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Free resume writing services: facilitating your writing

If you’re interested in free resume writing services and otherrelated stuff, this review is for you. Perhaps, like many otherpeople interested in the getting a good job as soon as possibleyou wonder whether professional resume writing services could bea panacea or not.

With more and more job hunters utilizing resume writing servicesto climb up to the top of the interview list, many people doubtthat their newly-written resume can be on a par with the stuffcreated by so-called professional resume writing services.Perhaps, the best way to relive this surging pressure on you isto get familiar with this review. Let’s find out whether the useof such service can be decisive in job hunting or not.

Testing resume writing services

We’ve just made up our mind to explore and test the leadingonline resume writing services with the aim of finding the bestoption for job hunters. We had the top companies shortlisted.After this we urged them to make a resume for us. Each of theservice in the list has been scrutinized based on the followingfactors:

  • Authors’ ability and knowledge
  • Cost of service
  • Quality of resume
  • Value for money
  • Customer support

We have tested a variety of both costly and affordable resumewriting services to find out how well their products performedwhen finding themselves in a pile of regular resumes to bedispassionately assessed by HR experts.

We invited a team of professional HR managers from severalindustries to take part in our research. Each HR manager wasprovided with up to 30 resumes. Out of these 30, 20 werecompleted by ordinary job hunters, while only 10 were written byprofessional resume writers. The HR experts were asked to choosethe best 10 resumes and explain their choice.

Our outcomes

Well, each expert picked up 10 resumes and the explanation oftheir choice can be narrowed to the following distinctivefeatures of resumes:

  • Compelling language
  • Clear presentation of achievements and work experiences
  • Professionally looking layout
  • Engaging format
  • Easy to identify major qualities

It has turned out that the resumes written by professionals leaveoutperforms those completed by ordinary job seekers in manyregards.

Professionally written resumes are better: why?

Professional resume services happen to be an awesome option ifyou’re eager to 100% guarantee the overall effectiveness of yourresume. Well, since it’s their job to make resumes, professionalresume writers boast a deeper understanding of resume nuancesthan most job seekers. Such services usually do their best tostay up-to-date with actual resume trends. As a result, theyprovide high quality services on a regular basis and gain repeatclients, referrals and so on.

What really make them better?

Well, a certified author is someone, boasting years of resumewriting experience. He or she is capable of making the most ofvarious formatting and writing techniques. Such experts normallyhave a rich background in the employment sphere. Via trial anderror they found out which writing approaches are most efficientfor getting the desired job.

Professional resume authors: who are they?

Professional resume authors normally have a decent experienceeither in the employment industry as well as HR or in such fieldsas teaching/education, journalism where writing as well as firmlanguage abilities happen to be must-have qualities. Even thecheapest resume writing services have to maintain a network ofprofessional authors, reportedly working full-time as tutors anddealing with resumes in the evening to step up their income. Suchauthors are tested and trained by the writing service they workfor just to ensure they realize how to practically implementresume writing theory. Such an approach to hiring ensures youwill end up receiving a mighty resume built around tried andtested tricks.

Your expectations are in the cost

It’s clear that every writing service is different. Even the mostaffordable resume writing services have to guarantee some basicfeatures. These are:

  • Unlimited resume revisions
  • Industry specific resume authors
  • 3-day service
  • Money back guarantee
  • Unlimited phone support
  • Polished samples in PDF, Word and Text format
  • 24/7 availability


Frankly speaking, those capable of providing all of the pointsfrom the list above can’t be cheap. Nevertheless, it often makessense to shell out more if there’s a high likelihood to get thedesired position with this particular resume. High qualitywriting will undoubtedly pay off.

Evidently, the major benefit is that you obtain a quality resumecompleted by somebody with greater experience than yours. The useof well-tested techniques along with your personal career historyis that approach, which 100% ensures a high quality writing.

There’s also the added bonus that a professional author gives youa generous gift by simply saving you time and guarding youagainst stress. Moreover, a professional author is capable ofassessing your career data and making an objective decision asfor what to exclude from your resume – that’s what many folksstruggle to do on their own. Ordinary job seekers are used toproviding irrelevant information. They also often cloud theirreal value as well as major selling points.

Opting for professional resume writers

There’s a wide category of people and circumstances, making theuse of professional resume writing service almost inevitable:

  • Mixed work history
  • Career changers
  • Healthcare and nursing employees
  • Military to civilian
  • Work history gaps
  • Federal job applications
  • 60+ job seekers
  • Business owners
  • Stay-at-home mothers
  • Consultants
  • Anybody with complex work history

No matter which category of those mentioned above you currentlybelong be sure that resume writing professionals will do theirbest to make your resume stand out from other papers. If youdecide to craft such a thing on your own hoping to overleap yourlack of writing skills and other crucial nuances, you mightsentence yourself to failure.

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