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What is the free resume builder?

As you can see at the most of the websites offering jobs (orrecruiters websites), there are useful tools that help newapplicants to make an effective resume. Such tool is a freeresume builder. This online program is not necessary the part ofthe job website; it can be a separate online platform. Here arethe main things that such tool does:

  • It helps to make the right structure of the resume, includingall the important information
  • It searches for grammar and spelling mistakes and eliminatesthem
  • The builder works on the readability of the paper
  • Gives the compare list to show what changes in the resumehave been done
  • Suggests the changes in the resume that can highlight theattractive skills of the candidate.

What structure of the resume free builders suggest?

The typical effective structure of the resume consists of suchparts:

  • The title of the document (resume for the specific jobposition)
  • The name of the candidate who makes the resume
  • Your purpose of writing a specific resume
  • The city and the age (if it's required by the employer)
  • Your family status (if the recruiter asks for it)
  • Your previous working experience
  • Education (for graduates and students it is expedient topresent this point to the experience of work)
  • Additional information (language skills, programming skills,driver's license)
  • The contact phone.

The resume may also include:

  • A brief description of the qualifications
  • The information about your social activities
  • The information about membership in professional associations
  • The information about the military service experience (insome countries)
  • The possibility of a business trips an unscheduled workingday;
  • Recommendations (from whom it is possible to get adescription).

Don’t write general words

After line with your name on the resume, you should write two orthree short phrases in which you can show all your advantages asa candidate. Don’t write general words, because this will neverhighlight you in a crowd of other applicants. Identify yourstrongest professional qualities which are directly related tofuture work. For example, this can be the great experience in aspecific field or knowledge of several languages. This part isvery important since the employer spends no more than 20 secondson each resume, accordingly, it is necessary to grab hisattention at the first moment.

Highlight your achievements and unique qualities

This is one of the most important things in completing a resumewith a free resume builder. The resume should be a list of yourachievements, not a description of the career path. When you arewriting your resume, you should keep in mind that your task is toshow the employer what value you represent the company. To dothis, you can divide your achievements for each job in separateblocks. Remember, they are your achievements, not just the namesof companies where you worked earlier. Everything that you writeon the resume should show that you are the best candidate.Prescribing your achievements and responsibilities, always askyourself - "What does it say?" Always try to keep the big picturein mind.

Don’t ever use the universal resume template

Many employers pay attention to how much your resume is adaptedto a particular job. It is not necessary to completely rewrite aresume for a particular company, but it is necessary to addspecific details or highlight the accents. First, highlight anduse only your skills and achievements that are most suitable forthis job. For example, if you submit a resume for the position ofa sales manager, the employer is more interested in knowingspecific facts about selling.

This can be the number of transactions you closed in a month orhow much you managed to increase the customer base. You can alsomention here what projects you managed to participate in.Secondly, always remember the keywords already mentioned in thejob description. Do not forget that the employer expects to seein your resume the answer to the question of why you are the bestcandidate for this job position.

Try to clear all the points that can raise questions. Do notallow "white" spots to appear on your resume. For example, if forsome time you have not worked on a permanent job and engaged infreelancing - do not miss this period, and show what you did.Also show the time when you were engaged in volunteer work orstudied somewhere.

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