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Functions and assignments in housekeeping


1-1: An unlucky truth-

  • It is regrettably true that housekeeping office being the most significant department is the least admired and appreciated division in a hotel, which is maybe because of its 'back again of the house' personality, its limited connection with guests and its own only job of cleaning and keeping the hotel. Housekeepers are the unsung heroes of the hotel.
  • But today housekeeping office is forget about a back of the home department, somewhat it is an important and important team in a hotel. In accordance with the modernization and progress in technology, housekeeping section has modified itself in an improved way in line with the present day scenario in the hotel industry.

1-2: What does Housekeeping section ensure?

  • An effective and reliable housekeeping division essentially ensures the cleanliness, secures the safeguard, maintains an aesthetic maintenance in the hotel and handles all the ancillary services provided by the hotel.
  • The functions performed by hotel housekeeping division determines all the day to day businesses of the hotel. Its main relevance is to ensure cleanliness, comfort and safeguard in the hotel and professionally upkeep a higher level of quality service all the time.
  • In today's rough and competitive circumstance, keeping exquisiteness in the hotel is hard and satisfying guest with that exquisiteness is even harder.

1-3: Changes in the job of Housekeeping department-

In past times, the work of Housekeeping department was limited to the only responsibility of guaranteeing cleanliness and maintenance of the hotel on a timely basis, but today various and enormous changes have been made to the job of Housekeeping team which range from the coping with diverse cleaning chemicals, handling 'lost and found' and staying away from theft in the hotel.


2-1: Latest trends taking place in Housekeeping-

  • As the hotel industry is centering more on recycling inventory, throw away structure and environment conservation, housekeeping team needs to make some habitual changes and in order to meet the primary difficulties it necessarily needs to follow the latest movements going on in the hotel industry, some of which are given listed below:

2-1-1: Recycling and utilizing inventory - Using old linens as towels and aprons, purchasing cleaning and guest supplies in large to save money, exchanging old furniture and equipment's with scrap supplier for the money or donating those to corporations or charities are a few of the rising inventory trends taking place in hotel housekeeping circumstance.

2-1-2: Technology savvy - Nowadays hotels are essentially depended upon the utilization of technology to save time, bring personalization in service and ensure quality service. The usage of i-pads and i-pad minis in in-room service as an e-butler that allows the guest to gain access to your options like handy remote control lighting and door locking system, entertainment services like music and camera and other choices. This use of technology also helps the hotel to work efficiently in daily jobs as it allows the optimal usage of time at one click.

2-1-3: Housekeeping software - Hotel housekeeping software is a web based system that helps to slice the cost, save enough time and reduce the human effort for useful and effective management of housekeeping jobs. It allows the hotel management system to web page link with all the departments through web, it makes online reservations and booking features in order for hotel to raise the occupancy, it retains the expense and usage documents of the inventory and creates the reports within seconds. 2-1-4: Eco-friendly practices - Hotel industry is significantly focusing towards environmental recognition, becoming eco-friendly and moving towards reliable tourism. Hotel housekeepers highlight eco-friendly procedures in their daily briefings, creatively use local crafts in guestroom amenities and ignore services to market and return local trade, ensure that all the guestroom amenities are eco-friendly no plastic material and chemicals are being used, encourage guests to take part in linen and towel re-use programs.

2-2: General issues and problems in Housekeeping-

  • Some of the general issues and problems faced by Housekeeping professionals includes managing back again to lower back situations, mismanagement of careers, pest managing, cleaning linen and towels and laundry, replenishing guestroom amenities and bathroom toiletries, foundation making issues, seasonal challenges, dealing with cleaning chemicals and equipment's, security of guest's items, etc. , some of which are detailed down below:

2-2-1: Infestations Controlling - The challenge of Housekeeping professionals in pest controlling service is to deal with different kind of pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, insects and flies, lizards and rats. Save the hotel building from birds and their doing feces is also a hard task. Housekeeping managers should organize with pest control supplier to ensure actions considered regarding all the pest control responsibilities and treatments such as timely spraying, fogging, fumigation, gel treatment, keeping gum boards for lizards and rats, using lemon lawn oil multiply to resist mosquitoes, birds gel and spikes and netting to withstand the hotel building from birds.

2-2-2: Seasonal Challenges - Housekeeping managers encounter cleaning difficulties usually during rainy season. Cleanliness and maintenance of guest areas during rainy season becomes challenging because rainwater as moves down in visitor areas along with earth brings about the algae growth and other issues in visitor areas. Rainy season can also cause infestation in the hotel premises as it brings pests and flies along with it, so Housekeeping managers should ensure that there is no water logging and there is no possibility of insect infestation throughout the hotel premises. Keeping ft. prints off the ground during rainy season is also a difficult challenge for housekeeping managers.

2-2-3: Security of guest's belongings - There's always a certain extent of fear in guest's brain when going out of their valuable items in hotel's room. As this is a genuine concern with items getting lost or taken. Housekeeping managers should always take some serious methods regarding guest's valuables. Housekeeping managers need to generate and circulate some demanding rules to guard the guest's valuable items being lost or taken by the housekeepers. Nothing at all other than missing of guest's belongings weakens the guest's trust.


3-1: Change in linen trends -

  • There has been a situation in hotel industry a couple of years ago wherein every hotel housekeeping used to duplicate the same linens each year. This situation was same for both foundation and bathroom linens as well. Every visitor could probably find the same white, simple and striped linens and same ordinary terry towels across every hotel they might visit. Despite this situation has been improved as the fads has been altered as well.
  • Previously, hotel housekeeping used to have a maximum thread count of 400 but presently it's been lengthened to 1500 which varies from 550 GSM to 700 GSM. Whereas, previously linens were made from 100% cotton but currently hotel housekeeping use linen made from the combination of cotton and polyester and sometimes even 100% polyester made linen is also used. Mixing polyester and many other materials like organic and natural cotton, Cotton, microfiber, nylon, etc. , in linen escalates the strength and durability of linen.
  • Housekeeping managers of several hotels even provide their visitor with a linen menu which includes a choice of pillows ranging from microfiber, cervical, soya, equine hair, foam, bamboo pillows and even a cushion concierge for assist with ensure friends a happy rest.
  • Housekeeping managers of several hotels are implementing the technique of RFID or Radio Regularity Identification that works as a linen management system which permits the housekeeping professionals to handle the obstacles and problems faced by them regarding the management of the linen and linen related issues.
  • Another upcoming style in hotel housekeeping is the use linens made from organic products like bamboo, coir, jute, newspaper, wool, etc. , and the use of linens which take less time in drying.
  • Ranging from energy saver lighting and water saver bathroom amenities to eco-friendly linens, hotel housekeeping are adopting various ways to trim linen cost and long term operational cost to start more efficient and effective practices.

3-2: Linen problems and problems -

  • The use of RFID strategy by the hotel housekeeping for linen management like linen inventory control, linen purchase, etc. , can't be followed by many hotels because it is an expensive system that requires a high cost participation.
  • The adaptation of energy efficient, environment friendly and organic and natural products like eco-friendly linen, eco-friendly chemicals such as Eco booster, Eco soft, Eco tide, etc. , by the hotel housekeeping is also reducing since it also requires a high cost involvement.
  • Cross contamination of clean linens is one of the major challenge experienced by housekeeping professionals. They face major problems in keeping clean linens fresh and keeping them away from dirty and contaminated linens.
  • Selecting appropriate and proper materials from which the linens are made up of is also a major challenge confronted by housekeeping managers. They face major problem when selecting the materials like cotton, polyester, microfiber, nylon, wool, etc.
  • Linen is mostly damaged due to more than chemicals during cleansing and more than warmth during drying. Regulating chemicals during washing linens and reducing high temperature during drying, can boost the life of linen. Increasing the life of linen for budgeting costs and handling linen inventory can be an adequate and essential element in hotel housekeeping. Changing and replacement of linen can be considered a costly operation.


4-1: Current laundry trends -

  • Housekeeping professionals are implementing RFID or Radio Occurrence Identification technique for laundry management as it oversees it by increasing productivity, preventing reduction during linen exchange, budgeting costs, traffic monitoring and documenting laundry activities, monitoring laundry functions, lowering labor costs and lowering operating expenses.
  • Housekeeping managers are adopting Ozone laundry system to lessen costs and implement environment useful practices. The major benefit of Ozone laundry system is that this has an on premise assembly and does not disrupt every other housekeeping businesses. Ozone laundry system evaluates hotel laundry businesses and allows the housekeeping managers for cost and energy personal savings.
  • Housekeeping managers are adopting the utilization of special detergents with color coverage technology developed to keep dark textile dark and the initial color maintained, use of bleach pens for effective upkeep of fabrics with a fine point applier technology, use of fabric softeners and whiteners, spa like treatment with laundry detergents that service fabrics with aromatic restorative scents and wrinkle free sprays that softens and crisps the textile without using an iron.
  • Housekeeping managers are adopting waterless laundry system with polymer bead technology which gives a solution to the challenge of drinking water, detergent and electricity use and wastage. This system replaces 80% of drinking water, uses 50% less detergent and electricity in contrast to the original used methods. This technology has outperformed the traditional laundry methods with today's laundry methods utilized by the hotels.
  • Another trend accompanied by housekeeping managers is the transformation of in-house laundry operations into polymer bead laundry system which really helps to cut laundry operational costs by 50% and permits efficiency in use of normal water, detergent and electricity. This technology allows the rough stains on linen to remove and linen gets cleansed in betterment for extending the life span of linen, so as to provide the guests with cleaner linens and keep carefully the linen inventory in use for a long period.

4-2: Laundry issues and problems -

  • A challenge faced by housekeeping managers is to wash anything and everything which range from shoes, microfiber cloths, garments and mop heads. Cleaning all the laundry materials all together triggers problems, damage the textiles and even the machines. But at exactly the same time, it could be expensive and increased to clean them independently or rinse them by hands.
  • In hotels, the staining of espresso, tea and chocolates can be cleaned, but cleaning the staining of blood plus some permanent spots is a challenge for housekeeping professionals. Nothing at all can be fixed other than discarding the linens with such stains, and changing them can involve high cost.
  • A major task encountered by housekeeping professionals is that the removal of stains from fabrics takes time and needs tolerance, that housekeeping professionals during laundry functions don't have. The challenge housekeeping manager's face is to identify and treat the stain predicated on the type of stain it is. Is it an oil based stain, an organic stain or a nonorganic water founded stain.
  • Another concern which housekeeping professionals face is the smelly and soiled washing machines. After washing hundreds or thousands of textiles in laundry in a week, washing machines needs to be cleaned once in weekly too.
  • Housekeeping professionals face a significant challenge of labor intensiveness, which is the priciest part in laundry operations. It is a cost factor which requires a high cost of participation. The task is to cut labor costs through the use of the laundry benchmarks with efficiency and efficiency.


5-1: Change in visitor materials trends -

  • Other than providing friendly and personal services, what needs and fantasizes the friends will be the in-room guest materials and amenities. Ranging from grooming products to plastic products or techno savvy products, in-room hotel visitor products or amenities have been advanced as hotels across the world are receiving and appreciating the latest guest's styles.
  • The standard old movements in hotel visitor supplies of keeping a chocolates on the pillow or other food amenities during ignore service, offering a pleasant drink on check-in and providing complimentary Wi-Fi, no more interests the guests now. In the world of high-end friends who expect high-end amenities look for extravagant facilities and services.
  • The new trends in in-room visitor supplies that are appearing in hotel nowadays is providing entire minibar as complimentary amenity and offering the friends an amenity menu to find the amenity of their choice.
  • The standard hotel bathroom with tiled floor surfaces and shower curtains no longer fantasize the guests now. Friends of today want the bathroom trending such as distinctive faucets and sinks, luxurious lighting systems, lighted mirrors, a glass paneled entrances, which improves the bathroom design.
  • Housekeeping professionals have comprehended the change in movements of guest materials and are shifting towards providing exclusive branded amenities with their guests. Accor's luxury hotel segment Sofitel provides its friends an elegant refinement of products from lovely brands such as Hermes, Lanvin, Cinq Mondes and Carita.

5-2: Guest provides difficulties and problems -

  • The major concern encountered by housekeeping managers in guest materials is the cost-factor. Housekeeping managers face a cost-cutting problem which diversely impacts the product quality and quantity of the guest materials and amenities provided to the friends.
  • Another challenge experienced by housekeeping professionals is the keeping minibar stocked or re-stocking of minibar amenities. Friends often complaint about the inflated price of the minibar amenities. So it is also a major task for the housekeeping professionals.
  • The problem which housekeeping managers face regarding minibar guest supplies is to use costly top quality products and make it a complimentary amenity. Instead they can use local or less costly products in minibar and make it complimentary.
  • Wi-Fi is a standard amenity in the hotel guest's products. Housekeeping managers regarding hotel Wi-Fi face mobile challenges of fragile signal power and network capacity issue.
  • Customizing and personalizing hotel guests supplies according to the specific tastes and needs of the friends and providing the best of quality services and facilities in guest's items is another major concern faced by housekeeping managers.


6-1: Critical Analysis -

All the hotels round the world are seeking to look for successful and effective means of achieving the needs and needs of the friends and providing the best of quality services, where hotel housekeeping office plays a essential and crucial role.

Hotel housekeeping division ensures to provide an all new factor in the luxury to friends and guestrooms in the conditions of linens, laundry, visitor supplies and other ancillary amenities. The rising tendencies of linens, laundry and guests materials in hotel situation immediately collide with issues experienced by the housekeeping professionals regarding these three aspects.

Changes in linen functions scheduled to cost and other factors such as using one bed sheets instead of two bed sheets, mixing polyester and several other fabric materials with cotton to make linens, are a few of the changes that are taking place.

Laundry businesses where new cleansing techniques such as heavy steam laundry, waterless laundry and ozone laundry are taking place because drinking water is a perishable resource and have to be saved as well as for more environment efficient techniques.

In today's hotel situation of high-end guests who expect high-end amenities and look for extravagant facilities and services, demand for more because of the surge in their disposable income. And by providing exquisite guest products hotels can rise to the expectation symbol of the friends.

In the end I'd like to conclude that the housekeeping division can be an important and first area of the hotel which is not going to change anytime soon or later.

Anchit Garg

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