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Film Research: Maze Runner


The movie we've picked is The Maze Runner. This sort of movie is thriller and action. The movie is released in September 11, 2014. The movie is where a boy named Thomas who wakes up within an old lift when he have reached up the top he found out that he has been delivered to a grassy place called the 'Glade'. He was in surprised because he can't keep in mind anything. He achieved some band of young boys that who experienced lived there for a few years. The top of the Glade is Alby. He revealed Thomas about the Glade and clarifies everything to him. When showing the Glade, Thomas revealed interest on the entranceway that lead to the maze. Alby advised Thomas not to get into the maze because once they enter they can't find any way out because the maze changes each and every time when nighttime comes. One time, Thomas ran in to the maze to save lots of Alby and MinHo. Despite the fact that he had destroyed the rules he has been advertised to a runner. Thomas and MinHo then run inside the maze to discover a way out. In the end, they found a means out leading a few of the Gladers to be able to get away from the Maze.

The concentrate on of the audience for our research is the school students in Tunku Abdul Rahman School College. There are numerous faculties in the university like Faculty of Applied Sciences and Computing, Faculty of Accountancy, Fund & Business, Faculty of Executive and Built Environment. The audience we have been exploring is on the Faculty of Applied Sciences and Computing, Faculty of Accountancy & Business, Faculty of Executive and Built Environment. The scholar age in Tunku Abdul Rahman University or college College we've research on is 18 to 26.

The number of students we have targeted on is 50 students. You will find 25 boys and 25 girls who have completed our research. Typically of the students has observed the Maze Runner.


Media effect have been be doing research in 1940, that is clearly a year prior to the time of television set. Analysts show the image of countrywide multiple voting. While the interviewer need to research the view or behavior of a group of people by asking them question and that are could it be the press and radio will affect public option for the forthcoming vote.

The two step movement theory is an activity of impacting the folks. It is speak about the mass media influence individuals and it'll continuous affect people such as opinion leader will influence judgment follower. The characteristic of opinion innovator mostly are lively in sociable, they prefer to communicate with other and easy-going. At the same time, view follower will gather their knowledge. So actually this is a cyclic process.

The next theory is Plan setting, it is just a theory that to cause the general public have knowledge and also must relate to the key point of the collective of magazine and magazines. Which is not bring the real subject matter to us but it achieve to make us know what it certainly bring the communication that almost near us.

Spiral of silence is discuss the overall opinion that's not supportive when the public intend to know they are just a smallest part in the whole. They not dare to provide their sense and even though, they prefer to keep their oral cavity shut and advertising can make them struggling to speak. If one point are given that mean other one will vanish.

Social learning theory is to grasp someone awareness, enthusiasm and the capacity to keep in mind things. People gain knowledge from get sucked in from others that are close to them. They prefer to watch attentively other express of imagination and manners. Because they would like to look resemble like them. This theory can explain that folks can absorb the fresh things and can increase the quality of themselves just by see the types of people.


There are two types of method use to get answers for the study such as study in quantitative method and interviews in qualitative methods. We have used quantitative method in our research. Quantitative method is where people distribute studies form to the visitors to fill in and this method can help assess the percentage on how many people have respond to the question given in the review forms. This technique can help folks who are researching for answers easier. That's the reason we used quantitative research because students would mainly fill in study forms. We have collected data from the students of Tunku Abdul Rahman College or university School and we send out our review form in the library of the college.


Qa) Do the college students watch The Maze Runner?

Based on the pub graph above, 25 kids and 25 women had watched The Maze Runner.

Qb) Where do the college students watch The Maze Runner?

Based on the club chart above, 22 children watch The Maze Runner at theatre while 3 of the guys watch it through the Internet. Besides, 23 young ladies watch this movie at movie theater and 2 young ladies watch it through online.

Qc) Are the college students alert to the worth of courageous within the Maze Runner movie?

Based on the club graph above, 22 males aware of the ideals of courageous within the Maze Runner movie while 3 of the young boys did not aware of the beliefs in this movie. There are 24 girls alert to the ideals of courageous in this movie and 1 young lady do not aware of this value.

Qd) What picture inside the Maze Runner movie would the college or university students consider as courageous?

Based on the bar graph above, the world "struggle with the griever" 5 young boys and 4 young ladies consider it as courageous as the scene "want to be a runner" both children are same that is 5 people choose it. Furthermore, the arena "run out from the glade to discover a way to escape from the maze" 7 males and 10 young girls contemplate it as courageous. 8 guys and 6 young ladies consider the landscape "sacrifice you to ultimately save people" as courageous.

Qe) After viewing The Maze Runner movie, have college or university students make an effort to become more courageous in real life?

Based on the pie graph above, 12 children and 10 females say that after observing The Maze runner movie, they try to become more courageous in true to life while 9 young boys and 13 ladies think that they are really maybe change to become more courageous in true to life. Only 4 guys and 2 women say they are no change to become more courageous after viewed this movie.

Qf) In what manner, do school students think the movie has taught them to be more courageous? (This question can choose more than one)

Based on the club chart above, 12 males and 11 young ladies choose to face the challenge bravely, 5 guys and 7 ladies choose to face the task bravely to conquer the fear in us. Additionally, 6 males and 5 girls choose to get help from family when they face problem and 8 children and 11 girls will find a solution when they face problem. If indeed they cannot cope with problem, they will work together with friends both 8 boys and girls choose this.

Qg) Do college or university students consider themselves to be more courageous once they watch The Maze Runner movie?

Based on the club chart above, 18 children and 15 young girls say they consider themselves to be more courageous once they watch this movie. 3 boys and 8 women say they didn't change to become more courageous after watch this movie.


As a finish, we had done our review by questionnaire method and we've conclude our understanding by the study. Our survey varieties were sent out to other different faculty students to fill in.

According to the survey that people made, the majority of the students have previously watch the movie 'The Maze Runner'. The majority of students watching the movie reaches cinema than getting from the web. There are majority of students know and minority students will not alert to the prices of courageous within the Maze Runner movie. Majority of students consider that go out from the glade to discover a way to escape from the maze as courageous. Many students also consider sacrifice yourself to save people as courageous. Some students consider being a runner as courageous. And minority of them consider struggling with the griever as courageous.

Furthermore, mostly guy students feel that they'll try be more courageous in true to life after watching The Maze Runner movie and generally girl students believe that maybe they will try to become more courageous in true to life. A little group of them feel that they'll not try to be more courageous in real life. Majority of girl and young man students also believe that the movie acquired taught them to be more courageous, so when they face any obstacle, they'll face it bravely. Some female students also believe that if indeed they face any problem, they will find a remedy to resolve it. Minority of young man students believe that when they face concern, they need to face it bravely to get over the fear in them and minority of female students feel that when they have a problem that they can not solve, they'll seek help from other family.

Moreover, majority of boy and woman students consider themselves to become more courageous once they watch The Maze Runner movie. But just a little group of guy and girl students will not consider themselves to be more courageous after they watch The Maze Runner movie.

In brief, we conclude that the majority of the Tunku Abdul Rahman School College students considers how the Maze Runner movie is courageous.

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