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Flash Animation Software Package Computer Science Essay

In this part of my assignment I'd like to evaluate one program. I would like to provide basic information about Adobe Flash CS3 Professional. Also, I want to show you benefits and drawbacks of the program and describe where software could be increased. Adobe Flash (Macromedia Adobe flash) is a software used to add animations, video recording and interactivity to web pages. Adobe flash is often used for games and advertisements. Flash was designed in 1996 and is currently utilized by Adobe Systems. It has been located as a tool for "Rich Internet Applications" ("RIAs") Flash controls raster graphics and vector to give animation of words, images and drawings. Adobe flash data files are in the SWF format which is called (Shock Wave Display) videos or flash games. Adobe Display has included an option to add sound and video which makes your animation a lot more professional. Flash animation can be viewed on different personal computers and devices all the user need is Adobe Adobe flash Player software which is open to download free of charge. I've created a few animations using the program to meet project conditions. I never used the program before but I came across it easy how to generate simple animations. WHILE I started to design my first computer animation I did so not learn how to use all tools that software provides. After 30 minutes I was able to create my first simple computer animation. It was not that professional like normal computer animation but it was something similar. I have spent a lot of time to generate my first animation because I did so not how to use these tools. I needed some help from instructions and sometimes I asked a instructor for help. I was evaluating my animations a few times with different combination of casings. This software provides very professional tools to make interesting animation. This program is made for everyone because is simple to use when you know how to use each of specific tools. I then found out this software package is among the best to create professional animations. I compared similar programs to generate animations such as: pencil or 1-2-3 toon computer animation and I preferred to work with Adobe one since it was a whole lot much easier to use for me personally. I enjoyed creating my animation for the reason that software and I did not have any series problems to build simple animations.

Flash has many good items some of there are:

Using the software, web designers have the ability to use their ideas while building the web site.

There is no problem of browser compatibility. Data is uploading without the problems to any web browser. Flash films have a high loading speed.

Flash is also very good pulling software and can create some interesting artwork.

Very large software, easy to learn the basics for example; how to use specific tools or how to draw

Everyone can create their computer animation very quick without spending time for long time learning the fundamentals.

Flash may be used to make; Disc productions, 3D animations, full movies, e-commerce and data source on website, web advertising, sketching, software that can be used online.

Flash can be used as educational software for children because tools are incredibly easy to learn and use.

64-little support for os's and 64-tad browsers on Linux, Macintosh personal computer Operating-system and Windows

Audio and Training video can be added while creating animation. It makes your animation more professional when sound is added. You can also download a video to your animation to make your animation more interesting.

Motion Tween strategy is used in Adobe's Adobe flash animation software. Using this system it is possible to tweening a symbol's from one position to a different position.

Shape Tween technique can be used in Adobe's Adobe flash animation software. This system allows us to modify the form of things. By tweening items, you can do something similar to morphing.

Flash has a few bad factors a few of there are:

The tools for writing and debugging the code are extremely plain.

The code editor gives not a lot of functionality

Takes very long time to load files for example: images which can be found on hard drive.

It is also expected that some se's may struggle to read the Adobe flash texts

It is poor in downloading images for example and the program works very gradually.

Also just how that Flash works with text is one of major weakness. The support for HTML/CSS should be better, and especially there must be ways to deal with links, more complex CSS features and complex formatting.


In my view the software could be increased because I came across a few bad details of the program. Basically, the program takes very long time to load and it can be annoying for users. That needs to be improved since it is a significant weakness of Adobe software. Also the tools for writing and debugging the code could be better designed because are incredibly plain rather than quite definitely professional. I then found out thoughts from people about Adobe Display plus they said that software sometimes may struggle to read the documents. It is very annoying when the program is unable to read our documents which are very important for us. In my opinion that should be improved very quick in particular when many people describing this problem on message boards. Also the code editor offers very limited operation for uses and that could be improved. They need to enhance the code editor since it is vital thing for people who make

professional animations. Also the indegent integration could be improved between the Display IDE and Flex Constructor. Making professional animation is not so possible for beginners and sometimes some other software is necessary. Once the Adobe Adobe flash has poor integration it is harder to make professional computer animation. Also the support for HTML and CSS should be better because is not fully supported. In my opinion these things should be improved upon straight away however the rest is absolutely fine and I cannot see every other problems.


In this part of my task I'd like to produce a realization about Adobe Flash Professional CS3. WHILE I began desiging my first animation I did so not learn how to use the program at all. It had been something impossible for me personally to make an animation and I was very disappointed because I did not even know how to begin creating animation. I needed some help from instructions and also I asked my teacher when I did so not know what to do. In any case, after 30 minutes I was able to create my first simple animation. It was not necessarily hard but I spent several minutes for practice and instructions. I did so not know that software is very simple and creating animation is fantastic with the Adobe Display software. Everything is located very tidy and simple and isn't that difficult to make animation. Also the instructions can be found online on Adobe's website so everyone can use them when help is needed. Actually, when you understand the essential tools you should not have trouble with designing because the software is simple. In my own opinion this program is designed for beginners and professional animators because the software provides tools for professional animations and it is very simply to use. The program is well known at schools, schools or universities because it can be used as educational software. In my opinion the software is too sluggish but overall was created perfectly and I relished designing my animations and I did not have any series problems. I am going to recommend this program because in my opinion is the foremost for making animations.

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