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Frito Lays In India

Lays premiered in India in 1995 and since is among the most largest treats brand. Lays has generated itself as a junior brand and it is still growing its image as an indispensible bit of the snacking culture.

Lay's has been known because of its captivating & progressive promotions and campaigns. The brand baseline "No one can eat only once" has been the largest reach in the Indian market. They turned their advertising campaign to "what's this program?" which made Lay's - the main food of every program!

Main promotions include

"Struggle for your Taste" - it allowed consumers to vote for his or her choice of taste to preserve. Consumer votes allow chosen flavor to keep in the market. Two brand ambassadors endorsed the plan: Saif Ali Khan & M S Dhoni.

Lay's Chip-n-Sauce load up - It had been another headway creativity. The pack was especially designed remember cricket fans. Lay's Chip-n-Sauce was presented in two flavors Chilli Chinese language + Schezwan sauce sachet and Chatpata Indian + Tamarind sauce sachets.

Campaign Dillogical -The Dillogical idea made the consumer be dillogical. The marketing campaign deals with the ongoing tussle between mind and heart. Lays introduced their new flavour Lime n Masala Masti along with it.

Lays Marketing Profile

Youth Brand

Lay's goal young technology and the brand have situated itself as a youngsters brand. The major chunks of its consumer are old between 13-18 and 18-26. The children brand ambassador endorsing the brand carries the young imagery onward. Lays target medical mindful too. By its 'treat smart' program they are targeting the health and wellbeing area.

Price Strategy

Lays come in many price variations. It includes packets of Rs 5, Rs 10, Rs 20 and Rs 25. This implies that lays offer different packet sizes. Lays also started out presenting 20% extra on handful of its packets.

Promotional Strategy

Lay's concentrate is on consumer engagement modules and masses sourcing strategy to promote our brands. Its various promotional strategy like " Chala Change Ka Chakkar", "Fight For Your Taste" and " Campaign Dillogical" are all consumer interaction powered. All its promotions are supported by mega 360-level communication medium on Television, Radio, Printing, Viral, Outdoor and Theatre.

Distributional channels

The company functions over 40 circulation centers, portion more than 2, 500 stockiest, reaching approximately 1 million shops that makes the merchandise available on a mass scale and is common. And now they have got plans to increase more the prevailing distribution network to attain out to 3 tier towns and villages in India.


Lays is made in automated plants in three locations -

Channo (Punjab),

Kolkata and


All these plant life are audited and accredited with various quality expectations like

HACCP (Threat evaluation & critical control point),

Certification by TQCSI (Australia),

ISO 14000 &

OHSAS 18001.

Lays is now planning to grow in the united states with a fresh plant to arrive Karnataka and Western Bengal. Strategies to increase their Contract Farmers from 15000 currently to 90000 are also there. This plan will meet their procurement demand for size growth.

Brand analysis

Brand analysis can be further divided as-

Customer Equity

CRM: Customer Marriage Management

Customer Equity

The customer collateral model allows marketers to choose which of the main factors would allow customer drive with their brand / product or their company. The three main individuals of customer collateral are

Value Equity

Brand Equity

Retention Equity

Customer Equity really helps to determine the customer life time value of the buyer. Higher the customer equity, higher is future revenues by its customers in the lifetime of their existence. A corporation with higher customer equity is more valuable than a company, which has lower customer collateral.

The Three Drivers of Customer Equity


It is the consumer's objective analysis of the worthiness of the brand, recognized by the perceptions of what's provided against up for what is given.

The value collateral of lay's, based on the survey was very high.

The 3-sub driver which it was assessed are-

Quality - High

79% of the respondents believed that the grade of Lays was High.

Price - Justified

72% people noticed that lay's is worth its price.

Convenience - Easily Available

Comparing it with Kurkure, Kurkure is easier available.


Brand equity can be defined as then effects and effects that is received by something because of its name of brand in comparison to those that would have accrued if the same product did not have the brand name. Brand equity is an intangible asset to the company; it can't be registered in the financial books as no number can get to the earnings attained by this. Because of the brand recall any company can charge high quality rates for the same product.

The brand equity of Lays was observed as High.

The 3 Sub Drivers on which Lays was assessed were:

Customer Brand Consciousness - HIGH 91% of the sample respondents could actually identify and recall lays, when they were asked: "Which is the No 1. Make of Poker chips?"

Consumer's Attitude - 39 % of the respondents were devoted enough to move to the next shop if Lays were not available in the present shop. 59% of the respondents understand Lays as a Healthy snack. And a major mass of the test believes Lays to be a affordability brand.

Customer Conception - Question regarding the brand image of Lays was asked to the respondents.

Brand Image












Above is the graph showing the percentage of respondents discovering lays with mention adjectives.


It is the customer's aspect about the effect a brand has on the connection between your company and the buyer. It can be said that retention collateral can be the tendency of the consumer to be glued to a certain brand. It is basically a symbiosis between both consumer and the company. The company provides value to the consumer whereas the buyer provides him sales.

The main question to be asked is: Is the customer content with the brand?, Does the product gain the consumer?, Will the relationship between your consumer and the strong benefit both the celebrations? Etc.

The sub drivers which the analysis of the brand was done was

Loyalty programs - included in these are rewards, gifts, savings awarded to the consumer on frequent purchase of the merchandise.

Special recognition

Affinity programs

Community building programs

Knowledge building programs

Assessing all the above drivers, the respondents as the buyer of lays were very satisfied by the merchandise. As lays has looked after its value, its brand image & most importantly the partnership with the clients therefore with the vendors.

CRM:Customer Romance Management

CRM: Customer romance management is a vastly performed strategy which really helps to manage the business's complete interaction with its customers, vendors, vendors, clients, etc. Various businesses related procedures such as organizing, automating, network and synchronizing etc. are taken through CRM, using different technical software. The primary activities included are especially sales of the product, customer servicing, marketing of the product and services and also for maintain technical support. CRM as the name suggest is the customer-focused activities and essentially involves finding new customers, attracting and then receiving them. Also to those who are already the client of the business's product and services, retaining and pampering such customers. And also tempting back the former customers and lowering cost of basic marketing, sales activities.

Lays CRM Programs -

Customer touch factors are any events on which a person encounters the brand and product - From genuine experience to personal or mass marketing communications to casual observation. The touch details in case of lays are:

Website (dillogical)

Internet has swept all the sectors and all the business enterprise by the potential of services it makes all across the business and beyond it. Internet now has become one of the primary options for consumer conversation platform. It really is a well-bred communication channel which is converged in every the sectors and all the major business techniques. Communicating to the customer is a primes important factor. Social media marketing and advertising is getting its momentum in an enormous way and this area should be harnessed in a wide way. Whereas lays fails to do so, the web site for the campaign Dillogical is not properly promoted. Only 2 % of the given respondents have actually went to the website. This probably suggests that the site lacks the component of interactivity and is not being promoted correctly on a whole.

Competition-fight for your flavor

Lays launched an extremely unique concept. It had been based on major relationship with the clients and then involving them for the same. Customers were demanded their personal formulas and send it across to lays. This menu was supposed to launch a new flavor of potato chips in the market.

The winner menu was the main one, which got the utmost votes after a slew of alternatives given to the pother consumers. And not only that, the success would get a show of revenue on the sales of his / her created flavor. This strategy seemed to benefit lays as large number of consumer participated. In addition strategy performed for the present users, but it also helped lays to obtain clients.

The survey reveals, as 63 % of the respondents were aware of the "fight for your taste" campaign. The campaign is recognized as an excellent touch point as it engaged direct communication with a great deal of consumers. 32% of the sample that were aware of the plan averred that the marketing campaign created a individualized feeling towards the brand. This campaign was successful in acquiring attention as, 49% said that the thought of trying different flavours captured their attention. Chances to gain and become famous was the major reason for around 22% to take part.

BAV Model: Brand Advantage Value Generator

Brand Property Valuator is a data source system handled by Young & Rubicam Advertising Company. It gathers a data about the brand perception of the subjected brand. It permits company to boost, sustain or enhance their online marketing strategy based on the effect form this model.

Brand Advantage Valuator model delivers relative measures of numerous brands across different countries and of various categories based on their equity value. This can be also referring as a strategic brand management tool, which is utilized for building various programs and strategy for the brand property implications.

Brand Asset Valuator has 4 different components, based on which a company's brand is evaluated


Differentiation is the ability of any brand to differentiate itself from any similar product, brand or its challengers. The individuality of the brand is highlighted upon this referencing point, and it determines how unique and specific the brand is. No consumer would pay the similar or higher price for the same product, and it could lead to a poor brand health over time. By this method a certain parameter is standardized and these variables should be suffered by the firm for a constantly better brand value.

39% of the sample decided that the brand Lays sticks out before its opponents and are devoted on the same.


Relevance is the difference in the true and the comprehended need for the brand to the public and the perceived market portion. This component steps the breadth of the brand and its own appeal to the consumer. This relates to the penetration of the brand is the normal household, just as matters are per household or just how many houses have bought the product in percentage. This also highlights the personal gratitude for the product and exactly how appropriate it is the brand for the buyer.

Relevance together with the differentiation factor determines the brand's future value. In such a scale Lays have a very high Brand Power.


Esteem of the brand helps the buyer to determine the quality and the belief of the brand structured the progress and the recognition of the brand. This also deals with the intangible affect of the brand on the consumers head, such as how much the client admire the brand and will the customer respects the brand? Etc.

In the field Lays was reasonably admired and respected by its customers.


Knowledge about the merchandise means. Just how much a customer is aware of the brand. It suffices the knowledge about the brand identity, brand retention etc. it shows the how familiar the customer is to the brand. Building of the brand collateral relies on the challenge that the clients remember the brand, its logo or its tag line. It could also include recognizing or associated with its brand ambassador.

Lays customer perfectly acknowledge the brand, about 88% of the respondent remember the tagline ' No one can eat just one. ' And 97% of the sample could recall Saif Ali Khan as lays brand ambassador.

Ad Campaigns and Movie star Endorsement

Lays take their advertising campaigns very significantly; it is obvious by how much resources they spend on these campaigns. Once they build the image, they easily could price reduced from its customer. Lays with cola easily got over Tea and Samosa in the children segment of the country. Initially the market sentiments were from the prices of lays, but slowly but surely they designed to the change with the market scenario.

Lays ads were very attractive and it appealed to the young generation of the united states. These were musical, daring and zestful. The advertisings positioned perfectly, as it targeted youngsters, it got to youth.

No you can eat just one single: this tagline got India in a sway, it's been one of the most successful taglines in Indian Market till Day. And the tagline is as true as its words, the taste, the consistency and the crispiness was such that everyone was enticed to have significantly more. The ad got the young celebrities Saif Ali Khan and Preity Zinta to endorse the product. It also positioned the product correctly. This advertisement drew the new generation, and suddenly eating lays became the new 'cool' design of living.

Soon following the 'No one can eat just one' marketing campaign, Lays came out with 'Har Program ka main Food' Campaign. This change of tagline made lays the essential food for all the programs (situations). This tagline didn't redo the result the first tagline 'No one can eat just one' does to the brand. It deviated from the positioning of the Taste to the Availableness and the Usage Occasion. This offered away the primary and the best differentiator the brand got. The campaign may not have been such a success however the consumers enjoyed the new flavors they launched across the campaign.

In 2008, Lays changed their Tagline again to "Be a little Dillogical". This was a direct concept to the buyer, mostly the young ones, who were caught in the middle, to believe from the heart. This became the new mantra for the brand, which also intended ho to be reasonable from the heart and soul. The tagline could not plainly differentiate itself in terms of the positioning. Lays attempts to ad Hinglish words, to produce a direct connection with its consumer. This promotion created new brand ambassador, MS Dhoni the Indian Cricket Captain.

Most recent is Give Us Your Dillicious Taste (GUYDF), launched in October 2009, and gave the consumers an chance to co-create the flavour they like on Lays poker chips. Four shortlisted flavors from an impressive 1. 3 million ideas came from four earning consumers, each of whom received `5-lakh for his or her dillogical taste ideas: Cheesy Mexicana, Tangy Twist, Mastana Mango and HIPHOP Honey & Chilly. An elite panel of judges preferred these four winners. They were launched on the market across India reinforced by a mega 360 level communication. The flavor that elicits the maximum consumer votes can not only continue to stay in the marketplace as the mega victor, but its ideator would be honored a grand prize of `50-lakh and 1% of sales earnings.

SWOT Examination:

SWOT stands for talents, weaknesses, opportunities, and hazards. Advantages and weaknesses are inner factors. Opportunities and hazards are exterior factors.


· More developed brand

· Good circulation network

· Impressive - Continuous intro of new flavors

· Marketing Campaigns generating interest among common man

· A SNACKSMART product with No Trans Fat

· Strong brand consciousness due to Brand Ambassadors like Saif Ali Khan and M. S. Dhoni.


· Strong competition leading to creation of undifferentiable flavors

· Western flavors may not charm to the masses


· has a chance to develop, ethnic Indian tastes on the list of masses and appeal to the buyer.

· can create high brand understanding by the addition of common man through the new campaign.


· Launch of too many flavors can effect on the brand image if new tastes are not successful.

· New entrants such as Britannia, Balaji etc

· Extension of local players into chips market.

· Price reductions in market can result in a stir in the prevailing system.


Lay's isn't only competing at once with the branded-unbranded players in the market, it is contending even with the appetizers from our very own kitchen. It is interesting to see how this brand has been successful in the item business. It followed all the rules to perfection. Predicated on the survey results we conclude that Lay's is the leading Treat Product with Kurkure fast catching up. Lay's still enjoys the More youthful image because of the Brand ambassadors and different promotional promotions. By involving customer in co-creating the products Lay's has achieved the purpose of Consumer proposal. With a good brand awareness & recall, high customer & brand collateral, it's only poised to develop further in an ever-expanding and highly competitive market.

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