Factors Affecting The Pakistan Travel and leisure Industry

Pakistan made an appearance as today's region on 14 August 1947. There are four provinces and all are gifted with heritage and culture. It is one of fertile and unique choices of majestic and durable mountains, lush fields, deserts, rivers, lakes, seashores and scenery enriched with friendly and hospitable people thus which makes it a heavenly vacation spot for travelers with different likes. Pakistan is well known in the world of tourism because of the mountainous regions of the north, the Hindukush, Karakoram and the Great Himalaya who form the densest attentiveness of high peaks on earth. Kalam (Swat valley) in Pakistan is recognized as the Switzerland of Asia. The Hunza and Chitral valleys in Pakistan were the house to a little pre-Islamic animist Kalasha community who promise descent from the military of Alexander the Great (Mapsofworld. com). The historical and archaeological sites of Ghandhara and Indus Valley civilizations, Mohenjo-Daro, Taxila and the Mughal Empire are the types of oldest civilizations in Pakistan. This multicultural aspect of the united states also plays a part in the tourism industry in the manner that it offers various traditions, traditions and celebrations for the holidaymakers to explore and enjoy.

Problem statement:

According to these paragraph, Pakistan seems to be a perfect place for travellers to be seen but still the tourist's entrance is decreasing day by day if we consider the years from 1995 till 2008.

Aims and Targets:

The goal of my thesis is to learn the positive and negative factors which can be influencing the Pakistan travel and leisure industry and also the cause of travelers declining ratio. Discover the role of the federal government towards development of this industry and suggest some strategies that can improve this sector and also uncover the hidden probable of tourism industry. Another motivation behind this research is to look at and compare the monetary effect of travel and leisure in terms of money and job technology in our country as compared to the neighboring countries.

Research Questions:

The research questions are:

What will be the factors affecting tourism industry in Pakistan?

How much potential Pakistan has got in tourism industry?

How tourism industry created income and job for the united states?

What would be the ways of develop the tourism industry in Pakistan?

What the federal government should do to develop the tourism industry in Pakistan?

Literature review and theoretical history:

In this section, I am going to discuss a few of the available books and compare it with my research work giving a broader picture of the unique nature of the work and its practical usefulness.

Literature review:

Kakar et al. 2007, in their research thesis provided a relation between travel and leisure and career in Pakistan. The goal of this research was to look for the rate of occupation generated in various occupations from the tourism sector. The survey was carried out by personal trip to the hotels, restaurants, souvenir shops, travel companies, car hire firms, tour operators and airline office buildings. They designed a questionnaire for this function. The survey was limited in the sense that it was completed in only two cities of Pakistan i. e. Swat and Abbottabad and subsequently it was completed in hotels and restaurants. No attempt was made to determine the total impact of travel and leisure on different occupation areas like taxis, courses, entertainment, travel businesses etc. furthermore the statistical data provided on the number of hotels, range of beds and the quantity of people employed is bound in the sense that there surely is no proper information about the time/time/year in which the data was recorded.

Baloch (2007) in his research of taking care of travel and leisure in Pakistan deals with the issue of diagnosing the reason for crawling dynamics of Pakistan's tourism progress and suggest ways to develop this industry through natural, historical and social resources. The study was transported in Chitral valley only. The strategy used was documenting the views of vacationers, local people, hoteliers and data collection from Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) and Ministry of Tourism. The research is fixed in the sense that the deteriorating condition of this industry is explained only for 2006 and there is no proper statistical data provided for Chitral valley. The info was accumulated from the concerned departments and there is absolutely no proper findings extracted from the travellers and hoteliers.

Although a few of the studies found and mentioned above are related to the tourism industry in Pakistan but there is hardly any research that centers mainly on positive and negative factors effecting Pakistan travel and leisure industry on a complete and compare this industry to its neighboring countries. I'll focus on factors effecting tourism, its effect on occupation and the revenue earned for your country. The study will include statistical data for previous fourteen years which will help in checking the performance of this sector with other countries also.

Theoretical Track record:

There are numerous negative and positive factors which can be affecting Pakistan travel and leisure industry. They are the following:

Positive factors:

The travelers usually travel to see different places and things other like weather, nature, cultures, people, customs, arts, cuisines, languages, unique festivals, old historical properties and sites etc. the reason why Pakistan has a great probable in travel and leisure industry is that it posses each and every thing which could meet the demand of visitors. Following will be the types of tourism in Pakistan:

Diaspora Tourism:

According to Clarke (2003) the word Diaspora identifies a person who is in one country but hails from another and identifies with the country of origin. The word Diaspora can be contacted from two different directions, as a typological tool and as a interpersonal condition. When the term is used typologically it identifies a group of individuals who have migrated from one location to another and who still identify with their homeland. The homeland is just a metaphor, it may not even can be found but it still bears significance for the individual. Clarke (2003) argues that Diaspora is individuals who have relocated for just about any of five different reasons; victim, labor, trade, imperial and culture. Many of these reasons are in some way forced upon the average person, which is the central idea behind this kind of method of the Diasporas' phenomena. For instance, the English who immigrated involuntarily to the different colonies were imperial Diasporas. The typological approach to the Diasporas' concern is that it disregards the differences within the several groups. So it is more accurate to describe Diaspora as a condition. "The health of being in one place but of another and identify with sentiments towards a homeland" (Clarke, 2003)

According to Ali Eteraz (2008), more than 7 million Pakistani people are living outside from Pakistan. Pakistan offers a large variety of Pakistani Diaspora which can contribute a good role throughout the market of Pakistan. Aside from Diaspora, visiting relatives and buddies travel and leisure is also very important. Several Pakistani Diasporas have friends and family members residing in Pakistan, plus they continue steadily to visit these friends and individuals participating in more positive role in the introduction of Pakistani tourism.

Domestic Tourism:

According to Richter (1989), many countries of the world take domestic tourism as a "poor cousin" and didn't pay much attention but regarding to Boniface and Cooper domestic tourism constitute 80% of the world tourism move. In Pakistan, there are numerous advantageous places which not only attract international tourists but also domestic tourists.

Heritage Tourism:

Pakistan is a home to the most breathtaking ancient places of the world like the Indus and Gandhara civilization. Taxila, Moenjodaro and Harrppa, museums, Mughal history and the silk course, Badshahi Masjid, Shalimar Backyards, Tomb of Jahangir and the Lahore Fort (UNIC, 2011).

Lahore Fort K Ali

Figure 2: Lahore Fort (Source: http://www. gardenvisit. com/garden/lahore_fort)

Religious/ Religious or Pilgrimage Tourism:

Pakistan is also well-known for its shrines and temples. Each year not only Muslims from different countries come to go to the holy shrines but also the Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhist visit Pakistan for pilgrimage (UNIC, 2011).

http://4. bp. blogspot. com/_vuyNCoZLd4w/Sr9cYGLGnzI/AAAAAAAAAtc/3ZQU4lOhpp8/s400/shrine-abdullah-shah-ghazi. jpg

Figure 3: Shrines of Pakistan (Source: http://pak-istan. blogspot. com/2009/09/shrines-of-pakistan. html)

Cultural Travel and leisure:

Besides archaeological sites and architecture masterpieces of Mughal emperors and British antecedents, Pakistani dishes and festivals are just one more interesting part of rich Pakistani culture. The food roadways in Pakistan have become a major source of attraction for visitors as they can benefit from the local Pakistani food as well as the brilliant streets and people shopping in the roads at the same time. Famous food avenues in Pakistan are Food Avenue Gawalmandi and Anarkali in Lahore, Melody and blue area Food Avenue in Islamabad, Burns up Highway in Karachi, and Ghantar Ghar in Peshawar. Festivals tend to provide celebration, enjoyment, mental and physical refreshment never to only residents but also the vacationers who include the aim to explore and enjoy different cultures and festivals. Some of the famous ethnical ceremonies and festivals of Pakistan include Lok virsa mela, Horses and cattle shows, Basant or kite soaring, Festivals of lamps, Northern areas festivals including the famous Kalash celebrations and Silk course celebrations etc (UNIC, 2011).

Food Streets, Lahore -

Figure 4: Food Avenue Lahore (Source: http://www. studentsoftheworld. info/sites/country/26292. php)

Adventure or ECO Tourism:

ECO or trip tourism is the most important part of the travel and leisure industry as Pakistan is blessed with worlds most beautiful and renowned mountains, lakes valleys, glaciers and passes. Visitors not only benefit from the site viewing but also perform pursuits like skiing, hiking, searching, camping and cruising. Mountaineering and trekking are the most exciting activities that travellers enjoy. World 2nd greatest pile K2 and Switzerland of Asia known as Swat valley is also positioned in Pakistan. Silk option is also included among Pakistan destinations as it can be an ancient route connecting east and the west. Pakistan is also home to 31 natural and manmade lakes and reservoirs. The helicopter or train safari is also very famous among visitors as they travel to see the most amazing views of landscapes and mines in the united states. The helicopter safari is the latest method of travelling as it takes the tourists saturated in the sky to allow them to enjoy the highest peaks in the north and deserts in the south (UNIC, 2011).

click here to enlarge

Figure 5: Ayubia (Source: http://www. offthemap. ca/diaster. php)

Wild Life Travel and leisure:

There are about 14 countrywide parks which give a beautiful view of the abundant Flora and Fauna of Pakistan. And there are 2 safari parks with various types of pets like tigers, lions, monkeys, elephants, giraffes, pythons, wild birds, deer's etc (UNIC, 2011).

http://1. bp. blogspot. com/_POvZp_cG6SE/S55MVLBkT_I/AAAAAAAABYw/4wlNU1_pjL4/s320/CIMG2056. JPG

Figure 6: Kund Outdoors Life Park (Source: http://kiranpalwasha. blogspot. com/2010_03_01_archive. html)

Sports Tourism:

Pakistan is popular as a holiday sports vacation spot. Himalayan range which is the world's highest mountain range in the world requirements for professional trekking along with general trekking. Other types of sports travel and leisure include white water rafting, untamed boar hunting in deep forests, shandur polo games, mountain biking, golf, ice climbing, climbing, snowboarding, winter sports, caving and pot holding etc. abundant people and prince come from middle east for deer hunting in Pakistan.

All all these factors contribute favorably to Pakistan travel and leisure industry but along with these, there are also negative factors that happen to be affecting Pakistan travel and leisure industry and have resulted in the loss of tourists' introduction in Pakistan.

Negative Factors:

The negative factors effecting Pakistan travel and leisure industry will be the views and thoughts of domestic and international travellers obtained via questionnaire and interview. According to the tourists, the largest problem they may be facing while going is security issues which include the existing insurgency in Pakistan. Even the local tourists don't feel like going in their own country. Second problem of tourists drop is negative image of Pakistan portrayed by mass media to the outside world. Insufficient infrastructure, inadequate promotional policies, inadequate tourist's services and facilities, insufficient initiatives by concerned government departments, inadequate knowledge and training of staff in travel and leisure sector, regulation and order situation especially in the high vacationers attraction areas, inadequate infrastructure facilities, insufficient bonuses in the tourist sector, failure showing and job the positive image of the country via press to the exterior world, low allocation of total annual tourist budget, insufficient development and facilities in the pile regions, insufficient understanding to the vacationer needs, the overtaking and change of governments and supervision within the country (army guideline) and high inflation rate are the key points which have altogether made travel and leisure an unsuccessful industry in Pakistan. The tourism Ministry is not participating in sufficient role and tourist faces troubles in getting timely visa and other information's. The tourism authorities must concentrate on this sector as tourism is really the only sector, which can add substantially in the poverty alleviation and improving the living benchmarks of the neighborhood community.

Factors Effecting Tourism

Positive Factors Negative Factors

Security problems for the tourists

Less marketing and promotion on international level

Weak travel and tourism framework

Low allocation of gross annual tourist budget

High inflation rate

Overtaking and change of governments

Lack of initiative by concerned administration departments

Presence of vacationer attractions




Historical places

Rich culture

Rich food

Salt mines

Spring festivals

5 actors hotel chains




Business environment

Factors effecting tourism

Figure 8: Factors effecting tourism

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