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Founding WITH THE Ryanair Air travel Company

In 1985 Cathal and Declan Ryan has founded the company. The airline began with a fifteen (15) seater Embraer Bandeirante turboprop aircraft and it was traveling between Gatwick London and Waterford. On that point London-Ireland flights performed by Aer Lingus and BA (British Airways). The company added a fresh path between Dublin and London in 1986 and competition began with the AL/BA duopoly. Company was refused by the federal government of Ireland, however the conservative federal of UK has approved this new service. Regarding to some research Company was generating the loss instead of profit but the mean time amount of customers increased frequently. By 1991 company started to thinking about to make air travel profitable which process has been directed at the Michael O'Leary. Ryan the creator of company recommended and urged Micheal to review the US flight model 'No Frill/Low Fares), which was using by the Southwest Airline in US and from then on the model was implemented in the Ryanair. In 1995 at the completion of 10 yr of the company, the Ryanair was hauling 2. 25 million people. Ryanair overtakes the environment Lingus in the same calendar year and became largest passengers airline between Dublin and London and greatest air travel on any option in the Ireland.

Mission affirmation:

Mission of Ryanair is

Provide Low fare Rate exploring at on a regular basis for all your routes.

Key service commitment



Rynair feels on the next factors:

One way booking to make flexible return for the people.

By managing equipment cost, personal efficiency and customer service cost functioning cost keep low.

For peer teams best customer service

Maintain shor-haul routes frequently point-to-point flights.

Flight verification and booking system availability on the internet.

No compromise on security and quality maintenance of airplanes

By using ancillary service enlargement of working results.

Focusing on the requirements of Growth, like more routes and increased consistency.

External Analysis

Political Analysis

Ryanair performs throughout the European countries and any political changes in any country can be impact the strategy of Ryanair. Ryanair has some dispute on each passenger flew at Newquay Airport with Cornwall Country Council.

Tax plan is another issue for Ryanair which may be create problems for the business.

Another political issue regarding the cash return that European Legislation is to fare come back if any cancellation of the journey. This is not a big concern for Ryanair because Ryanair maintains their high quality service.

An announcement by the government of Ireland To break up their state monopoly may be helped bring some questions in Western flight industry. However, if this plan integrated then Ryanair can be very seriously affected It could obstruct Ryanair future extension in the Ireland.

Economic Analysis

Ryanair is European based company therefore many of its operations are not damaged by the exchange rate, as sole currency operates many of these countries.

The only economical issue can the price of Oil, as Petrol charges are increasing frequently, this can be effect the low fare strategy of the company.

The taxation coverage bring negative impact on the employees of the company as Europen Union has declared "EU deleted duty-free on intra-EU".

Social Analysis

European Union is and economical union of 27 countries. They developed a single market and single currency for exchange. A large number of men and women travel every day in one country to another country so they desire a best solution and cheap fare travelling which is provided by the Ryanair.

Technology Analysis

Ryanair is taking the best good thing about technology by providing solution through the internet. But this pattern is growing in the Western european Airline Industry and other airlines are building their website. By using the technology Ryanair save cost and open up revenue like advertisements income.

Environment Analysis

Greenhouse emission is the top issue which is facing by Ryanair. Ryanair strategy has a good environmental impact. At present, aviation accounts for around 5% of the UK's emissions, but this is expected to grow to 25% by 2030 (Economist 2005:35).

The other main environmental issue is sound, the 737-800 will to lessen this problem.

Legal Analysis

The reiterated rule against illegal state subsidies hoped to be establish reasonable deal for the flight industry of Europe. "EU decision was predicated on non-discrimination legislation avoiding airport from offering differential offer to different air travel operators. " On the other hand, Ryanair may need to repay charges for breaking guideline.

Porter's Five Forces Analysis

Bargaining ability of suppliers

Ryanair's main suppliers are Boeing. Two possible suppliers of planes for Ryanair on the market are Airbus and Boeing but Ryanair's main provider is Boeing. Tring to switch distributor would be too costly because pilots would have to trained for the new technicians. Ryanair handles aviation energy through prevarication Price. Small and regional airports can have little bargaining power as compare to big and commercial international airports because they only reliant on one air travel. Ryanair avoid big airports and work from local international airports such as Stainsted and Gatwick.

Bargaining Ability of Customers

Customers are price sensitive. It's very easy for customer to change from one airline to other airline. Because of the increasing development of booking through internet customer can easily change flight. Ryanair is providing suprisingly low fare to customers but customers aren't loyal.

Threat of New Entrants

Rynair are designed for this issue by following these steps

· Put Some obstacles and obstructions to newentry:

· Option of some restricted slot machine games make more challenging to find appropriate airports for new entrants.

· By Starting price conflict.

Competitive Rivalry

There is high competition on the market. Too many providers are in the rivalry. Ryanair has first mover advantage in the forex market bacuase when they started the service their was no providers but now there are many airlines in the competition with Ryanair.

3. Ryanair's Resources and Capabilities


Ryanair has pursuing threshold resources

1. Financial Resources

2. Hub Create in Regional Airports

3. Quantity of Aircrafts

Following unique resources make Ryanair differentiate from their opponents:

1. Website

2. Boeing 737 Aircrafts

3. CEO Michael O' Leary

4. Prize of Best supervised Airline

5. Dedicated Team of Management

6. Ryanair Direct Limited


Threshold Competences:

Low Fares

Advanced Booking System

Baggage handling

On time service

Operating expanses in Euro Currency

Advertising and ancillary services sales

Core Competences:

1. Efficient Staff - Low costs of personnel training

2. Fast Turnaound time management

3. Free Chair Givaways - No fares

4. TOP QUALITY Service - No1

5. Third party service outsourcing

6. Performance related pay structure

7. Labour costs less than rivals.

4. Strategic Situation

SWOT Research of Ryanair's Environment

Strengths of the business

Brand name:

Ryanair has very well recognised brand name in the LCC market.

Low airport terminal charges:

Ryanair has advantage of low costs for airport.

First mover:

This advantage acts as a barrier to new entry

Bookings on the web:

More than 94% booking on the internet contributes in low priced distribution


Ryanair includes a consistent fleet for maintenance.

High performance:

Punctuality, low baggage reduction.

Utilization of Plane:

By keep maintaining Ryanair is able to flies longer and creating more revenue from assets.

Small headquarters:

Low on overheads

Weaknesses of the Company

Niche market:

Restricted extension possibility

Distance of Airports:

Many regional international airports are far from advertised vacation spot.

Changes in-charges frequently


There will be a lot of new vacation spots expected to start as European Union is likely to be enlarge:

The market share would be doubled as there is still potential in the company to capture market talk about.

Recession can help as Ryanair offers low fare cost and can catch the clients as overall economy is slow down.

Threats for the Company

Increasing price of oil is a huge danger for company as fuel prices rely upon the oil market.

· Low fare competition is increased

· Europena court docket dicision can make more difficult to make expansion.

· Growth in the Southern European market is limited

· Bargaining vitality increases on local airports

· Customers are price sensitive

5. Proper choice.


1. Low cost strategies- First Otion is to keep the low cost strategy to remain the surface of the Cost Leadership

2. New Investment: New investment can be produced for modernised fleet. Can be more uniformed with only 1 model (737-800) which contributes to cheap maintenance. Ryanair would use another generation aeroplanes Boeing 737-800 as an possibility to rejuvenate the image of the company. Through the use of new quality infrasture and Boeing 737-800 the perception can be made phony which is "Ryanair is los cost service, it is also a low quality service. " Change in even can boost the confident degree of staff and offer a good change for the clients. It'll be inexpensive relatively and can not effect the company's equity in large range and company's price authority strategy will not be destroyed.

3. New market segments: Search for the new places in the European countries to expand the business.

Michael Porter's Universal Strategies

For Ryanair to obtain a sustainable competitive advantages, Michael Porter suggests that any company/company can follow either one of three universal strategies.

· Strategy 1: Cost Control.

· Strategy 2: Differentiation

· Strategy 3: Niche market strategies

· Are you 'Stuck in the middle?'

Opt. #1

Cost Management Strategy:

To enhance development of the company Ryanair should pursue Cost authority strategy which is provided by the Porter's Universal Strategy.

Cost Authority could be done in the next ways:

· Increasing earnings by reducing the expenses, while charging industry-average prices.

Increasing market share through charging lower prices, while still making a reasonable income on each sale anticipated to reduced costs.

Bowman's Strategy Clock

The 'Strategy Clock' is situated upon the work of Cliff Bowman (see C. Bowman and D. Faulkner 'Competitive and Corporate Strategy - Irwin - 1996). This is a proper way to analyze a company's competitive position compared to the offerings of opponents.

Ansoff Matrix

Ansoff's Product/Market Matrix

Opt. #1 Opt. #2

Opt. #3

Market Penetration

Option 1

Market penetration technique can found in the existing market with current brand or product.

By repositioning the brand and or promoting the merchandise Ryanair can increase its income.


Product Development

Option 2 Product development means providing a fresh product in the existing market. That's where Ryanair will market their newest investment. Ryanair would lounge a fresh product to the prevailing market this will increase the success of the business and knowing of new brand may bring more customers to the organisation.


Market Development

Here, Ryanair would try to start new market segments possibly some where in the European countries and can provide current product or service to those markets.

Implementation Methods of Options

The Pursuing is a desk displaying the three options chosen above and the implementation method chosen for every option.


Implementation Method Proposed

Continuation of low priced strategies

Organic Growth

2- 2-Investment in modernised fleet, which contributes to less expensive maintenance

Organic Growth

Try to broaden the European marketplaces to support more European countries and also available new market segments servicing elements of North America, South America and the Caribbean

Organic Growth

Figure 4: Table showing Options and the Implementation method proposed

Organic growth

Organic growth refers to the progress that attained by internally investments created by the firm inside the organization. Organic growth is rate of business growth through increasing the outcome and sales as opposed to acquisitions and take-over by the other company.

There are some great things about this method

Latest Technology

Cost Spread

Choice of Location

No Inappropriate Cultural History

The above options can be assessed for suitability, acceptability and feasibility and then these can be successfully implemented.

Suitability means wheather a technique fulfil certain requirements those are had a need to remain operating an organisation. Furthermore if the chosen options are in the line of mission, eyesight and purpose of the organisation.

To test suitability pursuing should be motivated:

Examine whether the organisation possess the key resources to follow the choice.

Analysis of the organisation's external environment, if the option is suited for the organisation.

Determine the competitive gain and if just do it with the option would it not lead the company to a good financial performance.

2. Acceptability

Acceptability concerned with the expected performance result of the strategy.

A financial risk analysis should be achieved here.

The performance of the impact on the next:


- Bankers

- Customers

- Suppliers


- Shareholders


3. Feasibility

Feasibility examines the following options:

- Interior constraints which would restrict the implementation of the choice and also the weakness that would constrict the option

- Would the option improve performance level within the resources?

- What resources are possessed and extra requirements to follow the options

- Determination from professionals and human source of information and the physical constraints e. g. industry-rights and air-space legislation.

Suitability -

Life Cycle Analysis

Life Cycle Research displaying Ryanair's position

The above amount shows the life span Cycle Examination for Ryanair. Ryanair is providing services from the previous two decades and we can say that the business is within its maturity level, it can be seen from the above body.

Keeping continue low priced strategies Ryanair can raise the sales and defiantly success of the company can be increased.

Ryanair should use the next generation plane as an opportunity and new designed even can be supply the better dynamic look of the company.

Climate change is participating in a crucial role. Because of change of weather Eastern Europ contries are becoming head to places and attracting the visitor to there. 1000 of visitors are travelling to Eastern countries each year simply for only browsing the places. Skyroute aviation has already started flights for a few of these places but nonetheless there are opportunities for Ryanair.

Value String Analysis



Techn. Dev.


Inbound Functions Outbound Marketing Service

Logistics Logistics & Sales

Figure 6: An Illustration of Ryanair's Value Chain

The main core competencies of Ryanair are:

- Their unique cost lowering policy

- Robustness

- Culture

Implementation of option 1:

Continue following the low priced strategies, takes into consideration all of Ryanair's main main competencies. In terms of robustness, competition of Ryanair can imitate but if not executed in the right way, could prove damaging to challengers.

Implemention of Option 2: New Investment: New investment for modrnised fleet, causes cheap maintenance: will become more uniformed with only one model (737-800). Massive amount finance should be necessary for the choice because buying new aircraft is not a cheaper solution. But Ryanair can afford this solution and can just do it with thic option. Being such a sizable flight, with 300 million profit only in 2007 and having a higher level of dominance in the Western european market, this program demonstrates to be the most ideal for the company.

Option 3: New Markets: By expanding business into new market can be profitable as we reviewed above in this record there are a few opportunities in Eastern European countries where a big scale of earnings can be seen easily. Ryanair should go for it and by extending business into new countries and new market segments within the Europe will generate a big amount of income.

The most Suitable proper option to be carried out is Option 2: Investment in modernised fleet, which causes less expensive maintenance: will become more uniformed with only 1 model (737-800), also newer planes will require less maintenance.


Option 2: New Investment: Acceptability for option 2 which contributes to less costly maintenance: can be more uniformed with only one model (737-800), also newer planes will require less maintenance.

This is large earnings making option and the go back will almost one. 5 times the profit of 2007.

The aim of product development is to fulfil the requirements and follow the changes need by the clients. To satisfying the clients about the service of Ryanair that Ryanair offers them a better quality service as compare to others. In this option Ryanair also introduced a new designed even for the employees so they can feel change and this will build a good relationship between customers and staff.

Benefit to Stakeholders:

Following this option all shareholders will get benefit because their show value will increase. Banking institutions also get advantage in terms of large amount need to put into action this option, so bank or investment company defiantly calls for.

By following this option public conception accordingly get changed. They have the change as new uniformed aircrafts, fleets and new dressed up staff is preparing to inviting them at air-port and airplanes.


Option two is perfect for the company because Ryanair have all the resources which can be needed for the option such as finance.

The above diagram shows the 2055 to 2008 there is two times growth in Ryanair's earnings plus more than 50 percent income increase. So that it is cleare that financial features of Ryanair can support this option and hence it is feasible for the company.

Ryanair is paying better to their employees over the last year. The employees of Ryanair are receiving highst pay among other airlines operating in Europe. Using the execution of option 2 Ryanair can continue to provide a huge selection of new careers and tens of promotional opportunities.

Ryanair is a Europe's major air travel which is 50% cheaper than another European airline. Ryanair is continue to grow. Accordint to IATA (Internation Air Transportation Connection Ryanair is world's most significant international air travel which holds Largent international passengers.

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