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Your first free compare and contrast essay

A great number of people are assured that writing a free compare and contrast essay is the easiest type of writing assignments ever assigned by teachers. This point of view is quite popular with newbies. They think that there’s nothing difficult in writing a compare and contrast free essay – just find alike things and different things. It’s not so, to put it mildly. Sure, this type of essay isn’t the most difficult one, but you’ll succeed with it only if you keep to a normal pattern. So, let’s see how you can make your compare and contrast essay free better.

Well, as you know, in all free compare and contrast essays we have to deal with different and alike things. Your task here is not only provide a summary of characters, themes and plot. You should think how these particular contrasts and comparisons form meaningful connections to a larger thing.

As you might have guessed, your writing will start with creating a good thesis statement. Here, you should tell why contrast and comparison is worthy of your note. Let’s assume your task is to contrast and compare the heroines of the well-known novels – «Jane Eyre» and «Pride and Prejudice». Your thesis might state the following:

  • «Though Jane Eyre and Elizabeth Bennet are very different on the outside, nevertheless, their common internal values connect them in the novel in the struggle for women’s rights».

From this moment, you’ve got a solid reason, justifying your paper.

Having done this, it’s time to choose a pattern. In fact, there’re two major ways to write your contrast and compare essay:

  • Tandem pattern
  • Alternating pattern

If you opt for the tandem variant you require separating your cons and pros into two opposing camps. Let’s assume you are going to compare two women, Elizabeth and Jane from two novels, you should illustrate all the ways, making them different and similar. For instance, you can tell that they both belong to different social classes, though they share their negative attitude to marriage. Point out how their similarities and differences contributed to their destinies. Of course, we know that human characters have an enormous impact on human fates, including even destinies of other people, surrounding them.

Once, the list is ready, your paper’s body will address anything you’ve just discovered about both characters, compared by you in this essay.

The alternating pattern suggests that you are going to juxtapose pros and cons of Jane and Elizabeth. Compared to the previous method, here you only require making a list of differences and likenesses. Both methods, illustrated above have their own pluses and shortcomings. Pick up the one you feel comfortable to work with.

We’ve just paid little attention to the patterns, but for many people picking up or to be exact choosing between the two available ones is a serious challenge. Indeed, there aren’t any strict rules regarding choosing one pattern over another. However, we can say that the alternating pattern will be an ideal solution for longer papers (we’re talking about those exceeding 5-6 pages). It would be hard for your readers to perceive all the pertinent information about every side of the argument in lengthy discussions. Shorter papers definitely require the tandem pattern.

You should support your idea with primary text. Sure, we mean the necessity to support your essay analysis. That could be done by means of textual support. The novels, whose characters you contrast and compare will be the primary sources. For every point addressed by you, whether it’s the alternating pattern or the tandem one, you should provide solid textual evidence for your positions. In fact, you can do it by simply quoting from the text or getting down to paraphrasing. Cite every paraphrase or quote in the proper way. Do it in the format requested by your instructor. For instance, you may be asked to make use of Chicago or MLA formatting.

There should be support with secondary sources, though it’s optional. Some advisors may ask you to utilize corresponding sources, rather than text to support your point of view. Get ready to employ secondary sources in your contrast and compare essay. Such sources will ensure extra backing for your thesis. That’s especially true for arguing for why the newly chosen compare-and-contrast approach is fully valid.

Including your own voice is essential too. One of the most terrible challenges for any essay writer is to offer her or his original take on the chosen topic. Most probably, you’ll feel that many other people have told more than enough about this and there’s nothing to say left. Don’t stay discouraged, because any person can come up with an exclusive absorbing interpretation.

Having written your essay, allocate some time to revise, review and repeat it. You don’t want to submit your paper stuffed with glitches and errors, do you?

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