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Factors and Measurements of Health

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This article will explain the dimensions of health. It will also go on to go over how determinants of health can affect a person's health. Furthermore the essay will explain the professional, legal and moral guidelines that will apply when medical this individual. To conclude this assignment will identify personal concept of nursing.

Describe the Dimensions of Health

"Health is the scope to which an individual or group is able, on the main one hand, to realize aspirations and fulfill needs: and on the other hands, to improve or cope with the surroundings. Health is therefore, regarded as a resource for everyday activity, not an object of living: it is a positive principle emphasising communal and personal resources, as well as physical capacity" (WHO 1984).

The measurements of health are so inter linked that one dimension often has a knock-on influence on others. Health is therefore holistic. One dimension of health is Intellectual: this is where an individual will need to have the ability to develop skills and knowledge to enhance one's lifestyle, an example of this is health education, where a person really needs the intelligence to take on board life style changes.

One other sizing is Physical, this pertains to the physical systems of the body, its compositions and functioning. This is achieved by keeping health by exercise and diet and preserving good fitness.

Another dimensions of health is Emotional health. This is important as an individual has a far more fulfilled life they have the "feel great" factor, and also have the capability to take care of stress and seek help if required. If individuals are able to build strong relationships and communicate with friends and family, this often allows them expressing concerns which also contributes to health.

One further aspect is Social. Humans enjoy a more fulfilled life if they are able to have social discussion with others. Having activities to wait or meetings to keep, will keep an individual aware of their own personal. They may remember to prepare yourself and have a pride in their appearance to attend cultural activities. This also contributes to keeping the average person both in physical form and emotionally healthy.

The further dimension of health is Spiritual which is also very important to sets of people. That's where an individual has the capacity to have spiritual or morals ideas and be able to explore them. For a few this gives great contentment and a purpose to life.

The last aspect of health is environmental this could be explained as external area i. e. access to travel. It is also important to get inexpensive social real estate and access to it, the most vulnerable in society are homeless people.

The Individual

The name of this person has been evolved to safeguard their confidentiality according to NMC (2009) suggestions. The person will now be known as Mr K. I've asked Mr K and his family for authorization to look at him in this project and I have possessed their consent. Mr K is a guy of 68 years. He was raised in a working class family, which he was the eldest kid. Mr K worked in local mining industry for 20 years until he was made redundant. Mr K then gained job in a local manufacturing plant where he worked until his unwell health.

Mr K has been married for 47 years and has 3 developed children. Mr K and his partner had a wide social circle of friends and family. Mr K and his wife spend many weekends, as does their friends, consuming in the local membership and in friend's properties. Mr K was a heavy drinker at the weekends; he also smoked when he was drinking, although he never smoked during the week. Mr K got no obvious medical problems until the get older of 57 when he had a stroke. A heart stroke (cerebrovascular incident ) is the mind equivalent of a heart attack and happens when the blood supply to a part of the mind is cut off by:

  • a clot/blockage in a bloodstream vessel or
  • a bleed from a blood vessels vessel

Blood holds all the fundamental nutrients and oxygen needed by the mind to function. If the blood circulation is interrupted therefore of either of these two types of stroke, then the brain will not get the air it needs and brain skin cells die. Whenever a heart stroke occurs, some or our senses and bodily processes can be infected. This occurred without the prior indicators. Mr K was taken up to the local medical center, where various tests confirmed that he previously a left sided aneurism. Mr K was paralysed on the left area both arm and lower leg and his speech were also affected. Mr K continued to be in clinic for 7 a few months where he experienced months of re-habilitation. Mr K happens to be cared for at home by his better half.

Discuss what determinants impact this individual's health

As previous explained Health is a alternative concept, which comprises of different determinants which affect the health of a person.

Many factors combine together to influence the health of individuals and neighborhoods. Whether people are healthy or not, is determined by their circumstances and environment. To a sizable scope, factors such as where we live, the status of our environment, genetics, our income and education level, and our human relationships with relatives and buddies all have sizeable impacts on health, whereas the more commonly considered factors such as access and use of health care services often have less of a direct effect.

One determining factor in income and wealth, it can be noted that people in a higher income bracket enjoy better health than those in the lowest income levels. Education is also a determinant of health and poorer informed people in the community are associated with unwell health. Environment is vital when determining health as communities with clean normal water and safe casing has an enormous influence on health. Career and good working conditions may also be one of them determinant as people in work have less health issues. Good family and friend support systems often produces better health as will certain customs and ethnicities. Often found to be an important determinant of health is genetics, inheritance has an enormous part to play on determining life-span. Health service and access to health takes on an important role in health as does an individual's attendance at such. The very last main determinant of health is gender which of course a person has to live with but it is well known that men and girl suffer from different condition throughout their lifetimes, in addition to a female is much more likely to seek medical help quicker, that will have an impact on health.

When considering Mr K lots of the determinants of health become noticeable and some of these could certainly have had an impact on Mr K's early on ill health. For instance Mr K originated from a lesser working class family. Access to fruit and vegetables was minimal. The majority of Mr K's food would have come from the cheapest varieties. This may be linked to Income and income circulation determinant. Mr K also originated from a one parent family and his mother worked this resulted in the family mainly fending for themselves throughout the day at school holidays and some evenings after school. This could be linked to mental determinant, demanding and poor living conditions can cause continuing feelings of pity, insecurity and worthlessness. Insufficient parental care also has a high impact on later health.

Although Mr K have work he worked in a nororisoly risky industry i. e. coal mining. The working conditions were very bad sometimes and the stress levels while employed in risky areas sometimes would have experienced an effect on Mr K's hypertension, although Mr K had not been aware of having hypertension at that time.

Mr K's lifestyle away from work, was not best for health either. He was a drinker and smoker. Usually binge taking in at the weekends taking about 40 units of alcoholic beverages over 1 or 2 2 days and nights. Mr K was also a heavy smoker at the moment often smoking 40 cigarette smoking at one taking in session. This might have added to high colestral and blockage to arteries.

One final determinate on Mr K's health could be the truth of his gender, Men are less likely to go to their GP. This may be due to men's working time and shifts and GP beginning times which will make sessions difficult to keep maintain.

All these contributing factors may be part of the reason for Mr K's rapid and early unwell health.

Explain the underpinning professional, legal and moral principles that could apply when medical this person

Mr K's health has deterioted and he now requires nursing attention. "The NHS must provide comprehensive and included health services to prevent and treat illness and to enhance the health of the populace. This basic duty is also complemented by specific legislation and circumstance law which afford patients certain protection under the law. For instance, the to confidentiality, the to refuse treatment and the to access medical records. More generally, the NHS must comply with other legislation like the Human Rights Action 1998 and UK equalities legislation, and it should act compatibly with conventions such as the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities" Patients Right Scotland Charge 2010.

When Mr K is accepted to clinic the nursing personnel must plan his health care plan focussing on Mr K's all natural care and it should be patient concentrated. Mr K should be asked primarily for consent if Mr K is not of fit brain to make decisions then Mrs K should seek protection under the law to be produced Mr K's appointee. This should be done in accordance with the Mental Capacity Function 2 2005. Mr K should be consulted about his treatment with the inclusion of his wife and family. Mr K has the right to privateness and confidentiality relative to the NMC code (2008). Mr K should be asked if he'll allow his documents to be shared with other health professionals. Mr K may need assistance from physiotherapy personnel and occupational health staff.

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