First Habitants of the Wonderful Lakes Region Essay

The 1st Inhabitants with the Great Ponds Region in North America

While archeological discoveries of bone tissue and fossils continue to support the existence of homo-sapiens

in United states prior to the arrival of Indo-European explorers inside the 15th hundred years, this daily news will attempt to

explain chronologically, which Indigenous American inhabitants lived or migrated through what is known today as the

Great Wetlands Region. This region comes with lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Ontario, & Erie along with surrounding

U. S. state territories including Michigan, a significant slice of Wisconsin, small servings of Minnesota & Indianapolis, a

little part of The state of illinois and the Canadian providence of Ontario toward the north. In terms of chronological dates, this

paper is going to analyze the quaternary period, specifically the "Holocene epoch from 8000 B. C. to Present; the last 10, 000

years " (Quimby 2), since this epoch involved the fundamental evolution of mankind to the present. It is important to

realize that the late Pleistocene epoch had a dramatic influence on the migration patterns of homo-sapiens getting "the

Unites states by 18, 000 ago" (O'Brien 12), after significant portions of North America found the last ice age, which will

through glaciation and glacial retreat affected the day of arrival and occurrence of local people over the

Great Ponds Region.

Quickly following the distante retreat in the upper Wonderful Lakes region around 11, 000 B. C., the flora and fauna

in the area began to develop prior to and upon the introduction of the "Paleo-Indian tribe, circa 7000 N. C. to 4500 M. C. "

(Quimby 6). Between this time around period, in 6000 B. C., the basins from the upper Great Lakes became entirely glaciers free

and moraines and depressions started forming t...

... local inhabitants pointed out throughout this report. This led me personally

to conclude that Indian your life in North America was certainly, altered in the event that not completely destroyed of its dignity

prosperity and self-worth ever since the introduction of the white colored man to the very day time.


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Chicago Press, 1960.

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and Nearby Areas. inches Fieldiana: Anthropology 36 number 11 (1963): 243-275.

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