Families NOT REALLY the Source coming from all Evil

Family members NOT the Source of All Bad

According to Barbara Ehrenreich in "Are Families Risky?, " family members are the biggest place to be, because of several reasons. 1st, for women the most unsafe spot to be is inside her own home. It is because the people who have love the most are the ones who abuse and murder themselves. According to Charles Fourier, "the family is the obstacle to human progress, " which leads myself to believe that Ehrenreich is attempting to represent the family as a downside to our society instead of a great aspect of our lives. Subsequently, you cannot find any such thing as the "functional" friends and family, each and every friends and family needs counseling and guidelines to provide guidance. Families cause damage to children due to a constant strike on one's self esteem. Most of all, according to Ehrenreich people are the source of violence inside our world, the lady believes if we would disband our families our world is a much superior living environment.

The article I actually discussed was, "Are family members dangerous?, " by Barbara Ehrenreich. This information gave large reasons for the actual family will to eliminate ones self esteem or even ones physical well being. Ehrenreich mentioned numerous facts that supported her look at upon the American friends and family. She used two human being sources, 1 being Charles Fourier (French Philosopher) and a British anthropologist by the name of Edmund Leach. These two men decided that the friends and family was the method to obtain all evil within our world. She also employed specific court docket cases that indicated home-based violence inside the home. All these cases will be widely known to Americans, because of the media insurance coverage on each circumstance. Allowing her to demonstrate the numerous situations domestic violence has occurred within in society.

The moment my group discussed the important points that she brought frontward within the content we every single came to the conclusion that families are certainly not the source coming from all evil on this planet. Although, the lady cited an abundance of sources, we all believe family members are what makes a child a suitable and well-caring human being.

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