Foundation: Myths Of Rome

Although the building blocks of Rome can't be traced back again using scholarly articles instead archaeological data have been used to provide tremendous data using settlements, religious sites and materials dated back again to the building blocks of Rome. We have retrospective accounts from Livy and Virgil.

The reign of Augustus was a time that used the foundation common myths and the retelling of them to unify Rome because of the fragmented declare that Rome was in after the civil wars.

The use of the misconceptions was used to unify Rome as you and to relate to the people that they all experienced and have common origins. Using this method Augustus was using misconception to promote a note, not only of political union but of a union that individuals originated from one beginning, to help expand drive this point he built statues of much grandeur and restored the hut of Romulus.

Romulus and Aeneas in his imperial imagery; for instance, he erected statues of the statistics in his new imperial Message board, and ostentatiously restored the thatched 'hut of Romulus' on the Palatine after it was demolished by fireplace.

(Stop 2 Page 108)

By retelling the building blocks myth tales Augustus was attractive to the moral part of the people's character by suggesting that all of Rome should be in unity and this tradition should be kept in mind and accepted. He was billing himself as Rome's second founder wanting to unify Rome in a far more peaceful era.

In my judgment this is most definitely a use of misconception for moral emails and perhaps a way to control the individuals in his reign.

In some of the accounts compiled by Livy, whom is regarded as a pal of Augustus but also a truthful person, it declares that

Livy's writing will reveal that he was an advocate of the morality from the Roman republic. At exactly the same time, however, he was frequently positive about the new imperial time.

(Block 2 page 110)

Perhaps also Livy is a tactician, while helping his friend Augustus his scepticism of the super natural elements and of the building blocks myths of Rome, are evident for he suggests that the wolf that suckled Romulus and Remus is at truth a prostitute with the nickname of wolf. However Livy in his accounts of misconception does show acceptance and makes use of some mythical characters such as Aeneas, Romulus and Remus.

Augustus used many of the writings from the accounts of Livy like the curule chair and the crimson boarded toga to market a unified Rome for example. For the reverse of the coin it proved Augustus with the inscription reading,

'He restored the laws and protection under the law of the Roman people'.

(Stop 2 Web page 112)

This is another demonstration of how Augustus used misconception recognized by the writings of Livy to unify Rome. The inscription on the coin signifies this and refers to all Roman people.

Nero's use of myth

Nero in his reign was a great entertainer and I am certain used misconception as a car for communication with the folks of Rome. Nero was using the individuals to job the parallels between him and his vitality as an Emperor of Rome as well as perhaps to impact how he was thought of. This is exemplified in the guide of Suetonius were he creates of Nero singing of the myth of Niobe to link him with the god Apollo.

Nero designed to rule by following a exemplory case of Augustus so Nero was therefore following the close relationship that Augustus had with Apollo. This would also help us to understand that myth was being reused to keep the morality and belonging of the Roman people unified. Nero also associated himself with another god Sol insurance agencies images of him pictured in a radiate crown which would show the hyperlink to Sol.

Being seen by the people of Rome was very important to a ruler, and, without media, public events were always a level for the emperor; how an emperor behaved before and toward the group allowed a dialogue between rulers and ruled. Nero wanted the people to see him as a god and used the similarities of himself and Apollo to produce calmness. Even in standard coinery Nero can been seen comparable to Apollo in the way he is offered as Apollo Citharoedus, improving right in traveling robes, participating in lyre which he did often.

Nero justified his own singing by watching that performing 'is sacred to Apollo' (Most important Source 2. 6, p. 39).

(Block 2 site 143)

In the reign of Nero even the Elite were designed to perform which perhaps allied Nero with the low classes of Rome and allowed him to reach further to masses and become popular. Nero used myth as an entertainment tool and would use topics of tragedies to execute to. It has been known that Suetonius registered Nero being mixed up in ballets about the Minotaur, Daedalus and Icarus. He'd sing about Niobe.

Many of the rulers of Rome have used myth for different ends, regarding Augustus he wished to unify Rome and improve the durability of the empire by using misconception to communicate of the roots of Rome by unifying individuals the empire would be much better.

Nero compared was so adopted with the theater and carrying out that he used it as a vehicle to market himself to all of Rome, some presumed he was professing a god like position through the performance of myth and the production of relics depicting him as the gods Apollo or Sol.

Flavian Amphitheatre

The Amphitheatre was an in important level for misconception and by using the amphitheatre as a performance market myth could reach wider people. The players in the market would impersonate individuals from misconception although in a few circumstances the endings to the common myths may be dramatised to amuse the audience. The audience would need to have prior understanding of myths to recognize characters of their props, such as Juno characterised by possessing a diadem and sceptre. This meant that it was no only the elite which were alert to the misconceptions but the majority of society.

Political and Moral use of myth

It is known that Rome was furnished elaborately with temples, pictures, complexes and statues. This decoration was often focused on the gods and misconceptions. It is shown myth was not only comprehended by the elite but by the all Romans as these were encompassed by all of this imagery even in so far as the very coinage that they carried in their wallets.

It is clear from the results of many a signet ring, and images of the gods indicated in many ways in the guise of Emperors, that these rings may be significant indicators of political allegiance to the Gods and then the Emperors' who were displayed as them. Therefore it is likely that politics allegiance and identity were also communicated through the medium of myth.

It has been mentioned that in mind of most political points are rhetoric, misconception and symbolism. This is only going to work if misconception is believed and can be considered a reason behind unrest if everyone get access to other sources of information. Myths are a source of propaganda still used and allied with today

A volume of the common myths were rewritten in Augustus's reign and this could be why he used these to help retell the myths and stories in a manner that would support him throughout his reign, because at the moment it was a period in which there is a great unrest and war in Rome. By focussing on the idea of the origins of Rome this might optimistically allow for the issues to dispel and develop into a unified peaceful concentration for a built-in Rome.

It needs also to be known that the writings by Livy from the period of the rein of Augustus, do not absolutely all lend themselves to aid Augustus and most of his ideals.

From the view of Livy he interpreted the rape of the Sabine women as a politically enthusiastic attack, a way to increase the people of Rome because they didn't have women folk so the women possessed a dedicated use being that of duplication. This take action also cemented the relationship the Sabine villages in time after the assault, because now their princess had offspring which were Roman and Sabine and the ladies acted as political mediators between both edges producing a combined romance and an extension t the Roman Empire.

Myth has been woven into to politics life and it was a car of communication between ruler and themes. Theatrical shows that linked myth to the reality of modern-day life allowed experiences to be always a method of conversing with the public. The all important image to that of any Emperor was signified in lots of ways by having statues built of themselves in poses and with props that were representative of Gods.

Myth at home

The representation of common myths in Villas echoed that of the imperial Rome, the example of the Roman Villa decorated highly with images extracted from myth. It appears that myths had an importance to the Roman people because they're pictured on very mundane items as well as the special, from wall structure paintings, pottery and silverware to combs and other day-to-day items.

Myth is referred to in epitaphs and funerary monuments from the wealthy to the indegent though it is not a claim to be a God it does show the wide-spread use of myth and how important it was to people of Rome. Common myths were symbols for individuals to associate themselves with and present their knowledge beliefs and their own personality.


Myths were used to converse moral and political messages nonetheless they were also retold for entertainment purposes. It really is evident that rulers used myth to try and establish some type of hold and control over society. The Emperors wished and needed to have a united Rome and used myth to retell of a time of greatness. By relating to myth the rulers are creating an personality with myth and the ideology that is shown in a tale form, this then boosts a person's understanding of the correct way to behave or even to warn of outcomes should they respond like the characters in the misconceptions. Although the utilization of myth appears to be very wide spread I think that rulers would use the reports and adjust them to match their own purpose, by doing this it would allow a firm control of the folks from both a politics and moral standing up.

The Romans seemed to have been encircled by myth since it was shown in many forms from statues and monuments created by the emperors' to the items of pottery that might be found in many houses. It had been used as propaganda allowing for each ruler to put their own interpretation and spin depending independently needs and requirements. The data that shows how important misconception was to the Romans but still is present in funerary monuments and the use of myth has provided a tool for rulers to use as a medium to deploy communications to their themes, because of their beliefs, significance and indicating to Roman people.

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