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Your friendship definition essay

Have your ever asked yourself what friendship stands for? In this friendship definition essay, we’ll try to find an answer.

All the time, every year and every day, throughout the world people make friends. But do they truly realize the whole nature of this social phenomenon? When it comes to making pals, perhaps, the first step should be giving an exact definition of friendship. Maybe like many other people you also associate friendship with your Facebook list or with people you come across every Sunday when playing racquetball. Well, if you want to label any concept as friendship, make sure it has the key elements of it. Keep reading this true friendship definition essay and we’ll unveil more.

Any definition essay friendship would say that friendship suggests reciprocation. So, if you want to consider someone your friend, that person should think the same of you. However, many people are used to trusting new folks and accepting them into their hearts without question. These people can call anyone their friend, until he or she proves them they’re wrong.

In the process of writing your essay definition friendship, you should clear realize the difference between acting friendly and being friends. Some people may act quite friendly with somebody, with your, for instance, but we can hardly call them true friends. Before people label each other as friends, they definitely require knowing each other better. In general, that’s not a good habit to consider anyone you’ve just met at a social event your friend.

Let’s try to determine typical characteristics of a true friend:

  • When you talk about your life, you see he or she is sincerely interested.
  • Perhaps, this sounds banal, but your friend should at least one time inform you that he or she is your friend.
  • He or she is used to inviting you for a lunch, coffee, etc.
  • Your friend has done something good for you at least one time.
  • Sure, your friends wants the best for you.
  • He or she is willing to hang out with you all the time.

Needless to say, that real friends are kind and they always bring positive influence in your life. You always feel good when communicating with your friends. Sure, you can’t expect from them bringing you down.

Those, whom you can call your genuine friends always put your relationship above just being right. Certainly, when interacting with you, they’ll never try to be superior. That’s an absolutely undisputable fact, that those who keep putting you down can’t be your friends, to put it mildly.

Summarizing the value of all mentioned above, you may think that friends are like angels. Nevertheless, friends are just ordinary earthly people and like many other folks they can also have their own bad days. Respectively, during this period they can act in the way you may not like. They can even hurt your feelings and be negative in general. During such moments you may think that you’re dealing with an enemy. Respectively, a question arises how to distinguish a real enemy and a friend in bad mood. You’ll only require looking at the whole of your relationship. It’s up to you to consider the following nuances:

  • How does this particular person make you feel when you spend time with him or her?
  • Do you feel awkward when it comes to sharing your joy with this person?
  • Are you looking forward to see this person?

If somebody is really your friend, she or he act in a kind manner. This person does really nice things for you.

Friends normally don’t keep score, however, there’s an evident balance to the relationship. One friend of yours may be in the spotlight, while another pal’s cheering him or her on. Friends are normally expected to trade off in providing each other with the «floor» in life and in a conversation. A true friend always realizes that this particular moment is yours and not his.

Friends are those people you see all the time. An essential component of this type of relationship is face-to-face, real communication. If you once make friends with someone, you can hardly preserve this relationship if this person moves away. Spend time with this person if you really want to maintain this relationship.

These days online friends are becoming a mainstream. Though online friendships can really come in handy, they can’t be regarded as normal friendships. As you see, these days some people are used to applying the term «friendship» to a wide range of situations, including loyal customers and even strangers. Of course, it doesn’t mean that all these people are truly friends of yours.

Your Facebook friends may be really good persons, but they can hardly fit a classical definition of a friend. It’s a revolutionary new type of relationship.

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