated on infrastructure, supply and positioning of technology.

15. 7 Issues and New Trends:

The communication and the capability to converse has been durability of individual. These marketing communications can create social and mental bonding. Every development and change in e-business has introduced new means to talk and transact. These new methods to transact also introduce new troubles. The principles and paradigms of personalization and guidelines of security transformed. Though the legislations is finding and catching up with the web business community - still there a wide range of challenges like coping with intellectual property related issues, regulatory policies, taxation policies and most importantly limitation of information access and censorship. These issues not only create business implication but many times lead to cultural unrest. Many ethical issues and business issues create difficulties those can lead to long-term negative cultural and business impacts. The electronic acceptance of contract still has numerous issues and IT works must be technology aware to deal with them. While legal system is stretched between social issues and business issues with reference to new business technology - e-business definitely has potential to provide better mechanism for financial deals. As per Narayan Murthy - "Technology will solve many sociable issues and irregularities in days and nights to come"

15. 8 Moral and regulatory issues:

The safeguard of intellectual property through security mechanisms and through legal infrastructure remains the task in front of E-business. Moral and regulatory issues and technology and legal infrastructure to resolve these issues will remain point of concentrate and dominate the further development in e-business. As the dependency of users and businesses on e-business infrastructure " the many attacks and anti-competitive activities will increase. In cases like this user needs technical and legal coverage. The sociable and environmental impact of technology and use of e-business have to be understood. Even the management of digital waste materials and other waste, impacts of huge data centers on environment are some more issues those will be targeted within ethical procedures. The cautious strategy towards selection of technology and tests them and making use of them with ethical and regulatory issues in mind can help in building sustainable e-business.

15. 9 Summary:

E-business is neither technology nor management it is a paradigm of doing the business enterprise. It evolved the paradigm and assumptions with witch the business used to be achieved. It revolutionized the transfer processes and created more avenues for business deal. It even created platforms for new interpersonal networking, knowledge acquisition and infrastructure use. E-business improved life, business and assumption. Every change comes with opportunities and obstacles. Along with work at home opportunities and value designed for individual - e-business has posed many security related, population related, ethical and transactional issues. The next generation systems and future e-businesses are focused on customer experience and technical variables have to go much beyond that to handle these concerns. E-business is business and public paradigm with huge opportunities and many obstacles and unanswered question. The quest for the business excellence will drive the technology development and penetration of e-business across the globe in arriving years.

Concept review Questions:

1. Discuss troubles in e-business implementation

2. Discuss role of new technology in driving next generation e-business

3. Discuss e-business as a business and deal paradigm

Critical thinking exercise:

1. List five important technology in e-business and impact

2. Discuss public networking and e-business

3. Discuss three pressing honest issues in e-business

Project work:

1. List the expansion of e-business and penetration in five developing and five developed countries with reasons

2. Bring a conceptual next generation e-business framework

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