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A Farewell to Manzanar essay : the scope of academic topics

The students are regularly required to compose a standard academic essay during the Humanities curriculum, and not infrequently the assignment is called a Farewell to Arms essay or a Passage to India essay. As you surely know, the first book of these two is a brilliant novel by Ernest Hemingway, which is commonly recognized as the premier and most important novel that describes World War I as a total debacle. Also, the horror and international hatred that accompany any war, and especially World War II are briskly depicted in the “Farewell to Manzanar” literary work by Jeanne Wakatsuki Houston and her fellow companion James D. Houston. These war-related books are indispensable for the literature students’ understanding of the historical and social influence of both World War I and II. However, the fascinating and searching novel by E. M. Forster, which also was selected as one the greatest literary masterpieces of 20th century English literature, is grounded upon the completely different story from the different time period and describes the Forster’s journey to India.


In this article we will overlook some peculiarities of writing an opinion essay on topics concerned with the “Farewell to Manzanar” novel. At first, we will go over the possible topics point by point with an eye of demonstrating to the student the whole scope of questions connected with a Farewell to Manzanar essay. The topics are as follows:



    • Compare what is the main character’s reaction to racial prejudice by analyzing the responses of the characters in So Far From The Bamboo Grovewritten by Yoko Watkins, The Fixerby Bernard Malamud, Beloved by Toni Morrison, The Way to Rainy Mountainby Scott Momaday.


    • In your Farewell to Manzanar essay compare the conditions, in which the characters were confined during wartime in the following literary works: Nightby Elie Wiesel, The Hiding Placeby Corrie ten Boom, Chained Eagleby Everett Alvarez Jr. and Endless Steppeby Esther Hautzig.


    • Analyze and discuss the memories of Woody in Ka-ke and Ko at Fort Linkoln; provide an explanation of the speaker’s philosophical position and argue whether the speaker rakes over her childhood or adulthood memories.


    • Provide an analysis and research summary of Executive Order 9066 (see a historical summary below), which was given by Franklin Roosevelt and became the reason for the arrest of Japanese Americans. What was the historical and political conditions that forestall the President’s decision to exile and confine Japanese citizens? Why the government had resolved to void the order and did they compensate the exiles’ losses?


    • Contrast the Executive Order’s structures with the Bill of Rights; after that, do the same kind of analysis with the wording of the Emancipation Proclamation. Write a generic essay and discuss whether the resolution to exile and confine Asian-Americans was warranted or illegal.



A Farewell to Manzanar essay : a historical summary and tips for writing the essay


Soon after the assault on Pearl Harbor, President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066, and thus authorized the Secretary of Defense to determine the military zones, on which “all citizens can be relocated”. Although the military order was not aimed on any particular group of people, it caused the mass migration of 120,000 people of Japanese descent, both US citizens and people without US citizenship. In March 1942, Lt. Gen. John L. DeWitt, the commander of the Western Air Command of the US Army officially announced the urgent establishment of the special exclusion zone located along the west coast of the country and put in claims that all citizens of Japanese ancestry must check into special civilian centers. Hundreds of hundreds of Japanese were compelled to close their businesses, leave houses and farms, and move to remote internment camps, which also were called relocation centers. Many Japanese have returned home, some moved to other states in the US that were not included in the restricted area, and some of Japanese young men have even enlisted to serve in the US Army. But most just surrendered to their position as exiles. In January 1944, the US Supreme Court has dissolved the detention of citizens for no reason. The order was voided, and Asian-Americans began to depart from the camps, gradually returning to their former life. The last camp was closed in 1946, and by the end of the 20th century, the US government has paid about 1.6 billion dollars to Japanese people affected by these migrations and to their descendants.


There are at least three good pointers, which the student should consider before he or she proceeds to writing a personal essay , namely:



    • choose and keep an appropriate tone for your essay’s argumentation. Thus, this advice takes you back on how to write a philosophy paper . Avoid pressing on emotions (or any other form of argumentum ad hominem), while attempting to convince the readers that your standpoint is stable and sound. Again, the credibility can be achieved in an easier way, by simply providing historical evidence and facts.


    • you are allowed to write down exclusively one kind of argumentation: reasons that are supported by characters’ or author’s words. You cannot defend your opinion standing on the bare ground. Moreover, such reinforced position gives the impression of you as of an attentive and sensible reader, which is an advantage - if only you are not specially interested in emitting self-assuredness and looking like a dunce who knows no better than how to type a scholarship essay.


  • make sure the essay is consistent and crowned. Remember that sloppy expressions ruin the precision of language as well as the teacher’s good impression. Use accurate formulations and watch out whether you are able to justify what you have on your mind. There exists an endless amount of ways to end a essay, but obviously you need to choose among the most reliable ones.
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