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Four Functions Of Management At Fedex

Originally FedEx Corporation is regarded as FDX Corporation. It really is a well-known logistics services company. The business was founded in america in 1971. FedEx furnishes customers and businesses around the globe with an all-inclusive profile of travel, e-commerce and business services (About FedEx, 2010). The business offer included business applications through working companies fighting conjointly and managed collaboratively, under the well-thought-of FedEx brand.

FedEx had gained significant position one of the world's most accepted and devoted employers. It works with an increase of than 275, 000 employees and contractors. It motivates all its employees and contractors to remain wonderfully, positively concentrated on safety, the best honest and practised methods and the needs with their customers and communities. The company runs around the globe with its following segments:

FedEx Express: This segment of the business offers numerous transport services for the deliverance of plans and freight.

FedEx Ground: This portion of the business offers business and home ground deal delivery services.

FedEx Freight: This portion stretches less-than-truckload freight services, as well as shipment carrier services.

FedEx Services: This section of the business offers sales, marketing, it support, customer support support, document alternatives and business services and a great many other advanced services (FedEx Corporation, 2010).

The significant functions of management that managers at all the degrees of FedEx perform in order to accomplish its organizational targets, are the following:

Planning: This function of management is the conscious willpower of future course of action. This involves just why an action, what action, how to do this and when to take action. Thus, planning includes dedication of specific targets, determining projects and programs, establishing plans and strategies, setting up rules and techniques and preparing finances.

Organizing: Another significant function of FedEx management is managing. Organizing is the process of dividing work into convenient duties or tasks, grouping such duties in the form of positions, grouping of varied positions into departments and sections, assigning duties to individual positions, and delegating expert to each position so the work is carried out as organized (Montana & Charnov, 2000).

Leading: The nest important function of management is leading. On this function of management a proper direction depends upon the company managers that help the employees in the proper knowledge of their role to attain the goals and focuses on effectively. Leading is the procedure of influencing the behaviour of others to work willingly and enthusiastically for reaching predetermined goals.

Controlling: The final significant function of management is controlling. This function entails identification of actual results, comparability of real results with expected results as established by planning process, id of deviation between the two, if any, and taking of corrective action so that actual results match with expected results (Harris & Hartman, 2001). It brings to light all bottlenecks in work performance and fulfils the needs of the situation.

Globalisations and its Effect on FedEx four Functions of Management

Globalization is an operation of conversation and compounding among the list of people, companies and governments of diverse nations. It is a process dependant on international trade and investment and helped by international technology. This procedure has its results on the environment, on culture, on politics systems, on financial development and wealth and as well as on the individual physical well-being in organizations all over the world (FedEx and Key Industry Individuals, n. d. ). This exterior factor is making a visible impact on the businesses and functions of management of FedEx.

Increasing globalization of its business had make a visible effect on its planning function of FedEx management as now it had become more complex and requires more vital examination of international markets. Furthermore the function of managing and leading business functions and all resources' is also become difficult as now the company requires a diverse labor force and diverse customer platform with different needs and requirements. The last function of management controlling is also evolved as a hard task due to the participation of different type of international risks.

Technology and its own Effect on FedEx's Four Functions of Management

Technology is the work and cognition of tools, proficiencies and crafts. It acquired made life of humans more easier as it consists of advanced know-how's in the form of tools and techniques. At FedEx growing technology is participating in an increasing role in offering critical information at any point in time about the location of an customer's product and enough time of delivery (FedEx and Key Industry Motorists, n. d. ). While using increasing effect of technology the four functions of FedEx's management is significantly influenced.

With the use of advanced technology, the company's planning and managing function had been influenced greatly as now its planning is performed by making use of advanced technology and IT tools. For organizing all its operations and resources the company use up-to-date tools and techniques like for providing training to its employees now it use electronic options (Huff, Maher & Munro, 2004). Increasing use of technology and electronic digital method of communication also make a substantial impact on company's leading and managing function of management. With advanced tools and techniques both of these functions of FedEx's management possessed become more easy and effective.

E-Business and its own Impact on FedEx's four Functions of Management

E-business is a term you can use to delineate businesses operate on the Internet, or employing Internet systems to ameliorate the production or profitability of any business. In a more universal sense, the term could be utilized to clarify any form of digital business (Sharif, Ching, Bakri & Zakaria, 2005). In present more and more companies are adopting this practice of doing business and similar is the situation with FedEx that is also making use of electronic sources and internet for connecting with its client and doing business.

This e-business practice of the business had made remarkable impact on its four functions of management as now company does not have to indulge in sophisticated planning as now it performs all its functions by making use of web, which makes everything simple and rapid (FedEx and Key Industry Individuals, n. d. ). The organizing and leading function of management are also afflicted with this practice of e-business as now company can keep track of performance of its employees and functions through web rather indulging in more formal procedures. The use of web acquired made everything super easy and quick and today the managing of business operations had also become super easy.


With the comprehensive conversation of company procedures and functions of management, it could be said, that the management of all these functions is essential as otherwise it might not direct the business towards its pre-determined goals. With the conversation of globalization, technology and e-business maybe it's conferred these entire factors make a dominant impact on company's four functions of management because as time experienced evolved this functions of company management is also improved. The impact of globalization, technology and e-business acquired advanced these functions in a substantial manner, which in turn facilitates FedEx in managing its business.

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