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What Is the Final Grade Calculator?

Final grade calculator helps you determine your current grade of a certain course before the final exam. It is very useful to know how to calculate your current grade in a specific course in order to know what needs to be done to achieve the desired overall grade on the final exam. The calculator computes the Grade Point Average (GPA) that is needed for the admission to universities.

GPA can be calculated both manually and with the help of the specialized calculators.

How to Calculate GPA Manually?

As we’ve found out, GPA is the average grade of all grades in a diploma/certificate during the period of all studies. A certain threshold of the average grade is a prerequisite for admission to most universities. Calculation of GPA using the simple formula can be useful when choosing an educational institution. First of all, GPA reflects your average grades in all subjects, not certain hobbies and interests. Most likely, the selection committee will pay attention to your progress on the core subjects and may recalculate the GPA for verification. But you need to understand that if your GPA was much less than the average grade required entering the university, the chances that you will be able to be a student of this establishment are not so great.

There are 2 basic ways to calculate your grade point average:

  • The easiest way to calculate the GPA is simply add up all the grades in your diploma and divide them by the number of courses you had.
  • The more correct way is to calculate the average grade based on time spent on each course. This calculation is more accurate, because different subjects have different «weight». For example, you can’t compare the introductory course, which was held for 50 hours, to the main course, which was held for more than 200 hours.

Course you got credits for are often not taken into account. However, it is recommended to specify this in the university where you’re applying. In some cases credits are equivalent to the grade of «excellent», and if you do not take this into account, your GPA will be significantly lower.

Getting Ready to Calculate the Average Weighed Grade

Take a sheet of paper, a pencil, and a list of your grades. You may need to see the reports and other documents to obtain data and its weights.

Take a calculator, as calculations with percentages will go faster with the use of a final grade calculator.

In order to define the right data, you can write them down on paper in the form of a table.

For example, when trying to calculate the grade, you must determine the grade for each exam.

Then determine the weight of each grade. Usually the weight is expressed in percentages. Record the weight next to the value (with the grade for each exam).

Percentages are the usual representation of weight, since the weight is given by the total number of 100. If you’re calculating the average weighted of the grades, pay attention to the proportion of cases out of 100.

If you want to calculate the average weighted of the grades, you need to determine the weight of each exam or project.

After you get the percentages, convert them into decimals. Always multiply the fractions rather than percentages and fractions.

In order to calculate the average weighted, multiply each value by its weight. For example, if you are calculating the weighted average of specific grades, write 0.9 (0.25) to express the multiplication of 90% by 25% of weight.

Then add up the weighted grades. For example, 0.9 (0.25) + 0.75 (0.50) + 0.87 (0.25). The total weighted score is equal to 0.8175.

As it was mentioned above, note that the sum of the weights must be equal to 100 (when expressed in percentages).

Then multiply by 100 to get the percentage. In our example, the result is 81.75%.

Calculating the Average Weighted without Percentages

The other method of calculating the average weighted without using the final grade calculator is to compute it percentages free.

In order to do this, change the formula to receive a result that can’t be expressed in a percentage. Determine the weight (in numerical terms) for each value and then multiply the value by weight. Add up the values you received. Now compute the weights. Divide the sum of the weighted values by the sum of the weights. The answer is a weighted average for each value.

Amazing Calculators for Finding out Your Final Grade

The final grade calculator was created to give an answer on how to receive an excellent score, taking into consideration the grades that you have already completed. When the semester is getting close to an end, students try to figure out their final grade on a certain course.

How to Use the Final Grade Calculator?

At first, list all the grades you have earned so far. Enter the grades you have earned in one column, and in the other column list the percentage that every grade counts toward your final average. For example, if you’ve earned 95 on your first assignment and it counts 20% of the final grade, you will fill in the columns accordingly: 95 20. Do not use the percentage sign when filling in the columns, as it will confuse the final grade calculator. Of course, the total percentage of the grades can’t be more than 100, because you couldn’t receive more than 100% of your total grade. In the calculator, you can type 20 grades and their corresponding weight.

Then input the minimum final average required for each mark. Enter the different letters offered in the course (A, B, C, D) and the minimum final average needed to receive every mark. If you have entered A 90; B 8-0; C 70; D 60, this would mean that your final average should be at least 90 to acquire an A, or at least 80 to acquire B, at least 70 to acquire C, and at least 60 to acquire D. You can enter 11 various grades.

There is more than one final grade calculator available online, usually you can find them on the websites of most universities, which helps students to determine what grade they need to receive at their final exam in order to attain a desired grade for the course.

All the types of calculators you can find are based on the same principal. Most of the services try to design the final grade calculator so it could quickly and easily find you the average grade among all your modules.

Every educational establishment has its own different degree classifications, but most of the calculators are designed as a tool, with which you can promptly compute the weighted averages without having to know a lot about the grading policies. Calculators will give you an average over the percentage you have gotten so far. You can compute the impact on future grades by inserting assessment as if you have already earned the grade.

Usually, professors have weighted categories to define your grade: for homework, tests/quizzes, and final exam. As the category of the final exam remains 0/0 the whole year, until you have your exam, it is counted as the average of all other categories and doesn’t influence your grade. Therefore, your final grade can be calculated manually without the use of the final grade calculator, by the following formula:

Final Mark = Exam Worth x Exam Mark + (1 – Exam Worth) x Current Mark.

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