Faith TO BE A Basis For Knowledge In Religious beliefs Philosophy Essay

Analyse the advantages and weaknesses of using faith as a basis for knowledge in faith and in a single part of knowledge from the ToK diagram. Beliefs is a term with a whole lot of different definitions. It is a obscure term, it is therefore necessary to say what so this means we share with it. In my own culture trust usually identifies what people have confidence in without having proof or proof for (e. g. God). However, there may be more mundane usage of the word, as to have assurance and rely upon people. Lastly, by beliefs we can suggest a religious beliefs system (the Christian trust, the Muslim faith). I favor to attach the next of the meanings mentioned above to the word 'opinion'. I will speak of it as something we take as true, e. g. a proposition. I will assume that to be able to have faith, you need to trust in something, so idea is what trust is based on.

The religious belief is the way to gain knowledge in religion trough faith. It's the opinion that God prevails. I determine God as a projection of what folks would like to be if thinking in it - the desire to be better, more robust, more caring and compassionate. Thus I believe that everyone should create his own God and have confidence in Him, therefore as individuals it will make us stronger and better people because we'd have confidence in ourselves. "Salvation lies within" is what the bible says, in my eyes it means that people people need to understand that God is no individual whom we should have faith in, but that God is a part of everyone and each individual needs to find him by himself as well as for himself. We don't need to have confidence in something that there is no proof for, but it is certainly right to have confidence in ourselves when you are better and better people, which is what basically the perception in God is all about. If there wouldn't be a church that has establish certain, suppose rules that religious people have to follow to be able to get enlightened, I would say that every person with a heart and soul and conscience would figure out that the planet we live in is how we make it. If we want to live in a better world we have to be better people and gain morality through being compassionate and much more loving Professionally I don't have confidence in the lifestyle o God because I have a realistic view on the world and I can't have confidence in something or someone that there is no proof for. But I definitely have confidence in a higher point out of consciousness, which if reached by every person would make our world a better location to live in. To be able to reach this point, we need to notion, which again proofs that beliefs is only predicated on our values. To have faith in God methods to have confidence in something without evidence for, which we must take as right even against the chances. Well, for me it appears impossible to trust in such a thing that there surely is no confirmation for. I am a religious person until the point where I am obliged to trust in something I don't want to because of failing to have proof for this. As record proves, I am not the only one who does so. In the 16th century Galileo opposed the chapel by saying that the entire world isn't flat with hell using one end and heaven on the other, but that it is round. The church by that point experienced total control over people and its own saying was the best rule and accepted as the overall truth. This is one way nave individuals were by that point, but luckily in the 21st century people want answers based on facts, tests and observations. Galileo through his perception and beliefs was strong enough to risk his life to be able to show that he is right. However the knowledge he gained was not trough having faith in religion, but through the methodical belief which is based on observations and facts. The difference between spiritual trust and the methodical idea is, that faith claims it possesses the complete truth, while science contains that no definite truth exists. T The example of Galileo's theory implies that absolute simple truth is a matter of faith while a truth accepted by a particular person or culture can be based on facts, experiments and analyses, thus being non-absolute but nonetheless reliable.

Using faith to gain knowledge is justified because we get assurance in ourselves through it. It is essential for the well-being of humans. If we wouldn't have faith we'd not flourish in hard times. If the person gets sick of malignancy for example and loses assurance and strength by the actual fact that his time is brief, without a strong will he'd be needy and lose the will to have. My grandmother acquired cancer five years back. She still has horrendous pains and gets treatment every day, but she survived it. You will find unexplained miracles where people cure themselves of fatal diseases without medication. They can be rare, but the part where they have faith in them is vital for everyone who have them. It retains them strong in those hard times. I believe because of the strong will to live and faith that she'll get healed my grandmother survived, not only because of your modern solutions and highly developed drugs. However, not only in such drastic moments people should have faith. Having beliefs that the items we do will be the right ones e makes us more resilient and positive. It really is so essential that I would say that without it we would be desperate about every single thing we go for in life: having beliefs in a happy relationship, a business project, a scientific test makes us more powerful which brings about putting more attempts in them. Having beliefs in people is exactly what bonds them. Without having faith in the individuals we love and trust we couldn't be self-assured about them. Companionship is based on trust, which is dependant on people gratifying their promises. Unless you have faith in them, you couldn't use them and companionship would be impossible to are present right from the start. To have trust doesn't necessarily need to be connected to faith. Inside the 15th century Giordano Bruno, a fantastic person, who before Galileo but that can compare with him had views about the planet that differed from those set up by faith. At his time, the methods of Aristotle were the ones that were accepted as the "absolute truth". "He [Bruno] points out that Christianity is entirely irrational, that it is contrary to idea which it disagrees with other religions. He points out that we recognize it through beliefs, that revelation, so called, does not have any technological basis. " Without having trust in his values he wouldn't carry on from a country to another to find the right audience with a wider selection of visions, which in those days was unusual as individuals were worried of the "absolute real truth" that was accepted by every sociable group.

To what lengthen is faith a trusted way to obtain knowledge? It is not reliable in any way, as there are no proofs for it. Without evidence it is impossible to possess any degree of certainty. In our modern world people require proofs for almost any claim. The very best evidence is usually provided by knowledge, clinical observation and experiment. Unjustified faith brings about mistakes. If we have trust in a person because he stocks the same religion for example, we might end up being incorrect about them as there wouldn't be any justification for our values. If middle ages or Renaissance people would live permanently, today, due to our modern technology, they might be able to see on satellite photos of the planet earth, that it's round and not chiseled. At those times, however, these were blinded by faith, which in ways misused their faith in it.

In realization, there are both talents and weaknesses in using faith as a basis for knowledge. Faith and science will be the best samples for gaining knowledge through faith, although they firmly clash with each other. "Faith is definitely a puzzle for research, and it's no surprise why. By explanation, faith demands idea without a dependence on supporting evidence, an idea that cannot be more opposed to the principles of methodical inquiry. " On the one hand, trust is hooking up people thus being the foundation of morality and, respectively, of faith as a moral guide. On the other hand, scientific beliefs are stronger than the religious faith because they are not complete and always seek out the right answer which originates from facts, observations and tests.

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