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Factors Influencing Residential Investment Economics Essay

This review will be an attempt to analyze empirically the overall impact of personal investment including enclosure dwellings in Mauritius. Property investment has an important effect on household habit and in return on family members balance sheet.

The main basis of this research is to explore how distortion in domestic investment including household housing investment influences the Mauritian current economic climate. It addresses three main goals:

Over the last years, the worldwide residential investment like the household areas who had a massive part of their wealth committed to family members dwellings, have been experiencing remarkable and different changes. So, to be able to see if there has been any spillover effect over the Mauritian market, we analyse the result of the several macroeconomic parameters on personal investment in Mauritius and also to see whether their inter romantic relationship has changed over time. The spillover result fuels up because the Mauritian market is quite vulnerable to exogenous shocks like the top capital inflows that the current economic climate has been experiencing in the recent financial crisis where the effects of overheating are being noticed.

The second primary goal of this research will be to see the aftereffect of a contractionary economic policy just like a rise in the real interest rate and a reduction in the money resource on home investment both in the short run and the long run.

The other primary goal of the dissertation is to analyse the structural features of the casing system in Mauritius including how useful is the housing marketplace.

The main purpose of this review is to see what macroeconomic insurance policy should be implemented to absorb shocks that supply throughout the market and distorts the mortgage loan market. The other aim is to see when there is a need to diversify the mortgage market in Mauritius as in recent cases; for years the home loan market have been extremely limited by only four major mortgage lenders which makes up about 85% of the full total market property including housing loans (Centre for affordable real estate in Africa 2011, p. 61).

The main hypotheses that'll be tested are:


H1. 0: residential investment is less attentive to monetary insurance policy shocks in Mauritius

H1. 1: home investment is quite attentive to monetary coverage shocks in Mauritius


H2. 0: impact of downturn on domestic investment in Mauritius is quite low.

H2. 1: impact of tough economy on residential investment in Mauritius is quite high.

2. Books REVIEW

Real house including personal investment constitutes one of the world most valuable assets because of its durability. Mauritius is principally characterized by female mortgage loan market. This research is based on the major aims of the Mauritian federal government which is to get more foreigners to purchase the residential jobs like the Integrated Holiday resort scheme(IRS) that have been create and the social undeniable fact that everyone should be entitled to a decent and affordable casing through the home building process.

Housing investment is important the different parts of household riches (circumstance et al, 2005). There are a great number of factors that impact the demand and supply of casing investment. Consequently the primary factors that affect the demand for real estate investment are notably the household disposable income, the populace growth rate, the common level of financing interest. Hence, borrowing constraint is a primary factor that affects the household decision about the real estate investment that is usually to be made. Lamont and stein (1999) shows that household with weak balance sheet change their casing demand more strongly in the face of income shocks, which they interprete to be consistent with a solid role for borrowing constraint.


To evaluate the impact of personal investment in Mauritius, a quantitative analysis of that time period series data of Mauritius will be achieved using the stata software (stata 10). An econometric model will be created to assess their economic significance. It also includes various exams which will be done on the regression results such as the test for autocorrelation and multicollinearity. The other different methodologies among others which will be assessed for the model are specified as follows:

Fit vector autoregressive model

Granger causality test

ADF unit root test

Ordinary least square (OLS)

Engel and granger two step approach

IRF(impulse response-shocking the machine)


Demand for cover investment

The demand aspect is deduced as follows:

Hd=f (real gross domestic product, populace size, disposable income, inflation, real interest rate, indirect taxes).

Hd is the real estate demand in Mauritius.

Hd=О±0+ О±1 RGDP+ О±2 POP+ О±3 DY+ О±4 INF+ О±5 RI+ О± 6 IT+ Оt

Factors affecting home investment

RI=О0+ О1RGDP + О2POP+О3 UNEMPLOY +О4 R + О5 DHY + О6 INF + О7 CE + О8 CONST + О9 MS + О10 NOP + t

The impartial variable is residential investment in Mauritius (RI).

The dependent parameters are:


The timeframe for the info research is 1985-2011. The time series data will be gathered from the Mauritius information website -National Income and Product Accounts.

Besides these, some websites like those of the International Monetary Finance (IMF), African Development Lender, World Bank will also be used.


5. Expected Output

The residential investment in Mauritius is likely to be quite delicate to the real interest rate as compared to the other developed economies where the domestic investment is less delicate to the true interest rate due mainly to the diversification of the mortgage loan market when compared with Mauritius. Therefore the demand for enclosure is expected to have fallen scheduled to a growth in the property and property prices in the recent years with declining throw-away income and weakening household balance sheet.

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