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Fight USING THE Poverty And Hurting Marketing Essay

A report must contain details information about the topic which backed by the study and study. In my own report I have to concentrate on an e-business site and give advice compared to that site for improving e-business activities. This statement includes detail research on the Oxfam internet site. By the use of business publications, articles, news documents and sites I make an effort to evaluate the e-business site. To evaluate the e-business website I take advantage of some methodologies like SWOT and Infestations. SWOT analysis will give the theory about durability, weakness, opportunity and threats for the e-business site. PEST analysis will give information about politics, economical, communal and scientific situation of the chosen site. Following the PEST analysis I supply the finding of my review and research. At the end I recommend this web site how it can improve their e-business activities.

Objective of the report

The main objective of the survey is to learn an e-business website and how they can enhance their e-business. We have allocated different kinds of e-business to determine that they are enhancing their e-business and what's the lacking. By the end of my research I have to critically evaluate my work.


Oxfam is a non-profitable company (Data monitor). Oxfam is a worldwide NGO which helps people to combat with the poverty and suffering. Oxfam has worldwide reputation for brilliance in the delivery of help and development work. Oxfam works mainly in the indegent and growing countries. On the house page of these website it is evidently stated what they actually do. In the house page we can see the type of activities they are doing for the suffered people. We can also find where countries they will work recently. Now Oxfam have activities over 70 countries throughout the world. For aiding people they collect donation from people. In their homepage they gave clear instruction about how precisely people can donate. They have given their recent activities also for which they want this donation.



Branding is a major issue in product strategy. As Russel Hanlin, the CEO of Sunkist Growers, discovered: 'An orange can be an orange. . . can be an orange. Unless. . . . that orange is actually Sunkist, a name 80% of consumers know and trust. ' Philip Kotler (2003-2004). Based on the American Marketing Connection (AMA), a brandname is a ' name, term, indication, mark or design, or a mixture of them, designed to identify the goods and services, of one seller or group of sellers and also to identify them from those of conclusion. ' Keller Kevin Street (2009-2010). Therefore it makes sense to understand that branding is not about getting the marketplace to choose you over your competition, but it is about getting your potential clients to see you as the only real the one that proves a remedy with their problem. (Lake, 2010) Individuals are always conscious about their brand. Oxfam which is a charity also built their brand value by offering differing people of different countries. Oxfam have different activities all over the world. They are helping poor people from years. The aim of a good brand will achieve include-

Delivers the communication clearly

Confirms your credibility

Connects your target prospects emotionally

Motivate the buyer

Concretes consumer loyalty

(Lake, 2010)

Oxfam as a good brand follow these aims to keep up their brand value. Within their website there are pictures of different the indegent from poor countries. Within the homepage of the site there are information regarding their recent activities. Oxfam also sale used goods like books, clothes etc. Within their site they offer a link with their online shop. Surfing this website link people can buy goods after that and also can get information about their products. Within the homepage there's also information and teaching about the donation system of different activities. Oxfam's homepage also includes data about the countries they use. So from these details we can say that Oxfam offers clear information about their products in their website. They also give pictures and experiences of different people from different countries. For example they provided recent pictures of Haiti earthquake disaster. They also provided different news of how people are preventing with the poverty. These pictures, reviews and information can motivate the visitors to buy their products or to donate for different activities. From these pictures, reviews and reports Oxfam also draws in people emotionally. People get a good idea about their activities. It also creates loyalty for his or her brand. So as a charity they have created a positive brand value all over the world.

Transactional facilities

In an E-Business website there must be some facilities for the customers. One of them is transactional facilities. Without these facilities people cannot buy or sales product or services. For an example, e-bay is a very famous e-business site in the Europe. E-bay is doing their business with the client through their accounts. Customer has to recharge the accounts and after that they can purchase any product out of this site. This is among an e-business. Like e-bay or other e-business websites Oxfam also providing transactional facilities because of their customers. On the home webpage of Oxfam there is a shopping option for every customer. Actually they divided their transaction in three parts. Customer can buy second hand product, honest collection and Oxfam unwrapped product form the web site. But to buy anything people have to join up for transaction. They need to give their fine detail like e-mail address, name, and bank account number for sign up. After the completion of successful subscription they can buy or donate from the net site. In the next side store customer can buy literature, clothes, music donated by their supporters and listed for sale by their volunteers. You can find some ethical assortment of Oxfam. On this collection customer can purchase accessories like mp4 player, Trevor Baylis maxi pro wind-up torch, Solar-powered LED key ring, Freeloader solar lightweight device charger etc. People can also purchase wallet, cafeteria set in place, metal garden seeds box, mug, chocolate, water bottle and many more things from their ethical collection. There is certainly another collection called Oxfam unwrapped. Through this collection you can donate catalogs, mosquito nets, activities tools, soaps, safe normal water to the poor folks from different countries. People can also get freebies from the deal. There is also a free delivery option from Oxfam. They can deliver any product to the client within three times. Addititionally there is information about their shops as well. You can go to Oxfam catalogs collection and accumulate your second hand books in cheaper price. Oxfam's best selling second hand books have been uncovered in a list based on a study of sales and donations across Oxfam's network of 700 traditional shops. Every month Oxfam markets enough books to buy 50, 000 disaster shelters, safe normal water for 2. 1 million people or 64000 goats. (Otto, 2009)

Social Networking

Social network is defined as the grouping of people collectively into specific communities often like a tiny community or a area. Although interpersonal networking is possible in person especially in classes or at work it is most popular online. (Segal, 2009) Through cultural network it is straightforward to attain people. Oxfam is also doing cultural networking through their site. They share pictures and videos with their different activities. As example they distributed information about Gaza flotilla interception and their response. Within their site people can put their comment in several activities. Like many people provided their own view and sense about Haiti earthquake. People also donated money or bought things off their shop to help and show their emotions for the earthquake effected people. In a very population people can put their commentary as like. Oxfam also have so many old-fashioned selections in their shop added with our past times which is socially relates us. They consistently posts their pictures, videos and news for folks and their customers. That is also an indicator of social networking. In the internet social networking is easier than past because in all the schools, universities, offices and residences internet is obtainable. People just have to post their view or feelings and the other can easily see that in a moment. So it is not hard to update frequently for the people who are using public network. For example facebook is one of the biggest internet sites today on the planet. People from different area of the world may easily communicate with the other person by facebook. People can reveal pictures, videos and information in the facebook. Oxfam is also doing the same thing like facebook. Folks from different countries can know very well what is happening around the world, can help the poor and effected people through this web site. They are able to donate through this site. So Oxfam is supporting people by growing their network in their site. Oxfam is not only helping poor people but also creating understanding about the poverty, disasters and diseases. Oxfam believed that 1. 5 million Burmese are on the brink of a 'massive general population health catastrophe, 'amid appeals for greater international access to the stricken area (Financial Times, published-May 12, 2008 by-Kazmin in Bankok). Oxfam also aware about child labour. Child labour is one of the biggest problems in poor countries. A information of Financial Times demonstrates in the year 2002 a survey was made on the kid labour. The review shocked the International Labour Office and the international programme on the reduction of child labour found that 284000 children worked well in hazardous, unprotected, and sometimes unwilling conditions in cocoa farms in Western world Africa. A recent statement by BBC Panorama and plan by Oxfam suggest child slave labour is constantly on the exist in your community (Financial Times). For example Oxfam is alerting people about the environment change and global warming by sending email messages and through their website. In other sociable networking site people can make friends, chat with them and can send mail. Oxfam does not have these facilities in their website but with the aid of other cultural networking sites Oxfam gives these facilities. Inside the homepage of Oxfam you can find the link to become listed on twitter, flicker, YouTube, MySpace and facebook where you can get the touch of Oxfam. Also, they are relating people by planning festivals, fundraising activities and recruiting volunteers with which people come near other. In this manner Oxfam is aiding people all around the globe. But sometimes using the social networking site people can cheat with other folks. Like using the name of Oxfam an organization of people attempted to make money illegally. That is called as scam! Most people believe the information they receive from charity more commonly than information from other resources, especially a major international charity like Oxfam. Oxfam have an extremely well known reputation. (Banking companies, 2010), therefore sometimes interpersonal networking may damage people.


In the strategy I've used SWOT and PEST analysis. SWOT analysis is to discover the durability, weakness, opportunity and menace. PEST evaluation is to look for the political, economical, sociable and technical issues for Oxfam website.

SWOT Analysis

The overall evaluation of your company's talents, weaknesses, opportunities and threats is named SWOT research. In SWOT research there are two parts. Strengths and weaknesses are for the internal environment and opportunities and hazards are for the exterior environment. Philip Kotler (2003-2004).


For every single successful business or websites, the company must know their advantages. Oxfam is a well known charity. They help folks from different countries, who are suffering from natural devastation, diseases and poverty. Within their website they make it clear what actually they can be doing. If anyone can search their web site he or she will easily find out their activities in the home site. Oxfam provides picture and videos on their home pages. In addition they give a short description of utilization about customer's donation. If someone wishes to donate he or she will see out the procedure of donation in this site. They also give information about the countries they use. If anyone needs information about the retailers of Oxfam she or he will get in the home page. In a word they give so many information about their activities a customer might need. A good indication of this internet site is there is not any other advertising campaign of different companies or sites. Because sometimes people lost about the product or services when there is so many advert of others or sites.


Although Oxfam. org. uk is an excellent web site, there are a few weaknesses as well. A lot of people believe the information they receive from a charity more quickly than information from other resources, especially a significant international charity like Oxfam. Oxfam have an extremely respected reputation. Such a reputation is easily used to convince people to spend the money not for charitable purposes, but also for deceptive ones - to persuade visitors to offer their personal stats, including bank account numbers. The Oxfam name has been used despicably in a recent charity scam. (Banking institutions, 2010)


Oxfam is a favorite charity. They have a reputation in the world market. Employing this reputation they can reach more folks. They are operating 70 countries on earth. There are a few countries where Oxfam not start their work. So they can broaden their charity work. In addition they find the trust of people from different countries. People count on Oxfam so utilizing the trust of people Oxfam easily can reach people.


Oxfam likewise have some threats. You can find some case of scam utilizing the trustworthiness of Oxfam. Some individuals may have bad impression about Oxfam.

PEST Analysis

PEST evaluation mainly use for identify the political, economical, social and technical issues of different countries. If any company wants to extend their business, the company must have the theory about PEST. Oxfam still have huge chance to broaden their business. But before broadening their business Oxfam must do the PEST evaluation. As online business, by its very nature, is global then your effect of these four areas of concern can be different from country to country. (O'Prey, 2009)

Political effects by using an e-business

Political change may be affect in e-business of Oxfam. Politics make legislations. If the federal government of one countries change the law may be change as well and it may results on the e-business of Oxfam. Because of change in political environment, the plan may be change. For that change Oxfam may have change their price and product.

Economical effects by using an e-business

Oxfam manages their business in several countries. Every single have different economical condition. Oxfam must have the idea about these conditions otherwise their price of something may over or under believed. If countries inexpensive condition is strong Oxfam can give attention to their donation part. So to determine a e-business Oxfam must study countries economical condition.

Social effects with an e-business

Social networking is becoming massive in a very short period of their time. Social knowing of the world's environmental needs impacts the products that lots of people buy. What was popular and appropriate 30 years back is not today. In order a charity Oxfam must have the idea about the cultural networking of different countries. As an e-business site Oxfam looking to involve in sociable sites like Twitter, Flickr, You Pipe, and MySpace. This involvement of public networking sites assisting to advertise their e-business activities. And advertising is currently a day a key factor to branding product.

Technological effects on an e-business

Technology is changing every day. For an e-business one must keep tabs on on technology all the time. Day by day technology gets cheaper so people can easily access in several web sites. In addition, it creates high competition on the e-business. Oxfam curently have big competition like Red Cross.


I read articles, publications, newspapers, search in web to find out information about Oxfam e-business site. By using different methods I get some good findings on the e-business site of Oxfam. Oxfam using the facilities of e-business and they're becoming more famous daily. As an e-business site Oxfam always revise information which is also a good signal. Oxfam use different sociable networking sites like Twitter, Flickr, You Tube, and MySpace. Using these sites they can reach more folks and can collect more donations. Oxfam become a major charity on the planet and one of the main element factors of the possibility is use of e-commerce.

Sources used in the report

Both key and secondary options are being used for the article. I used journals, articles, specialist publication, newspapers and sites as the foundation of my report. The sources are being used to support and demonstrate my research.

Recommendation and Conclusion

From above research I've some suggestion for improve the e-business of Oxfam.

By advertising on the internet site Oxfam can earn some money.

The donation procedure for Oxfam is prolonged so must short their donation process.

Oxfam is a interpersonal networking site to allow them to introduce chat option in their site.

On their site they need to distribute information about the scam with their charity and exactly how people can avoid this scam.

Their website design is good but not at their standard. So they must improve the design.

They are employing some social networking site but them still not using the most popular site of social networking. So Oxfam must use 'facebook' for his or her public networking.

E-business now a day an integral factors for big companies to became global. Technology is getting cheap and it can reach the rural level. So daily using of e-business is increasing. Oxfam is also using e-business to become famous in competitive market. It was extremely hard for Oxfam to be famous without the e-business. So not only Oxfam but also other international and local companies must focus on the e-business of their product.

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