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Family Affects Personal Ethics Theology Religious beliefs Essay

And why do people who appear similar sometimes have completely different sets of individual ethics? These are because there are five most typical factors that can affect a person's individual ethics. The first factor is family influence. Certainly, family impact is the most powerful influence inside our lives whenever we was raised. Our parents characteristics, the habit of your siblings, our family's socioeconomic position, their education, the place they resided in will formed the children's most vulnerable time. The next factor is peer affect. Peer influenceis the effect applies by a person or a peer group to encourage other individuals to change their behaviors, values, or attitudes in order to adhere to individual or organizations norm. The 3rd factor is life experience. From your day we were blessed till now we should have gone through a great deal of life experience which is good, the bad and the unappealing which is normal in someone's life. The person will become wiser through his experience. The forth factor is personal values and morals. Personal principles and morals are a standard that we placed for ourselves to reside by. These beliefs vary by individual and are extremely personal that could involve culture, tradition and religion. You will find no utter moral values, what is incorrect for you may not be wrong for me. And the last factor is situational factors. The affect of situational factors will determine the individual's ethical situations and can feature a behavior to factors in the individuals surrounding.

These factors slowly but surely form an individual personality through the procedure of growing up since childhood time. During this process a person can be good or wicked be based upon how those factors effect them. In this essay, I will talk about three most significant factors that contain the most impact on the forming of a person ethics, which is family affect, peers effect and life experiences. (34%plag) (28%)

Family Influences Personal Ethics

Now let's observe how a family group can effect a person ethics. A child is a bit of blank paper when they are born. They will be learning and attaining experience and information that being delivers to them. The first influence would be their parents. My parents were what made me who I am today.

They taught me such as prices, love, self confidence, communication, culture, beliefs and many other matters that develop the home and the way to behave towards society with this culture, traditions and faith. My mother taught me how to develop up with a strong and helpful members of the family and she was always there for me personally. She educated me how to care for sick people of a family group. I learn from my mother what sort of cultivated child cares about their parents, siblings and their in laws and regulations just how my mom cares on her behalf elders. She would say that is a family's voluntary sacrifices and love forever alternatively than creating debt to be repaid. They trained me laughter is good family treatments. Humor is an get away from valve for family anxiety. They proved me how to go after a good work ethic, and exactly how to take care of others the way I want to be cared for.

Next, I learn about being indie. At the age of adolescents, I had been trained to do my very own laundry and other necessities to my entire life. I was rebellious at the beginning and this my friends aren't being told to do so but I had been push to do even though I am their only boy! But years later, it was a great advantage for me whenever i was on my own.

Not all family effect is good for their children. I am a good example of this negative impact. I have been a smoker for way too many years, started at the age of 17 when I was at Form Five (1983). Smoking all the while then abruptly in the entire year 2005, I almost burn up down my house because the cigarette comes on my sofa and it captured fire. I realize smoking is bad. I stop 22 years after. And the auspicious day was February the 14 - Valentine Day. My wife and family were happy. But the question is how do you become a smoker? THE PLANET Health Business (WHO) has described 'children' as a people between 10 to 19 years age group and their research confirms that children whose parents smoke cigars will grab the behavior themselves between the years of 13 and 21, as reported by Dr Douglas Bettcher, Director of WHO's Cigarette Free Initiative.

My dad was a job model for me. I expand up seeing my father smoked around me. My house was packed with ashtrays all over. He used to send me to the store to buy his cigarettes or ask me to pick up the packet from his car. My father's smoking tempts me to smoke cigarettes behind or in lack of my parents. My dad disapproves and warned me of teenage smoking, but he continues to smoke. The data is clear out of this research, that if parents don't want their children to start out smoking, it's important to allow them to stop their own smoking. Now, I really do not allow any people to smoke in my house or car, and if they do smoke cigarettes, they should not do it, before my children. I also do not allow my children to take care of smoking materials. In this manner, I am taking care of their health and as well as theirs well-being. I don't want my kids to be smokers. (10% plag) total 17% plag

Peer Affect.

Peer influence is accessible for all ages and there are two types, negative and positive impact. Papalia, et. al (1998) argued that as children start to move from parental affect, the peer group will start new perspectives. To be a member of a peer group, a teenager must agree to the values and behavioral norms even though these may be undesired. Mostly Peer influence harms you in world for example, smoking, taking in, drugs, preventing, vandalism and rebellious against culture.

In Malaysia, peer impact has a great effect on gangsterism. In a study on "Gangsterism among Secondary Universities" by the Ministry of Education in cooperation with the Offense Prevention Groundwork of Malaysia (2010 Publication), reported that serious misconduct exhibited by secondary schools is mostly inspired by gangsters. Was it a peer influences? Let's check out a confession by an Ex-gangster.

Thanabal (not the true name), 25 years old, Scholar. Thanabal was a dominant institution hooligan in Sentul area. Gangsterism needed over his life at age 15, while he was learning in form 3. During form 3, almost all of his friends became gangsters and his educational success was also down the drain. When asked why he signed up with gangsterism, he replied, "9 out of 10 of my friends are gangsters. I would be left out and feel isolated easily don't sign up for them and also I couldn't stand my friends' persuasion and taunting". Another reason he became a member of gangsterism is to get popularity and recognition in school. Thanabal identify himself with institution hooligans and thug gangs. (0% plag)

Positive peer effect.

Adopting Good Ethics: Peer affect is not necessarily bad. It can benefit you reflect on yourself. Peers may teach you good things and encourage you to follow them. My corporation is big and being part of a larger group of peers, I am subjected to the variety in real human action. These make and echo my habit and where I stand. I am luckily enough to get a good peer group. My peers affect me into shaping my personality in a confident way. It's not influence every time, sometimes its creativity, making you change once and for all. The majority of my peers are doing level programs and they would always encourage me to check out them. They might always motivate me and one of these used to say, "You might have an integral in your side and you do not know how to start a door with it. Your field is so important, you merely don't know. Which has a degree, you can ace the field. You will have so many people around you; you will not know whom to choose from to just "go out" with. Go and sign up at Open School of Malaysia (OUM), analysis hard, get the degree and the others you are lacking now should come around itself". I told him I am already 46 years old, but he said age is merely lots. The influence and motivation he offered was a challenged to me, if he can do it you will want to me. I am fastened with Customs Division since 1991. My experience and knowledge is insufficient for my advertising to senior officer, and it's really time for me to realize a university degree and improve my quality lifestyle. The path I chose was a reputable university and that is how I finish up with OUM. (7%plag)

Life is approximately experience.

On 26th Feb 2013, I attended a funeral of an adolescent who died in an incident in Penang. What caught my attention was the action of the family that possessed consented to donating his organs. But the young boy had not pledged to donate his organs, his family members gave the green light. The Legend had reported the parent's commendable action and the at National Transplant Source Centre website proved their latest statistic until 31st July 2012 stated that there are 378 organ donation cases documented and 200, 796 recorded organ donor pledgers. You can find 16, 000 people presently on a waiting for organ transplants.

At the funeral I discovered a very valuable lesson in my own life about organ donation. Without spending any time, on 28th Feb, we registered as an organ donor at Pusat Sumber Pendermaan Organ, Manjung Clinic.

According to Dr. FRANK RIDDICK (North american Medical Connection): "They are organs which is buried or cremated unless these are transplanted. There can be an ethical responsibility to do everything possible to enhance the health of the public and to meet the needs of the patient population. "

But few people concur that taking organs from the useless person is a justifiable practice within certain ethical boundaries. In Malaysia, the main restriction originated from religious objections, lack of publicity and awareness education to the public.

Every yr hundreds of men and women have their lives preserved therefore of organ transplants. However, each year thousands of folks die who would have lived had they received a transplant. Indeed, almost all of people waiting for a transplant never acquire one; they expire first. (Written by Teacher Michael Reiss, Institute of Education, School of London. )

Now, I am a very pleased organ donor and got done my part to the community. Ethical organ donation may help change the lives of others who suffer from organ failure and someone in desperate need and 1 day my organ can help change the lives of others. Give them the priceless gift idea of life! (27% plag)


My life embarrassments experience is alcoholism. This occurrence happen on August 2007 following a night out in a local pub, I couldn't find my way home and I was hovering which was when I was found by the police after a run after and car accident. Big arguments happen between me (I am totally drunk) and the policemen, they arrested and needed me to a clinic for a urine and blood vessels test to impose me for drink and drive. The physician who performed the task identified me by my partner who's a radiographer at same medical center and he called my partner, that was at 5am! My wife emerged and rescued me. It has become a huge embarrassments moment my children and me and I become completely alert to the negative effect of alcoholic drinks. That was the last day I tasted the ale.

"Sometimes it's the mistakes that turn out to be the best parts of life, "

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