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Four Trade Barriers Government

International trade is the action performed of shopping for and selling the goods and services over the nation. Depending up on the trade barriers the industries will opt to import or export the goods and services, since it depends on the financial burden. To safeguard the domestic economy of a specific country introduced trade barriers which reduce the imports and escalates the net profits of the country. From all the international trade benefits, government have affection to save lots of the domestic industries from the international trade. The main element justification is the fact that production which is done by the citizens of domestic economy of a specific country, by paying taxes to the government apart from the foreign workers. In this mainly discuss about the types of trade barriers and the way the government was discouraging the global business using trade barriers.

Trade Barriers

Trade barriers appears like a negative impression, but it helps to boost the economy of a specific country by reducing imports. The trade barriers are imposed by the government by placing regulations, tariffs, import quotas and embargos. The four different types of trade barriers are Tariffs, Non-Tariffs, Import Quotas and Voluntary Export Restraints.


Tariff is one of the most used for trade restrictions, since it does increase the price of imported goods and services. Tariffs are mainly used to acquire the income on the goods which can be imported. Tariffs are being used mainly predicated on some of reasons:

Domestic Employment:

The trade barriers are generally used to safeguard domestic employment. The imports from the foreign market create a competition with the domestic production. A lot of the domestic consumers buy the imports apart from the domestic production, because of cheap foreign labour and insufficient regulations. However, the goods made by the foreign wages are cheaper compare to the domestic producers, so almost all of the consumers purchase foreign goods. Because of this you will see raise of unemployment since the foreign labour was cheap.

Low Foreign Wages

The domestic production has high wages for the labour and taxes paid to the government and regulations. Whereas, the foreign imports gain a comparative advantage from domestic production because of low foreign wages paid with their workers.

Infant industry

The infant industries can be protected using tariffs by strategy of Import Substitution Industrialization (ISI) employed by many nations. The federal government produces high tariff charges for the imported goods in the developing economy to overcome the foreign competition. Mainly in developing countries directly they can produce the finished goods instead of agriculture products.

Unfair trade

The foreign industries perform unfair trade to get the benefit from the domestic producers. The primary intention of foreign products is to market them at low prices set alongside the domestic products in the domestic economy, since the foreign products can get by low subsidize price with their government. So trade barriers avoid the foreign producers from unfair trade.

National Security

Trade barriers should protect the organizations and industries that produce essential output to the security and nation. Trade barriers prevent the country by restricting the imports and invite more domestic production.

Import Quotas

Import Quotas limit the quantity on goods and services that may be imported. In import quotas there are legal restrictions by the domestic government on the products that happen to be imported. Import Quotas keep the restrictions based on first come first serve; if the products are reached to its limit then forget about goods are imported. This sort of trade barriers often keeps licences for importing goods. For example United States has imposed a quota on textiles that are imported from the India and other countries.


Non-Tariff trade barrier includes some government regulations, rules and directive delays to keep foreign goods away from the domestic markets. Due to the regulations the production techniques are unique to the domestic customers. The different types of Non-Tariff trade barriers are:


Embargo means complete trade block between the countries. This type of trade barriers are totally banned of importing goods and services from a specific country. For example United Nations has imposed an embargo on trade with Iraq as part of economic sanctions in 1990.

Subsidies to local goods

In these trade barriers the government subsidies the local firms and allows them to sell their products at low priced set alongside the foreign markets. When there are more foreign businesses enter in to the country then the government impose a tax with them and reduce the tax for the neighborhood production to make more competitive in the domestic and foreign markets.

Local Content Requirement

Instead of imposing a quota on amount of goods or services to be imported, the government can put a restriction on certain goods made domestically. Foreign companies face a problem of exporting assembled products and cost to market the product is also high, so instead of assembled products a few of the products are done in domestic market. This improves the employment in the local market.

Technical Barriers

When the products are exported to the other countries there should maintain some quality standards also to be tested by medical department. The merchandise misuse in a particular country on the other hand it will be tested and certified by the importing countries. There will be wastage of energy and expensive. So in international trade, the trade partners should seek advice from the standards by treating the domestic and imported products equally.

Voluntary Export Restraints (VER)

A country facing a continuous huge trade against a different country may produces or maintains raised pressure to a self imposed limit on exporting goods. This sort of limiting exports is named as voluntary export restraints. For example Japanese automobiles imposed to U. S. over a number of years consistently, the U. S imposed such limits on itself.

In conclusion, a government imposed a restriction on international trade of goods and services by using different trade barriers. Trade barriers in a variety of aspects like tariffs- importing taxes to the goods that happen to be imported, Non-Tariffs, import quotas- which are totally banned from a specific country and Voluntary export Restraints. Trade barriers described the global business domestically and the trade between the countries. They are the four types of trade barriers the federal government use right to discourage the global business.

Q2: Compare Samsung and Apple in conditions of owner's leadership point.

In growing world technology plays an essential role. The globe economy dependent on the technology and changes the people's life. Samsung and Apple will be the two companies producing different technologies in every single product in the market. A lot of the customers prefer to choose the products from these two companies, because the quality and the purchase price will be the two main important qualities absorbed by the clients. Samsung having different leadership qualities compared to the Apple.

Samsung GSG (2010). In a global society, Samsung provides better products and services to the customer utilizing their talents and technology. From the building blocks of Samsung in the entire year 1938 to the today, they have some core values for each and every decision they take like people, excellence, creative, integrity and collaboration. Samsung group is thought as digital leader, a worldwide responsibility and as an ethical business. Samsung provides progressive technology, creates new markets and change the people's lives as a leader.

Samsung (1995-2013). The business partners are a key component to Samsung electronics for mutual development in global corporation. The best strategy to become a global leader is to strengthen competitiveness and better co-prosperity. Steve jobs said that people should not ask the clients what they need and then try to give that to them. By the time we built, the customers what something new.

Samsung leadership qualities

The Samsung leadership qualities are creative, collaboration and excellence.




Roy Alugbue (2012) Samsung and Toyota announces joint collaboration since both are from different industries. After collaboration they have got launched a Samsung mobile car application which connects Samsung smart phones to the Toyota's in vehicle infotainment system. The main goal of collaboration is to include improved connectivity, multimedia features and internet services.

Samsung is excellence in the quality of product and cost is also cheaper. Samsung excellence guaranteed for a few products like Notebook, if we choose the product rather than satisfied with the product then within 60 days the money is fully refund from 1st October 2012 to 31st march 2013.

Apple founders are Steve jobs, Steve woznaik and Ronald Wayne. It really is an American multinational company established in the year 1976. Apple's income is recorded as the next largest company. It designs computers (iMac), iphones, iPod and so many more products to the customers.

Apple Inc. (2013). Apple announced that changes in the environment will encourage more collaboration between the company's hardware, software and services. The CEO of apple, Tim cook said that in Apple's history the technology and innovation of new products are the main important elements. Apple designs best personal computers with iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple having strong network of leaders at store and regional level to keep the excellent works to create ground breaking services to customers.

Apple creates game-changing innovations, and the products introduced by the apple are fascinating on the globe. Some of the products released recently are iPhone5, iMac, ipad tablet and many. The Apple make the product's more simple and functional, smarter and simple to use. The business is approximately the solving the issues and simplifying the process for the clients. Steve jobs curiosity has shown that in technology anything can be done. The Apple mainly targets the grade of the merchandise but doesn't think about the price. The Apple concentrates on technology to develop new innovative products.

Apple leadership qualities

The apple leadership qualities are:





Effective Communication

Dee Zee (2011). One of the key leadership qualities was to make effective communication between the employees and customers. To set-up more positive outcomes, communication skills and understanding are important.

Mauro, L. C. (2012). The main comparison between Apple and Samsung are software, eco-system factor, price and technology. The price of the apple products are comparatively high set alongside the Samsung products. The operating-system and technology found in both products are different. In both Apple and Samsung the innovation strategies are same but design strategies are different. The Samsung targets the qualitative growth but not on the quantitative growth. To achieve the vision of leading in digital convergence, Samsung used electronic process. The Apple and Samsung focus on external environment and internal environment like Pestel analysis and porter's five forces. Samsung implements the generic strategies of cost leadership, focus and differentiation.

More than half of the income of apple comes from its mobile products. The Apple stores have wide range of gadgets to the customers like computers (iMac), iPod, iphones and many whereas, Samsung also have broader range of electronics: the company makes everything from blue ray discs to laptops, HD TVs and DVR'S and refrigerators. In Samsung almost all of the operating systems are supported whereas Apple uses IOS operating software, iLife, iWork and other. Samsung always attract the most talented managers on the planet to build up new ideas in line with the situation.

Finally, the leadership qualities of Samsung and apple will tend to be relative but each company has its own technique to develop the products to the clients. Apple concentrates mainly on the technology and the software to produce based on the people's lives whereas, concentrates on the creativity, excellence and collaboration. Apple creates valuable and possible changes in the followers. The expense of the Apple product is high set alongside the Samsung products released on the market. The primary objective of Samsung is to acquire every single person at least one Samsung smart phones. At last, they are now leading on the market globally by their products using different technologies based on the people's lives.

Reflection Report

Apart from other course inside our international M. B. A, Global Business is one of the subject having presentations, where we can form the non-public skills. Both presentations helped a lot in knowing business activities and trade barriers of the federal government. Presenting both presentations gave a lot of information by reading various case studies, articles, journals and textbooks. This helped me to gain the knowledge and improve my skills.

The Global Business course helped a lot to me in knowing about the many businesses and industries growing in the business by reading various case studies. In every week tutorial session helped in discussing various articles. In such a we have known the various business activities globally how they are facing difficulties and furthermore rules and regulations to be followed by a particular government. In our Global Business weekly our professor gives an article on economics and allows reading and explains about the article. This improved me a lot on discussing various matters and issues of different countries. Aside from global business, other course also made me to be success available life.

The group presentations helped us to communicate between the other person in a group effectively. The task for both presentations which we have done in group helped a lot in knowing various views inside our group about the particular topic. After we are preparing for the presentation we can express our feelings to the other person and if we have done any mistakes we can overcome by correcting immediately. The presentation is one of the good concepts to develop skills since almost all of the students who not presented before in undergraduate may feel tension to present in front of others

First time when we have given a presentation topic our group members said to be an organization leader to interact with everyone about the presentation, but I had been bit nervous and feared to be always a group leader and then I was only a group member. But after participating in group presentation we felt very happy and later for second presentation I am the team leader and I learnt so a lot of things as an organization leader that coordinating the group and deciding the meeting sessions to discuss and communicating with all the current group members. After presenting presentation as a group in the class I thought that I can start the business enterprise and I can manage as a team leader available.

When we have been presenting the group presentation I never used any kind of material and I was confident while explaining the presentations. I never felt any tension or stress in presentation while discussing with the group members and also when presenting in the class. Before presenting the presentation we practice one at a time in our group, because we can alert to tension while presenting in front of the professor. Presentation helps us to motivate ourselves and develops the personal skills and it helps in business after completion of our courses.

To study global business, our university has provided various facilities inside our library and other online sources to find various case studies, articles, journals and e-books. We gained knowledge as an organization work, since each one of the group member have searched the relevant topic articles, journals and many other sources and when we discussed in a group we can know about the each topic clearly. In our undergraduate I don't have any experience in giving group presentation, since I presented individually. The global business in this university gave an opportunity to participate and work in an organization to present a group presentation which improved my leadership qualities, since I took responsibility inside our group and I worked by communicating with each other.

At last, learning is the continuous process present and future after graduation too. To be always a success man running a business life we must know the guidelines and regulations of the business. By improving the data skills and personal development we can succeed as a business man. The course international business has benefited me to know about the business enterprise strengths and the competition in the business. In a competitive market we must know the strength of the business handling and also should know about the international trade between the countries.

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