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Functions of Management | Reflective Essay

About Management Processes

From the business enterprise Strategy Game, I found that first important process for an organization to ascertain its future business route was to create a strategic and sensible planning in what is the company goal, how long the goal will be performed and how to achieve the goal among the competition. In setting the plan, company should specify first what is their mission declaration or strategic eye-sight. This mission affirmation is a assertion which shows the purposes and activities of the business's business/goals in simple, clear and focus words. Along with objective statement, company must clearly define its targets quantitatively within certain period. From these quantitative goals, company could arranged an authentic and attainable permanent strategic likely to allocate budget and resources in the business. In tactical planning, company should define clearly its marketplace, financial aim and competitive position among the industry. This proper planning will be the direction of the company in operating its business.

After arranging the strategic planning, company should design a business structure to manage the company effectively, by designating individuals who will in charge in each jobs and presented responsibility in each section of the business in the company (marketing, finance, operation, sales and so on), especially the individual who'll be sensible as the first choice of the company (as CEO). The role of CEO is very essential because he/she must lead company to the right way in employing company strategy to achieve company's objectives. From clear and effective corporation framework, CEO and management will have clear legitimation and authority in directing all resources in the business to implement the business's strategy.

Finally, the business should carefully and intensively managing and monitoring the performance of the strategy during execution to determine its progress contrary to the pre-defined targets and ensure that all the company elements were doing their parts and responsibility in the right keep tabs on.

About Management Functions

In a company, management should set up the right and important functions that may run the business operational activities, define what exactly are the responsibilities of every functions and ensure that every functions performed relative to the company targets. In order to give more value to the business in terms of profitability, management should interact to set a technique to make company's end result (product or services) more competitive on the market by considering all aspects engaged. For example, to gain more success company could established pricing technique to be higher or lower compare to market but before made a decision the price, company should think about other aspects such as costs, quality and resources needed in creation of the merchandise or services.

About Employed in Teams

In working as a team member in the business, it is vital to determine an obvious designation about who'll act as the leader and the follower. Because if there's no clear designation, potentially will cause the resources in the business to move to the wrong direction which will destruct company effort in obtaining its objectives. As being a innovator, a person should show the capability to manage and also to coach the entire team member to do their jobs properly, and he/she should has willingness to listen and understanding to his/her followers insights at the same time. As a follower, you need to give admiration to the leader and obey the leader decisions. But it is important too for the business to define what is the follower task and designation, because if it is not clearly described, the follower couldn't perform nor contributed optimally in attaining company's objective process.

What I intend to do in my workplace from the experience and lessons I had taken from the BSG are :

As the leader of my unit

I will put more effort to be a powerful and efficient head of my device and can put more consciousness to all my team member that our careers especially in creating the most efficient operational work move in my own company has essential impact in saving the business budget and optimizing company resources which will contributed in attaining the company's purpose especially in financial aspect and giving more value to the customer and shareholder. And moreover I'll spend more time and effort to judge designation and job description for each person in my team, to put the right person to the right job and responsibility. When the designation and job information weren't fit or not yet determined to the team member, it'll impact to the performance of the working unit itself because each team member have no idea precisely what is their role in their working product.

As a member of my management team

I will put more account and attention about financial impact of any decision that my management made. Through the BSG, I see that all activities in each working unit must be added and influenced to the company proper planning especially in obtaining financial goals. And I'll put more esteem to any member and any decision of my management team made, even though sometimes the decision seems to be hard to be put into action, I will attempt to see it from wider perspective that the decision must be made intentionally and considered many important aspects which finishing is to provide more value for the company.

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