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Emailing resume and cover letter thing

The most important thing for job seekers is to make a perfect resume correctly and competently and don’t forget to show in it all the necessary data in order to get the desired position. But many people miss another very important thing - sending a resume via e-mail. Nowadays, e-mail is the fastest and most convenient way to deliver a resume to the employer, but if you make a mistake in sending, then your resume may never get into the right hands. In this case, even if you are an ideal candidate for an open job – recruiters will just never see your candidacy. First,such thing as emailing resume and cover letter looks really simple, however, there are several smart things that you should know to make it right.

Useful tips on emailing resume

Here are some useful advices on how to make your e-mails with resumes effective:

  • Make a separate e-mailbox. Your mailing address should be short and neutral. For example, [email protected] [email protected] Categorically avoid addresses with unserious words like "paw", "bond 007", "devil" - they will only look negative for the employer, and they will not say anything good about you
  • Recheck again your resume. Make sure there is no grammatical and spelling errors. There should be no grammatical errors in the text of the cover letter and in the resume itself, and also no typos. Errors in such a letter are unacceptable: check it with a special program
  • Attachment of the resume file. Usually resume is in the attached file. In this case, the file must have a “doc.” format, because this is the most universal and safe option. After saving, close the file, then open it again and check its readability
  • Avoid unnecessary data. If the employer's vacancies do not require an attachment to the resume of a photo or examples of your work, it is better to not add them. If the recruiter will be interested in your candidacy, he will ask for extra materials.

An empty resume is a bad tone

Do not send an empty e-mail with the file with your resume only.In the "Subject" field, write the word "Resume" and then the name of the vacancy that you are applying for. Sometimes large companies ask to show the vacancy code or the name of the HR manager in the subject line if the company can have several dozen vacancies at once, and this will greatly simplify the process of recruiting and sorting out the CVs received. If you want meet such requirement, this will show a lack of attention and disrespectful attitude to the company-employer. There are three main reasons of writing a cover letter:

  • It can add value to your candidacy
  • It saves the recruiter’s time
  • It is polite.

The resume with the CV is a good tone

Make a cover letter. The presence of a cover letter is a sign of a good tone and your serious attitude. When recruiter will see your e-mail, he will familiarize with your main goal, see your diligence and evaluate you. The main thing that you should take into account here is that it is necessary to use the addressed one. If the employee's name is a secret for you, then just write the general "Dear employees of the company", or simply "Hello."Next, indicate the position you are applying for, where you got information about the vacancy, and a couple of lines about your advantage. Be sure to indicate in the end that if you are interested in your candidacy, and that they can contact you by phone or email. And the signature at the end should be with the construction "with respect..."

Send your e-mail in the evening or in the morning

According to statistics, 40% of letters written late in the evening or early in the morning "breakthrough" more often. To push the recruiter to see your resume, send it after 20:00 and until 8:00. However, to make it happened is not the only goal, the recruiter should like your resume. Here are some other useful tips on emailing resume and cover letter:

  • Specify in the topic of the e-mail, for example: "Response to a vacancy...", or "Resume to a position...", or directly write- "I'm a designer". Many e-mails go the spam box, so to avoid this you should be careful. Your letter will go through a spam filter and the recipient will understand that he received the right e-mail, if the topic will be clear and understandable
  • If there is absolutely nothing to say in the cover letter, you can always write something friendly and easy. For example, this can be something like this: "Hello! Please consider my candidacy for the job position... and you can see my resume in the attached file. Yours faithfully,..." Even this banal and template variant looks much better than a message without text
  • Do not abuse smiles. The business language is what most of recruiters and employers want to see. Smiles are very popular incorrespondence nowadays. However, this will not be appropriate at the stage of sending a resume. Save the smiles in the form of real emotions for the interview

Correctly attach the resume file

The file with a resume must be attached to the letter. If you forget to attach the desired file, this won’t make the best impression. Recheck you resume in the drafts of the e-mail box before sending. Never call a file simply "resume.doc". The best option is to write your name and the name of the vacancy. For example, "Jones Sales Manager resume." The employer can get a lot of letters for a day with the same name of the attached file, and he should save all of them in one folder. Freed him from the stupid work and you will win extra points. When using MSWord to compile a resume, it is better to save the file to an older version of the editor. It will be opened in a new version too.The good idea also is to save the file in the PDF format

Fill the address of the recipient in the end

It is better to do this last but not least - this is the best guarantee that the letter will not go by mistake. For example, it may happen after accidental pressing of the wrong key. Also, you do not need to add more recipients when sending a resume, even a copy. You should show that you're emailing resume and cover letter to respond to a specific job.

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