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Field Of Practice With Vulnerable Young families And Children Public Work Essay

It is recognized that the family is the basic device of the culture. With this, many initiatives have been lengthened in order to safeguard families, especially the kids. However, despite the evident efforts and measures practiced, it's been assumed that in some areas, many households and children remain prone and with this comes the practice and influence of critical social work practice to be able to identify and perform the solutions which are deemed to work and necessary.

All children within the framework of the family are vulnerable by definition generally because their privileges are mediated by others and because of their relatively early age, their voices tend to be not heard and their thoughts are disregarded in the society. The vulnerability of children also is determined by a number of different factors including the general condition of the family and community and the monetary situation of the nation. Good vulnerabilities of these children, various groupings, aside from the immediate family, are geared towards the protection of the privileges of the children and assurance that they are functional parts of the whole community. A few of these groups include institutions, businesses, governments, and groups of concerned individuals who advocate for children's privileges to be practiced and guarded as well. Some of the risk factors that have been determined making children more prone include: poverty, drug abuse, mental and physical illness, homelessness, physical and psychological abuse, neglect, erotic maltreatment, and unequal usage of education and other basic services which are essential for the development of a kid (Stratton et al, 2006).


To have the ability to generate a couple of sustainable solutions to protect vulnerable individuals and children, different methods were identified in the field of critical cultural work. Among the areas in which attention is given towards displaying acre for the vulnerable families is through sociable protection. This consists of all the essential services long to help improve the living condition of the susceptible families. Within this paper, the target of the analysis will be the social protection which was extended in the community to help ease the effect of the discussed vulnerabilities.

In the aspect of the practice of interpersonal protection, the essential services that happen to be prolonged include education, medical, and the option of social workers. Perhaps, the most important in this sense is education. There's a need to extend the necessary and sufficient knowledge, like the essential information, to the customers of the city and reiterate to them what are the causes and effects of vulnerability. With this, a more informed community will emerge and there will be a greater realization of the problem which will possibly lead into having better alternatives for such (O'Flaherty, 2007).

Social staff must have the ability to properly educate everyone about vulnerabilities which are present within the family. Above all, the need for informing the city about why such vulnerabilities are present and how it could be laid the correct solutions is vital in approaching the problem. There should in the beginning be an understanding on what the problem is generally all about before further critical procedures could manifest its effects. With this, it is assumed that school treatment is essential in cultural work practice to address the problem. Children spend the majority of their amount of time in schools that's the reason the role of the educational corporations will be essential and essential.

In the school intervention, social employees address the problem associated with vulnerabilities within an ecological approach, meaning focus is waived towards both person and the surroundings. Practices in order to address the situation could concentrate on changing the person, the environment, or both if necessary. It is also important to note that school-based involvement is essential in the issue because it enables an interdisciplinary team strategy. This theory is particularly helpful but it should take good communication skills from the individuals in order to understand the existing vulnerabilities within the family and as experienced by children. The authors also emphasized these kinds of social services shouldn't be considered an isolated circumstance but should be considered as a vital area of the general education process (Maluccio et al, 2002).

One important theory in school-based intervention as a system for social security is the fact educating the parents of the kids will be helpful in the situation. There is a need for interpersonal workers to teach the parents and make them alert to certain circumstances which can possibly make their own families prone. This practice can help parents have a good idea on how they may be supposed to deal with stressful situations and how they can get to know the needs of these children (Maluccio et al, 2002)

Aside from has been brought up, another significant point which is significant in understanding the vulnerabilities of individuals and children is the necessity for family resilience. The family resilience construction assumes that is a significant characteristic which should be present in every families as it will give them the skills to stand up to and rebound from adversity. Especially to individuals were circumstances of vulnerability are very evident, it is important for them to be resilient at tough times to be able to triumph over the occurrence of various challenges that they might face. According to Walsh, (2006), a social work practice geared towards shifting the family from being vulnerable to being resilient must not give up particularly when the family is at troubled times, draw out the best in everyone and not just focus on an individual element or an individual, help families to deal and modify, must be focused on the solutions and should have the required strength needed, and really should stop adding an emphasis about how the family is a failure, rather it will focus on how the family will be successful. The method of establishing a resilient family should allow everyone never to view families as being damaged but rather several individuals which can be repaired regardless of the vulnerabilities and can contain the opportunity to grow.

The construction for family resilience shows a great potential to resolve the crisis associated with vulnerable individuals and children. Through resilience, the assumption is that there surely is a great potential and probability of veering away from veracity. Furthermore, it will also be known that the establishment of the resilient family calls for more than just having the capacity to manage and control stressful situations, shouldering an encumbrance, or surviving. A resilient family platform involves a more robust relationship within the very basic product of the modern culture and creating a shared effort. Inside the debate of the platform for family resilience, additionally it is important to consider that the idea assumes that no model will fit all households. The construction and procedures to be carried out will depend basically on the living condition of the family at case and will vary differently depending about how susceptible the family is. The best ways to be able to determine a resilient family would be having team work, distributed leadership, and mutual understanding when facing the problems and other predicaments that happen to be confronting the family.

The field of practice that was identified, social protection through education, can be assumed as an effective one. It is effective primarily because it includes not only critical public work but also institution treatment. This aspect is vital since almost all of a child's time is put in at school. A good academic construction must be able to incorporate discussions regarding how to take a dynamic part in building a sound and strong family which is improbable from the potential risks of vulnerabilities. However, for such platform and practices to adopt effect, there is a need for the proper tools and musical instruments which is necessary such as an efficient social use an effective platform about how such goals will be performed. In the framework of approaching the issue on the vulnerabilities of people and children, it is essential for the public worker to notice the fact that there is a great and significant need to comprehend the situation and put put himself in the framework of the family concerned in the problem. An effective communal worker must be able to properly think about their loved ones and understand such because it is essential to become more effective when understanding the situation and the needs of other individuals locally.

As a suggestion to better address the problem of vulnerabilities of children and people, there's a need to tackle the problem on each level. The first level would almost certainly be the individual. Education again is main to this procedure. The average person himself must have the ability to know very well what vulnerability is all about and the particular risks which are associated with such are. The next level is the family. The role of the family as a whole, especially the direction of the parents is vital to be bale to veer away from the risks of vulnerability. A bigger group, following the family, is the complete community. That is a great concern for social individuals. The community must also be properly educated regarding the cultural protection for vulnerable people so that its customers will be aware on what methods are necessary to be executed and what methods are necessary to be viewed.

One more suggestion to address the situation more effectively to make everyone acknowledge the existence of the problem and don't deny its existence. An acceptance to the fact that there are vulnerabilities within people will be a first step to result in further initiatives. It is also recommended that cultural workers who work in this practice should first analyze and understand their own families in order that they could understand better others.

Although many studies and researches have already been completed regarding this issue, it is noticeable that being vulnerable is still one of the greatest risks confronting the global family and community nowadays. For such to work, the role of critical sociable work is very significant as well as the attempts which were expected to be completed by social workers. For such options to confirm themselves effective, there is a need for proper execution of the practice and should be grounded on a strong framework predicated on socially acceptable theories on families. With the right plan and action, the challenge with vulnerabilities on family and children can be alleviated at least.

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