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FTSE 100 Companies In London Stock Exchange Marketing Essay

81% percent is comprised by FTSE 100 companies in London STOCK MARKET. Even though FTSE 100 is most used UK currency markets indication. Other related indices are FTSE 250(next most significant companies list after FTSE 100), FTSE 350 and several others like FTSE small index and FTSE fledging index.

"The FTSE 100 gets its name from FTSE - the company which calculates the index, and the actual fact that it contains 100 companies. FTSE is actually FTSE Group, and is also 50/50 held by the Financial Times and the London Stock Exchange (hence FTSE - Feet and SE)" ( Imogen Dillon Hatcher, 2005)

This element of index is firmed quarterly; the largest constituents of the index were BP, HSBC holdings, Glaxo Smith Kline, Royal Dutch Shell and Vodafone Group which each were appreciated at more than Ј60 billion. The FTSE companies must meet up with the requirements to preferred in the FTSE group, including a complete list in London Stock Exchange with a sterling or euro denominated price, and getting together with the several testing on liquidity, nationality, & free float, also with certain exceptions the outlined companies must are the abbreviation of 'plc' at end of their name and it's a law for being in the group.

Ins and outs

The index should be transformed all the time and make sure it demonstrates the most notable 100 companies, these changes happen once 25 %, although changes will be studied place when there is any takeovers or mergers between these companies in FTSE 100.

The process for evaluation the index is clear-cut all companies detailed on the LSE and entitled and designed for the FTSE UK indices are position in arrange with their size, or market capitalization. Committee made through up of unbiased market experts meets in March, June, September and Dec and respect as which companies ought to be permissible into the FTSE 100. In essence, in case a company is in the FTSE 250 and climbs in to the top 90 companies, it can type in the FTSE 100. If the FTSE 100 company comes to 111th position or below in the ranks, it will fall season in to the FTSE 250. So it is not simply a case of alternate the most significant 100 companies and pulling a range a banding system is in place. These group live therefore there are not way too many transform at each review the index requirements to be reserve somewhat continuous for investors never to contain unnecessary and expensive alteration to make to their collection. On quantity of situations, no changes to the FTSE 100 contain been complete on an assessment, other than that through internet boom, market activity destined with the purpose of many companies possibly will get into and leave the index when changes were made. the changes will be covered up by reporters available portion of the nationwide press whenever the changes are created quarterly.

Ups and Downs in the FTSE 100 index

(Source: The FTSE 100-what will it all mean?, 2007)

The physique above illustrates the FTSE 100 in UK for the period of Jan 84-Apr 07, this index has been computed on every 15 second basic from 8am to 4. 30 pm excluding bank or investment company holidays. With this 8am is the time the market starts and 4. 30 is the time it shuts down. The amount of the FTSE 100 has a pressure on the people in UK and they might get affected even though they don't really involve directly, almost all of the pension holders have been committed to UK equities. This based on the performance level if the group is performing well they'll get direct dividends. FTSE 100 is also a good representation for cost-effective changes and in international level. It will also get affected scheduled to market fall season across the world. For example the Chinese market dropped which afflicted the group. Also this is affected dramatically in September 2001 where in fact the index fell by 287. 7 things. The technological improvements in 1990's increased the pace in FTSE 100 group where it was raised to high rate up to 6930. 2 factors.

The level of the FTSE 100 is known as through the total market capitalization of the aspect companies, in addition to this the index value, to produce the solitary outline you observe remove. As the market capitalization is damaged by individual show prices of the determined companies. As prices changes throughout the day the share prices also changes considerably which ultimately shows the index value change, the graph points out and illustrates the ups and downs of the share market. The index premiered over Ј100 billion, now it's been increased up to Ј1. 6 trillion, which show the potency of the group itself.

Proposal on HSBC


The office world is and the organizations are demanding and unpredictable in the present environment. Therefore to survive in this market and environment the firms should use strategic plans to tackle the environments and become competitive on the market. Therefore HSBC have been the main financial service corporation in today's situation which is one the FTSE 100 companies.

"HSBC's strategic direction is to be the world's leading financial services company, with 'leading' signifying the HSBC brand is preferred to others and HSBC's corporate and business character is admired, its profits per share progress are powerful and it keeps authority positions in preferred markets. Financial success is assessed in terms of earnings development and by evaluating the Group's total shareholder go back ('TSR') aim for against a weighted TSR benchmark composed of a peer band of lenders" (HSBC, Interim Article, 2007)

The report are made up the elements of identifying the key factors of being in FTSE 100 the it should be produced through SWOT examination, PESTLE Analysis, and Marketing mixture.

SWOT Analysis


The loan company is well-organized and well capitalized which had been functioning and carrying out better in the recent economical changes.

International financing since HSBC is a multinational company and its well qualified to advice others in different geographical locations, with office buildings around the world helping the firms available activities, it was an Asian bank until it got over UK loan provider in 1990's which gained its momentum and becoming the next largest loan company by revenue.

HSBC is detailed generally on the London STOCK MARKET and in Hong Kong stock exchanges. With high reputation build being in FTSE 100

The loan provider is vigilant and has strong occurrence in the rising market, putting a good position to gain gain in future.

Since its multinational company and its own presence in Europe, Asia, and south usa which helps the company to spread the risk and will be offering of relevance economies of scale.


HSBC links back to you itself highly among investment in the small business sector, but the current financial condition has guided to high risks, probably negotiating the activity levels in this section of the operation.

The bank have been associated with subprime market segments in US and got to write off large no. of amount for providing to risky borrowers.

Due to decrease of interest in UK, HSBC has increased its mortgage rates which would have an effect on the customers' notion of the potential borrowers and add pressure for housing market which finally lead to despondent plus more pressure on borrowers to have a problem with higher repayments.

A joblessness program announced recently might influence confidence between personnel, leading to reduce production and commitment.

HSBC's branding highlights its worldwide occurrence, furthermore this might be viewed harmfully through some customers during its implication of homogenization and lack of personalization.


HSBC has advanced capital places it's a solid attitude to acquire other assets.

Pessimistic press coverage of opponents may encourage customers to choose HSBC instead.

The present condition may be an edge for lenders like HSBC due to the trading conditions which would maintain a low cost.

HSBC's strong condition may be an edge to outperform its competitors especially in financial down converts.


There issues proclaiming that HSBC has understated deficits in subprime marketplaces which would have an impact on the assurance of the bank.

Trust in banks has been reduced scheduled financial losses suffered by investors, credited to economic tough economy.

Financial losses influencing the finance institutions in global range has resulted less cutting down being available to customers, in UK it is visible that high living cost has led to less savings.

Growing technical changes and the survival of new amended procedures plus government laws.

PEST Analysis


Since HSBC is working in so many countries it has been protected by laws and guidelines which had been originated in the next country and HSBC is capable to stick to those policies where the bank is working. This can make sure and in a position to execute its business operation effectively and efficiently. In addition to this the company likewise have formed its regulation and safety strategies against any governmental and restrictions.


HSBC being the major and competitive industry in terms banking and fund, and also HSBC is firmly steady and successful atlanta divorce attorneys operating country. In spite of numerous risks that they come across in different parts of the earth, the management of HSBC distinguish to it with the intention that they might be capable to go beyond such resist and attempt to have a much better economical condition.


HSBC has been influenced through so many circumstances of the world in which they may be operating. Additionally, HSBC seek harder toward to ensure that you facilitate every modern culture is given equal chances to adopt advantage of the resources known through the business. The bank sticks to presenting good reputation and relations in the culture that they operate.


Rapid scientific changes have been take place over the period and introduction of it and internet experienced influenced how HSBC was operating over the time. The company has different IT/IS systems to run their operation worldwide which can be used to attain their customers around the globe and also to show the latest developments in the global business. Apart from that the bank also uses technology for its own productions

Marketing Mix


This is the main part of your firms marketing strategy, poorly designed products or service won't have a value because of its customers which will be a failure regardless how the 4P's are executed. Therefore the company should be willing in their products, for HSBC it will mainly give attention to its customer support. In order to capture the attitude of the customer HSBC should market new products which should mainly satisfy the customers. HSBC in level of starting two prepaid cards to manage your monthly budget namely "financial administrator" and "budget director",


While charges strategy is highly active for other products and services, rates for current accounts services have become rather static lately. Most lenders do not require any fees to set up a current account. Banking institutions instead rely on the money that floats in the interval when they are transferred to when they are put in in order to profit from current accounts.

The capture with the prepaid credit card scheme is that it encourages bank or investment company customers to save lots of. Any money that is kept is organised within the customer's current account and remains designed for finance institutions to provide further lending. This may end up being highly beneficial to HSBC during times when bringing up new capital is extremely difficult.


The place part engages delivering the merchandise to the customers through ideal methods and delivery channels. Delivery can include both physical and digital. Failure to make a service product easily available to customers would guarantee its failure it doesn't matter how good the service product is. The new current card offer would be made readily available throughout HSBC's 1, 492 branch network and also throughout the internet.


"The choice of media that would be utilized includes papers, publications, outdoor advertising and the internet. A sales promotion will also be carried during the first three weeks following the launch particular date to help encourage customer purchase and the potency of intermediaries" (Adrian Palmer, 2008). Other promotional materials include pr announcements, posters and brochures.

Tesco proposal

The direct offering industry is between the most enthusiastic and famous establishments on the globe. Those competitors in this industry includes through at the moment come and removed due to this constantly altering quality of the industry. Fundamentally, the procedure concerned and the techniques seen by both modern and conventional retailers are equally.

The companies in the direct selling industry who've been experts in the process of retailing constantly becoming familiar to the changes in the surroundings have been those people successful in their field. This is observed in the case of the retail industry of UK, where Tesco Plc prevails as the leading retail company in the land. This is founded in 1919 in the east end of London, nowadays the vital player in the retailing industry.

"Tesco is a leading retailer in the UK, and one of the greatest food retailers on earth. It also provides non-food products such as electric products and clothing. Tesco is headquartered in Hertfordshire, the united kingdom and uses about 318, 300 people. " (www. datamonitor. com)

SWOT Analysis


Key player in retail industry, with large knowledge

The existing customer base is a strength to the business which had been functioning over a century

Top level management and its own competencies for procedure and maintenance

Financial investment backing,

Strong technological advancements through internet shopping


Low supervision over stock loss and employees

Low involvement on international markets

High labour turnover

Require local companions because it's a huge company to handle


Expandable focus on market

Increasing amount of small company retail business in several countries

Healthy environment and customers.


Government regulations

Competitors extreme marketing strategy

Economic reforming

PEST Analysis


"It should be highlighted that the business is working in the public sphere as a general population entity. Hence, excluding the investing of its shares, additionally it is obligated to comply with the competition regimes of European union and UK. Federal government posts like the Office of Rational trading (OFT) displays their every stirs to guarantee that the other players are cosseted from any unscrupulous actions. " (Miller, Harvey, Parry 1998, 151) this expresses that company can operate in virtually any other country in EU. The sole problem they have got among the opponents who have great market talk about in EU


The retailing industry in UK is significantly secure. beginning with the food industry to the non-food trade, the consumers in UK have frequently rely a great deal on shops like groceries for his or her essential needs and other product needs. This may healthy be the foundation why there are several members in the retailing industry of UK. Present there are those middle points on an in depth target market to the people to facilitate support a locations-specific strategy, retailers of all sizes has been gathering in the united kingdom market and Europe for the purpose of the prospective it tenders.


The most generally and major alteration in UK is healthy living, this signifies that retailing industry have consider on healthy aspects to merchandise its products that are for sale to the general public. "An instance inside position of such signals of this tendency is seen in the average person programs of academic institutions to provide clean and healthy nourishment with their students". (1998) furthermore, the state of hawaii has also begun programs that preserve the force to the healthy surviving in UK.


The company operates its process through technology with the use of World Wide Web, That is absolutely easy for big companies as they go through and today own the brand recall off their core customers. Furthermore, small retailers could similarly make use of these resources to accomplish their business besides that they need to clearly distinguish themselves from the other rivals in the UK market.

Marketing Mix


Tesco should distinguish its products from its competitors in order to gain a competitive benefit by considering all the reality above and accommodate based on the market needs. Exporting products to different provinces of the country and doing this pressing frontward together with the potential opportunities of increase the company's market penetration and market share.


As we taking a look at the company the only path to acquire cost advantages is by improving process efficiencies, and broadening their contact over their suppliers of less expensive materials, conditions of the competition organizations in the country cannot lower their costs by means of a similar quantity, Tesco will be able of encouraging a competitive advantage secure cost command.


To capture the market TESCO should invested an incredible number of pounds in order to start an outlet in low income districts and localities. By getting similar kind of customers the company should analyze thoroughly and cater according to their needs, it will study the market in order to compete.


TESCO is a company with and affordable price rate and intensive products, therefore they ought to represent long lasting strategic advertising blueprints to centre and develop their market share and commitment towards their customers. To expand globally and also to position the function on retailing services like on-line shopping, is the new style of promoting their products.


The FTSE 100 is a group and an unbiased group which began as a jv between financial times and London Stock Exchange (LSE) and index is preserved.

To conclude this survey the both companies will be the most significant in their sector of performance however they have similar characteristics which explains why they are chosen into the FTSE 100 group, based on the reality and data's both companies has high considerable capital composition which is edge to execute in their relevant sector, matching to HSBC Being the first choice of the bank and finance establishments, HSBC is supposed to make use of different strategies to facilitate its customers which will meet market needs and demands. The study clarifies that HSBC has been outperforming its rivals because of the strategies that they used which stick to the existing situation of the marketplace environment.

The main subject of Tesco illustrated that it is not enough to facilitate the products that they are selling the general public are top of the line. The company has to make certain that the merchandise they are selling do have a genuine demand from the customers. Therefore based on the study it noticeable those companies should be willing in their operations and with their customers as well as core target to maintain this particular group.

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