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Ford Edsel Failure Executive Report

Managers understand the good thing about global marketing and branding system in order to defeat their organisations needs. September 1957 was the start of a vintage brand failure of all time in the motor vehicle market, which resulted in the modernisation of marketing strategies in many organisations around the world (Matt Haig 2003). The failing of the particular product has establish an example for most growing business round the world.

In 1954 Ford electric motor company gained a good name for creating a highly well known car "thunderbird". As a result the success of the thunderbird booming market resulted in the look and development of a fresh car that will primarily dominate the motor vehicle market by surprise. Ford's CEO's wished to do it again the same success by producing a car the market hasn't experienced before regarding to their marketing strategy. In 1955 Ford motors have already began the idea design of their new car Edsel. Nevertheless the car did not reach its selling point because of the insufficient marketing research, quality control, and branding.

The survey analysis the problems encountered during at the time when Edsel was designed and released, pointing out the key issues that acquired affected the creation line missing out the main element pointes which led to the biggest brand failure of all times. Furthermore the record stress out the lessons that should be learnt off their mistakes in conditions of these marketing strategies, quality control, and critical decision making. On top of that the way the lessons learnt off their failure can be employed to the new product for the next generation by applying all the possible solutions in order to truly have a successful product.


Edsel Bryant Ford was the child of Hennery Ford founder of the ford motor company. Edsel implemented his father's footsteps in becoming the president of Ford Motors Company (Haig Matt, 2003). Following his death, the company continued to create and manufacture cars providing the consumer alongside other automotive rivals. In 1955 Ford motors started out the development of their new car Edsel and opened up new production collection. From the time when that they had a continuous competition from other motor vehicle manufacturers, such as Standard motors, they wished to lead the marketplace with the new start "Edsel" that was destined to are unsuccessful.

In 1957 Ford Motors Company experienced already began adding Edsel. Months into the design procedure for the idea car, Ford motors chose to get started on advertising using the slogan "The Edsel is approaching". The company decided to for load the consumers market with high anticipations via expensive adverts even to the point of creating its own brand T. V show, calling it "The Edsel Show". However during the procedure for this launching advertisements the company has recently made a mistake of not exhibiting the entire product to the public, dealers where restricted not to put up the car for screen, which created an extremely hi anticipations from the consumers viewpoint (Haig Matt, 2003).

By the time the automobile was ready for start, Ford Motors have previously put in $200 million us dollars taking Edsel to the marketplace (Flory j. Kelly, 2008). The extreme desire for more success in the motor vehicle industries in relation to the success of thunderbird has over shadowed the beliefs of marketing research as well as creating a very well supervised product that will fit in the prevailing consumer demands at the time. However after two years in the production, the business directors cannot sell the 200, 000 Edsel autos they might have hoped for, they managed to sell only 64, 000 automobiles at start of the launch. Just after six months the deal was slow (Flory j. Kelly, 2008). Because of these factors Ford Motors sealed down the new department line forever.

What went incorrect?

The design and style factors

The style and design of the car was one its biggest failures & most talked about among consumers and critics. Because of the lack of marketing research and defining the actual customer's needs are, the first impressions from the general public weren't the expectations of many Ford company directors. Many customers have expressed their thoughts in terms of the look looks, where some expressed it as "car grill" and "horse collar" (Sheila Mello, 2008). At the outset the first prototype design and assemblage contained amazing features and other design factors that could have overcome the problems they were facing. However this prototype design was very costly for production in line with the director's. Other major issues related to the look were the fact that some of the cars have already reached customers imperfect, where some parts were missing.

Product Name (Branding)

The car component name has played out a significant roll. The study group that was asked to handle the market research had produce 10, 000 labels to decided to go with from, however this is regarded as one way too many. Having transported this strategic marketing research the table failed to select the names listed away, instead they made a decision to name it "Edsel", a name that is one of the sun of Hennery Ford the creator of Ford Motors. Just like the style the name has been criticised, the fact that the name can't be easily pronounced, and meaningless.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Research failing credited to self-image, although they carried out what they thought was a higher standard market research. Ford Motors have created more of a Product-centric methodology rather than Customer-centric way. Ford Edsel was not designed based on the customer's needs at time of tough economy rather predicated on what they thought the customer wanted.


The car was released when United States of America was going into the recession, at the same time where customers want to reduce their expenditure, in particular the middle class who was simply affected the most. During this time other automotive opponents such as General Motors were lowering the price of their existing and upcoming car models. Edsel was launched at this time which was overpriced in comparison to other Ford modules such as Mercury. Frome Customers potential Mercury was a lot more reliant, affordable, and well prepared compared to Edsel. Therefore Edsel did not produce any competitiveness even among other Ford models. Furthermore interior infrastructure did not have much difference than the existing Ford modules. At that time consumers were looking for fuel efficient cars, however the Edsel model acquired a bigger engine motor, which was not the desired engine at the same time of recession scheduled to high gas consumption.

Lessons learnt from Ford Motors Experience

Customers drive the definition of the merchandise because of their humanly behaviour, and their behavior is powered by their specific needs. Hence organisation such as ABC limited must adopt its structure functions and inside activities of the energetic requirements of the customer.

The lessons to be learnt from this inability are the undeniable fact that evaluating the current marketing needs, looking into the estimated market size and the actual. Furthermore charges and their interdependency and making the right decisions before growing the prototype design.

The product development supports the key to obtaining good customer needs for the reason that, regardless of who the organizations are, there's always a competition amidst other organizations. To be able to stay before any competitive risks it can only just be achieved through new development through successful product development.

Product decisions must come before any development of something. In order to design and produce the new product, the organisation must make the right product decision before introducing the new product to full-scale.

Applying the Lessons learnt to new Products

Edsel's Failure has become a source of creativity for growing and existing companies and business, indicating companies such as ABC can learn the value of research and development of a product. In particularly when creating a product that will have an end individual, and the expectation product life cycle to be much longer.

The importance of Making and Quality Control

If the triangle of makes were to be utilized the product quality will be much higher than enough time and cost. One of the main explanations why Edsel failed is due to the good luck of developing and quality control. Therefore when designing the new product for the next technology it is imperative to point out the need for a good organized design and quality control whilst focusing on the customer's needs, which involves requesting the right questions before development and thought.

The importance of Marketing Research

Making an assumptions or relying on previous success to create new product does not justify what customers want, that was one of the main issues Edsel designer faced. There general market trends was too vague, for the reason that they used what regarded as Product-centric way where customers aren't involved in a lot of the design as well as the in the study completed shown in fiure1. The brand new product for another generation must have a critical market research and study which can identify the exact targeted customers. The way should me customer-centric as shown in physique 2; the customer's aphorism should always be involved.

Figure 1 Product-Centric

Source (Sheila Mello 2008)

Figure 2 Customer- centric

Source (Sheila Mello 2008)

Product Naming (Branding)

Now day's companies focus more on branding the product rather than the physical item. The idea of branding is to invoke the purchasers mined. In ford Edsel circumstance their branding ego has caught up with them, for the reason that they are suffering from a trend by over-estimating their own importance, and their own ability. It's important that whenever decisions are made within the business for this new product must be customer centered.

Analysing Current Economy

As seen the challenge with Edsel, the timing of liberating a product is crucial. Therefore analysing the current cost-effective issues could determine the products pricing target. Deciding a well balanced price with the current economic climate can help the success of the merchandise to reach its potential offering target.


Regardless of the misguided marketing research that possibly led to the failure of Edsel, it is important to point out that Ford Motors have regained a few of their reputation by learning from the mistake they have made during the Edsel development, and utilize this failure as a reference of innovation to create their next car model Mustang, which still prevails among us even today. The brand new product which is ought to be designed and produced can use this as a learning solution to succeed within the market, hence giving the company ABC a standard successful company.

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