Manures Containing Nitrogen Nutrients Composition

Although God has provided us with water to drink and preserve us, toxins of this

water is nearly unavoidable. Most of our water is not really potable due to the various contaminants left

by industries, humans, and animals. Numerous economic, social, and environmental issues occur

due to these contaminants. However , proper management of fertilizers or different

toxins sources could lessen the negative influence on our normal water system. Nitrogen, often

present in each of our water program because of fertilizers, is a good example of a chemical that impacts water

quality in a negative way.

Fertilizer application is required to give economical crop brings; however , a number of these

manures contain nitrogen, a chemical substance that leads to negative effects upon water top quality. Nitrogen is definitely

necessary in the production of plant life; but , nitrate, a nitrogen and air compound, can be

harmful to water the moment present in large amounts. "Nitrates type when microorganisms break

down manures, decaying plants, manures, or other

organic elements. Usually crops take up these nitrates, but

sometimes rainfall or water sources water can easily leach these people into

groundwater" (Ward, Mary L. ). Mainly because farmers include

leveled and customized fields to drain drinking water efficiently, the

runoff fertilizer typically leads right to rivers (such the

stream proven in figure 1). An excessive amount of this chemical substance

could be harmful to the rivers, lakes and oceans. When

present in extra, nitrates fertilize algae and aquatic vegetation, depleting the oxygen and thus

threatening the seafood population. The scum of algae adversely affects water for doing some fishing

going swimming, and sailing (Minnesot...

... of a Good Thing? Nitrate via Nitrogen Manures and Cancers. "

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