Female Empowerment In Kerala

ABSTRACT : There's been a spate of conversations at various levels especially at the the top hierarchy of the successive governments with reference to apprehension of women empowerment in our country India. Besides it has also been a meeting point of contradicting designs that has resulted in a position quo. The ladies who stand to gain from governmental measures are already empowered and the vast majority of them, who mainly hail out from rural parts, are still considered inferior compared to men in most spheres. Because of this the present paper makes an attempt to identify how it contradicts such as the state of Kerala which has created a congenial atmosphere for the emergence of women empowerment and development of women entrepreneurship through Kudumbashree. 'Kudumbashree', which imply success (shree)' of the family ( Kudumbam) is the name of the ladies oriented, community based, Talk about Poverty Eradication Quest of Government of Kerala. Kerala is a tiny state resting in the south-west part of Indian federation, where many development tests are being analyzed, refined and implemented. The mission is aimed at the empowerment of women, through building self-help groupings and encouraging their entrepreneurial or other extensive selection of activities. The purpose of the quest is to ensure that the ladies should no more remain as unaggressive recipients of general public assistance, but dynamic leaders in women engaged development initiatives.

Keywords : women empowerment, contradicts, energetic leaders, Kerala

OBJECTIVES : Today's paper makes an effort to focus on the success experiences associated to women empowerment, initiatives used, incentives provided by way of a unit known as Kudumbashree operating generally in the state of Kerala.

INTRODUCTION: Women in business is a recently available happening in India. They have got limited themselves to petty business and little cottage market sectors. They are found in vegetable advertising, making pickles, papads etc The get spread around of education and increased awareness are aiding women to pass on their wings in to the areas which were the monopoly of men. On the whole, proper education of women in Kerala led to high motivation among them to enter business. The financial, marketing and training assistance provided by the STATE also helped stimulate women to believe entrepreneurial career. Women's wish to work at the place of residence, difficulty of getting jobs in the general public and private sectors and the desire to have social acceptance also motivated ladies in Kerala for personal -development. Kudumbashree premiered by the federal government of Kerala in 1998 for wiping out complete poverty from the State through focused community action under the command of Local Do it yourself Governments, Kudumbashree is today one of the greatest women-empowering assignments in the country. The programme has 37 lakh participants and comforters more than 50% of the households in Kerala. Built around three critical components, microcredit, entrepreneurship and empowerment, the Kudumbashree effort has today been successful in addressing the basic needs of the less privileged women, thus providing them a more dignified life and a better future. Real empowerment occurs only once rights can be legitimately said and are universally acknowledged. It's the effort of Kudumbashree to bring the debate on women's rights and issues in to the heart and soul of the development issue. The organisational composition and capacity building programs of kudumbashree attempt to develop the control features and opportunities for treatment in development activities. The Gender Self Learning Program is a unique experiment to combine women's voices and discuss gender disparities.


The network of Kudumbashree assignments across Kerala is starting to endure fruits not only in the form of fiscal independence for girls but also with a new found self-confidence. Kerala is witnessing a silent revolution, spawning womanpower, possibly restoring to the state of hawaii its lost matriarchal legacy, where in fact the women loved pre-eminence, safe practices, security and respect, including self-respect. This female empowerment is occurring through the Kudumbashree movement, which includes engulfed their state. In Ernakulam area exclusively there are 19, 2424 women in rural and cities adding Rs. 22 crores through deposits to the State economy. Each member contributes Rs 10 a week, which is achieved via a extraordinary feat by trusting women, awakening their inherent keeping instinct and capabilities to achieve. Through the thrift amount loans are awarded to them that they return in only three weeks. Loans upto Rs. 26 crores are given to them. Previously, they had no money of their own to invest or make investments. Now they may have achieved monetary empowerment, self-reliance and independence, " said Kabir B. Haroon, District Quest Co-ordinator of Kudumbashree in Ernakulam.

When one re-scripts their earlier life scenario it is straightforward to recapture the anguish and injury they would have experienced in situations, as when school opened. "That they had to buy carriers, books, umbrellas etc. for his or her children and often they never really had the money for it and got to acquire from knife companies, paying exorbitant interest. Now they say, quite proudly, they are borrowing from their own investments. Similarly, they take lending options from other own deposits to rejoice Onam, Christmas or Bakri id. Most of them say they have lost their enslavement because they are not dependent on anyone nowadays. Kudumbashree exclusively has gathered Rs. 230 crores as debris and lent Rs 320 crores as lending options.

Across Kerala, Kudumbashree covers 991 panchayats and 58 municipalities. Through this network women have the liberty to demand, and get money without red tape. In fact, banking companies volunteer to give money to Ayalkoottams. Just like the Dhanalakshmi Bank or investment company, which projects to give Rs. 300 crores to Kudumbashree Ayalkoottams only, testifying the credibility and investor assurance the women have inspired under the Kudumbashree network.

Each Community Development Contemporary society (CDS) under the Kundumbasree job is an self-employed entity, recorded under the Charitable World Act, sans governmental interference. Everyone gets to talk about responsibility as office bearers, however, not more than double. There are health insurance and education volunteers, infrastructure volunteers, income-generation volunteers, a secretary, and a leader, who mind but does not rule. Since the role of Mayor or Panchayat chief executive is limited, the ladies face no interference or impact from men, unlike in the Panchayat where politics affects and husbands often rule by proxy. The ladies are absolve to present vital issues like water, power or property prior to the Grama Sabha under the Ayalkootam network.

The flagship of the Ernakulam Kudumbashree is the Kuttampuzha tribal belt where in fact the women are so empowered that they have been able to regulate the price series in the Kothamangalam belt and even ban arrack, both its making and consumption. The women employ jeeps to buy provisions and vegetables in bulk and sell these to members at the cheapest possible price, thus handling the prices in the area. This is actually the impact of women in Kuttampuzha, Earlier, grain had to be allocated to adivasis to avoid starvation deaths. Now it's the Kudumbasree, which ensures that adivasis get their quota of grain. With this adivasi belt the thrift deposit amount is Rs. 44 lakhs and the loans amount to Rs. 80 lakhs.

These poor women become mindful not only of fiscal cutting down but also about expressing that they have effectively managed clear plastic ban by introducing cloth bags and also have started using areca-nut frond (Paala) as plates at functions not and then boost plastic ban but also to protect the areca trees. Women have also taken over the sales of tender coconuts and also have started developing `Kerashree' coconut oil. The snowball snow cream is another new and popular business of the women. Made out of tender coconut, which is not slit open to extract the tender flesh, but is stirred inside and drunk, using a straw has gained acceptance among foreign vacationers. This task is under the aegis of Centre for Spices and Research, Federal of India.


Women under the Kudumbasree also have got into the IT field through data admittance and in assembling items. Kudumbashree computer centre is rolling out hardware for producing ration credit card, etc. Kudumbashree systems also impart IT education in 158 colleges in Kerala, with a Rs. 10 crores grant from the Union Govt. Six women in each unit acquire the skill to teach students of classes eight and nine, under this scheme. Kudumbashree women are acquiring computer literacy and also source computers to such schools.


The Kudumbashree is having a direct effect across Kerala. In Fort Kochi, the beach is cleaned out and looked after by the women, who collect Rs. 1200 for this from the Tourism Team. They also maintain the heritage zone. Women have also stepped in to produce ethnic fast food with help from the Syndicate Standard bank. They produce bakery items and reach them directly to houses, as well as provisions, like grain, soaps tea etc; often gaining up to Rs. 16, 000 a month. There are at least 450 women in this field, who have sold around Rs. 18 lakhs worth provisions through the 10 days and nights of Onam collecting Rs. 3, 000 each in the good deal.


Direct marketing is just about the hallmark of Kudumbashree thus removing middlemen and ensuring that actual gains reach the producer. You can find 45 immediate marketing units in Ernakulam Region. In every, Kudumbashree has effected a healthy change in the Kerala situation. The women have become self-confident under it and they have regained their personality and also offers an avenue to step out, to socialize, to increase their horizons which is forget about limited to the four wall space of our homes.

  1. NOW WOMEN CAN CLIMB COCONUT Trees and shrubs (December 15, 2009)

Climbing coconut trees is considered to be the monopoly of men, and ever more it is noticed that we now have fewer people to climb. These views may be considered a thing of days gone by as Kudumbashree and Raidco initiated a tree climbing training programme. A deal has been developed, where the equipment charging Rs 2350 and which can climb even the most twisted coconut trees and shrubs, is given as well as a Scooty, mobile phone at a complete cost of Rs 40000 that a mortgage can be availed. Kudumbashree offers a subsidy of Rs 7500. The Panchayat also provides support for equipment purchase. Women from 90 Gram Panchayats required part in the training cum demonstration prepared at the Mallapuram Municipal Element. It takes fourteen days of training and practice to master climbing trees and shrubs with these equipment. The gear is currently in use in Nedirippur- Harijan Colony, Chungattam and Edakari, where each person makes the average income of Rs 650 per day. Traditional climbers also find this equipment useful and discovered that they don't suffer from breasts pain while using it. The equipment also offers a device whereby it could be locked and the very best of the tree cleaned out effectively. Theoretically professional climbers could work upto 110 trees and shrubs in five hours.


It's seldom that an inborn expertise becomes a business and a way of life. Typically Jesse Thomas' skill would not have been found, but many people know her today because of her unique 'product'- catalogs, which she writes and publishes. Not only does she write but also publishes, popularizes and builds a reader platform for her literature. Jesse Thomas is situated in Thrissur. Her man Thomas drives an autorickshaw, and she's two children-Justin and Tesse. Jesse began writing at age eleven. Her friends were her first readers and critics. She had written about everyday activity and things that she observed around her. Using the encouragement of her educators, her report was released in a mag from Enrakulam, Pushparani ; when she was 13 years old. Thereafter six other reviews were released, but her first e book was printed only in Dec 2008. For Jesse, who acquired to discontinue educated following the 9th standard to look after her siblings, this is exceptional perseverance. Having less formal education had not been detterent to her urge to tell testimonies, and she held writing. Her mom backed the family by reselling vegetables after father left his partner and five children in circumstances of penury. Jesse wedded Thomas when she was twenty yers. Thomas is a source of power and encouragement and has reinforced her efforts to create and distribute. Jesse received support from the Thrissur Corporation under SJSRY with financing of Rs 75000. With this she published and published the reserve " Jeevanude Vilakku Enniki Kittum" ( I will get the lamp fixture of life ). Though her attractiveness increased and the sales were reasonable she still has unsold books and a loan to repay. She however didn't give up and continues to create and release. Jesse is the Chief executive of the Namma Neighbourhood Group in the 25th ward of Thrissur Company. From the common view to see her catalogs being shown alongside pickles and dried products at the Kudumbashree regular monthly market. Jesse has learnt the challenges in promotion and sales through experience, but gets the self -self-assurance to move onward. Her activity is uncommon and is influenced strictly by her skill and passion, but with the right support, she could become a well known copy writer.



Cultivation of turmeric is not popular in Kerala. Seasonal rainfall and wide open land without tone is needed for turmeric cultivation. Middlemen take almost all of the profits and procedures with meager comes back. Sixty women from several neighbourhood organizations in Haripada Gram Panchayat in Allapuzha district, made a decision to take up turmeric cultivation. Turmeric is an offering at the Mannarashala temple of serpent gods which has several women devotees. The turmeric creation is a joint effort of Kudumbashree and the Panchayat under the Samagra effort. In the 60 women from five Gram Panchayats involved with this activity, 30 are involved in cultivation and 30 in production of seeds. Each day 50kg of turmeric is gathered and supplied to the temple through an agency. The market is assured and they're not exploited by middlemen. It is hoped that as they gain self-confidence, the ladies will directly take up marketing activities as well.


Nature Fresh is a fresh effort of Kudumbashree for production of marketing of dairy. It has been initiated in Edavetti Grama Panchayat in Idukki District and Kannadi Grama Panchayat in Palakkad District. 55 Kudumbashree corporations across 14 wards of Kannadi village get excited about this venture. 50 women with dairy items of two cows each are employed in milk development and 5 women are involved in sale of dairy. These nterprises have been established at a cost of Rs 35. 5 lakhs wherein Rs 16 lakhs has been provided by Palakkad Disatrict Panchayat and Rs 19 lakhs as mortgage. The integrated involvement addresses all periods of dairy products management. Each dairy device with two cows and calves has a shed of 430sq. ft. The floor is created in a way that no dung or drinking water stagnates, and it is drained out effectively. The shed is well ventilated and easy to clean. Addititionally there is water storage facility in the shed. Each device comes with an equipment box. All households are trained in scientific health care of the animals. The milk is examined and must meet basic requirements of 3. 5% fat and lactometer reading of 28 for the dairy to be accepted for marketing. The dairy is bottled and sold to properties in a hour of milking. In Kerala which encounters a scarcity of dairy, the type Fresh experiment in Idukki district sets a good example. Kudumbashree proposes to start the type Fresh initiative in two Gram Panchayats in all districts.


Kudumbashree have been focusing on a program that aims at getting women to discuss the gender dimension of their issues. For this that they had to break the mould of thrift and credit established discussions which together were taking place, in addition to the unusual health or other dissemination. Locally contextualised modules on issues such as women and work, women and health, women and ability to move, women and entertainment are developed and deliberated in Neighbourhood Conferences. The different voices of women and their perceptions about the issues of discourse are captured over a web-based portal accessible at the level of the Local Personal Government. The site is being developed with the support of the Minister of Information Technology, Authorities of India Recognition building programmes seem not to leave any continual impact. It was felt therefore that a learning process where the women felt themselves to truly have a stake, and would be provided not through trainings, but through conversations concentrating on some aspect of their lives and livelihoods they could relate to, either through a tale series, or through some other format- press cuttings, poems, skit etc. had to be the function of delivery. Status level consultations help identify the designs of the 'learning modules', This content for the learning modules are prepared by local women resource folks, who source the tales out of their own experience for further contextualisation and development. Once the modules are developed, they may be consolidated and disseminated by reference persons in the neighbourhood groups. Women should ask questions about styles ranging from work and environment to health, vitality and power composition. Kudumbashree is positively involved in the myriad areas of implementation of the programme, from job credit card enrollment through labour budgeting and work site facilitation to cultural audit. Moreover, it is the single rights structured programme spearheaded by their state, which recognizes women's work contribution concerns as a matter of protection under the law and collateral.

CONCLUSION : Today there is a great awakening among women. Given an opportunity, they'll deliever the results. Empowerment of women is completely necessary in straightening her personality. The need of one hour is to offer an opportunity in a conducive atmosphere clear of gender difference. The need for awareness motivationto be a dynamic member of the population and courage the faults of male counterparts are excellent challenges today. The aforementioned paradigm is about inclusive progress through self-employment opportunities that each strata inside our society can gain access to influencing a transformational change in delievering self-sustaining success.

REFERENCES : 1) Vasant Desai (2011)(Ed), "The Dynamics of Entrepreneurial Development and Management"- Planning Future Sustainable Expansion, Himalaya Publishing House

2) S. S Khanka (2001)(Ed), 'Entrepreneurial Development'- S. Chand Publications

3) The Hindu - Online model of India Country wide Newspapers http://www. kudumshree. org/ on Monday, Nov 03, 2003

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