Family Health Analysis Case Study

  • Rubina Malik

Family health analysis is important to find out about the individual's family and life-style. Being a nurse it's important for me to know various dynamics of individual's tendencies and prices and his family heritage to form a much better care arrange for the family to maintain better health. Family health analysis gives caregivers a definite picture of an individual's measures for his family wellbeing. The tool used for the family health examination is Gordon's Health Pattern Assessment. Medical patterns assessment was created by Marjory Gordon in 1987 and is utilized to provide a comprehensive nursing database. Within this paper 11 aspects of human being functions and health are discussed. The family picked for the interview is Riyami family, an DARK-COLORED family. The family consists of 5 users, Mr. & Mrs. Riyami and their 3 sons. Mr. Riyami is 63 years old and is battling with hypertension; Mrs. Riyami is 55 years old and it is diabetic. Their sons do not have any medical issues and are of age 25, 20 and 19 years respectively. Questions were asked from the family to learn the impact of every health pattern on the approach to life a wholesome life.

Health conception and health management is based on individual's personal health values for health maintenance and protection (Koshar). Health isn't only the lack of any sickness but it is more of an mental, physical and social wellbeing. The health perception of Riyami family is based on eating healthy as they believe that only physical fit body can remain safe from minor and major health issues. As Mr. & Mrs. Riyami take their medication regularly and are very mindful about their health. They follow their health heritage norms to remedy any minor disease i. e. use of organic treatment and home remedies. Every person in their family calls for herbal treatment for any common health issues for example flu, frustration, tummy gastric issues etc. they choose visiting the medical doctor for usual checkups and in case of any serious crisis. Their elder boy drinks liquor and smoke cigarette in interpersonal gatherings. They perform their religious obligations with full devotion.

Nutrition and metabolism diagnosis mainly concentrate on the nutrition usage in line with the metabolic requirements of the body (Koshar). Nutrition usage is very well balanced among the members of the family and intake of fluids to keep body hydrated is known as important for the family members. They use of fruits and vegetables is higher and favor taking small quantity of glucose, sodium and glucose in their diet. Natural and organic tea is taken in regimen by the family. The family makes sure to take an appropriate amount of energy and also try to eat their traditional delicacies and less fast food items.

Sleep and leftovers patterns are assessed to learn the leisure and slumber practice of the individuals (Koshar). Mr. Riyami works in the morning shift and will try to be in bed around 10pm. As Mrs. Riyami is a registered nurse and works nighttime shift, she calls for adequate sleep in your day time and prefers to take more rest on her times off from work. Their sons choose taking nap after they reunite home from college and prefer not remaining up late throughout their institution. Whereas the elder one prefers sleeping early on as he's a full time staff member and must work morning shift. Every member in their family needs approximate sleep matching to their regime.

Elimination is explained as the excretory style (Koshar). Through the assessment no person in family seems to have issue with their excretory style. The family does not have any complain regarding their bowl movement or urination.

Activity and Exercise is described the day to day activities that require energy, activities related to self-care, leisure activities and exercise/routines (Koshar). Mr. Riyami was a soccer player and a sports couch but he discontinued practicing sports activities from 20 years, now he likes watching soccer game in his leisure time. Mrs. Riyami due to her busy plan is not involved in any activity or exercise but she know the importance of having these activities to remain healthy. Mr. & Mrs. Riyami go for a walk of 30-45 minutes daily. Their sons play sports and believe it offers them a good workout and fun totally.

Cognitive and sensory assessment is to determine the individual's potential to comprehend and response towards any information and to sense that information appropriately. This assessment is performed to learn about the cognitive capability and capacity of the individuals (Koshar). Mr. and Mrs. Riyami are well informed; Mrs. Riyami just completed her RN-BSN degree with good marks and hence locates no issue in assessing or giving an answer to any information. No cognitive disability was within their family.

Self-perception assessment focuses on person's behavior and frame of mind toward self, which includes confidence, their identification and their entire body (Koshar). The Riyami family does not have or face any issues regarding self esteem. They are happy and content with their lifestyle and assume that they can be blessed by God and are loved by everyone around. Mr. & Mrs. Riyami supply the same teaching with their children and pray for them to be positive enough rather than face any problem of self-worth.

Role and Marriage pattern determine the individual's relationship with others and the role they play nowadays. Riyami family has a strong beliefs and family connection (Koshar). Mr. & Mrs. Riyami show all the love and attention and instruct the same to their children. Mr. and Mrs. Riyami like to meet people and revel in the company with their family and friends. They have a good status among their loved ones.

Sexuality pattern evaluation targets individual's level of satisfaction of dissatisfaction of their sexuality and reproduction habits (Koshar). Mr. & Mrs. Riyami are satisfied with their erotic life. They talk about intimate occasions and believe love is exactly what had made their romantic relationship bond strong. They make sure they spend enough time together out of their busy schedule.

Coping and stress tolerance examination is done to know individual's strength to cope up with the strain and strategies used by him/her to beat that stress (Koshar). Mr. Mrs. Riyami believe all pleasure and sorrow, stress and stress comes in life and to conquer that situation they only support and durability is given to an individual by the God. They talk about and talk to one another in case any issue occurs and make an effort to overcome the situation by shared understanding and firm. They pray to God at times of turmoil and contentment. Their family, friends and prayers are part of these support system.

The two nursing wellness diagnosis evaluated from interviewing Riyami family are; nutritional-metabolic routine and coping-stress tolerance pattern. Mr. & Mrs. Riyami take their medications in time but sometimes credited to work weight and stress they skip their meal or do not take enough food as your body requirement. In case of Mrs. Riyami specially as she is diabetic and has to keep check on food and nourishment while she is at the job, it becomes a difficult part for her. Mr. Riyami being hypertensive have to make sure that he avoid take any stress but often work load or any uncertain going on give him stress that makes him feel low. Their kids being young and enthusiastic don't have any health issue nonetheless they often become ignorant about their nourishment which really is a point of worry because of their parents as they don't want their kids to face health issues like hypertension diabetes or any related medical problem.

The Gordon's health pattern assessment had been a great help for me while assessing the family. It really is a great tool for nurses to analyze and examine their clients and young families. I was able to learn about the family from different health perspectives which offered me a good connection with assessing different health habits and their effect on a family's health and functions.


Koshar, J. (n. d. ). Gordon's Functional Health Patterns. Retrieved from http://www. sonoma. edu/users/k/koshar/n340/N345_Gordon_FHP. html

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