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Faced By One Parents

Different areas of Chinese culture are manipulated to contribute to the difficult situation of single parent young families; whereby, traditional family principles and family human relationships are both an asset and liability to single parent or guardian families. In this case, the parental role personal information have to be flexible rather than traditional gendered role individuality have to be facilitate in the adjustment of divorced parents. For the welfare services to be empowering there are a few critical aspects that require to be considered such as selective traditional Chinese language values and civilizations and the image resolution of the ideological issue in welfare plan.

Routine services will be the services that help one families to beat their difficulties with sufficient resources should be explored. Benefits should be provided in a way that it can able to help the young families such as property and education allowances for the reduced income families. Performance of the provision on welfare benefits in helping the families to develop competence and freedom should be assess in a crucial way to ensure that the families have the ability to gain further competence and self-reliance through the non permanent assistance of welfare.

Family friendly work policy should be supported. The policy reforms in work or family insurance plan which recognizes the legitimacy of employees' family participation that will essentially decrease the dual role dilemma of the solitary parents. The concealed structural problems that increase welfare dependence rate should be tackled in addition to the enhancement of individual skills and competence. For example, adaptable time, childcare provision and; support and parental leave as part of the benefit to all or any families including solo parent households are implemented in some Europe.

Cairney, J. , Boyle, M. , Offord. D. R. , & Racine. Y. (2003). Stress, cultural support and depression in solitary and married mothers. Soc Psychiatry Epidemiol 38, 442-449.

Stress and cultural supports are the important mediators of the relationship between solo and married moms. The result of life happenings in depression was more robust for married mother compared to solo mothers because they are less reactive to negative events because of the experience significant chronic tensions and strains. Single moms have used to coping with adversity and less damaged by negative events compare to committed moms who are lack of connection with the adversity.

Social support to have a relatively impact in conditions of explaining the link between family framework and mental well-being. One of the three variables, sociable support was the only significant varying in the research that stated communal stressors have an impact of accounting for the relationship between single parent status and depression compare to the prior research found financial problem to be the key factor in the partnership between single father or mother status and internal well-being.

Additional knowledge regarding single parenthood and depression are being gained in this research however the dynamics of the inter-relationship between family framework, stress, social support and depression remains unclear. However, not only an effect relationship exists between single father or mother position and depression however the changes in stress and communal support over time can lead to changes in internal well-being. The impact of getting into and out of sole parenthood can help us in an improved understanding of the results of taking on the single parent role and the factors that might arise in and out of the status.

Gladow, N. W. , & Ray, M. P. (1986). The impact of casual support systems on the well-being of low income solitary parents. RELATIVES 35, 113-123.

Different types of support impact different facets of wellness. Thus, informal support systems do have a positive impact on wellness of low income one parents. For example, support from friends and relatives make a unique contribution to lessen the issues of solitary parents lives where low income one parents can count on the both gatherings for support that can lead to decrease the problems they are going to face. Support from friends seems to have the greatest effect on reducing loneliness but support from relatives is not related to loneliness. This may happen because friends provide more chance of free and open up conversations that individual feels not so comfortable speaking about it with family.

Besides that, support systems beyond your nuclear family can have a very positive effect on the physical condition of low income solitary parent families such as interpersonal workers, family therapists, counselors and other experts who is able to assure single parents that it is both individual and beneficial to need and rely on supports beyond your nuclear family. Furthermore, organization programs designed to provide specific needs such as food, casing and maintenance. It is a great way if the company workers can refer the low income sole parents in communities to provide cultural support and building supportive interactions among the solo parents. Group counseling for solo parents through mental health centers can be founded if the solo parents' groups might not provide the kind of support that are needed by the populations.

Webber, R. , & Boromeo, D. (2005). The only real father or mother family: family and support sites. Australian Journal of Social Issues 40(2), 269-283.

Ten members, nine of these saw that support networks as having an essential role to learn in their personal well-being and support the children in the original levels. Support was accessed from different resources including friends, relatives, colleagues, government organizations and interpersonal welfare firms and support can involves different things such as mental support, sensible support (baby resting, financial, advice and household repairs). Friends and family contribute a large amount in emotional and practical aids. Thus, supports changes corresponding when the needs altered.

Supports was seek and attained among community and friendship networks. Various guidance such as individual counseling, family guidance or family remedy was recognized to be the most effect the one which are recommended to aid the extended family in going through terms with sorrow and romance issues. Nevertheless, family and community support are the critical indicators in healthy young families but then almost all of the participants are not satisfied with the grade of family support when it was provided in a minimal or critical way. As the result, parents do not cause the parting to feel the contempt of the family and people who experienced adversely from relatives and friend tend to establish a distance to the people who do not validate their new status as an individual parent.

Grossman, C. C. , Hudson, D. B. , Lefler, R. K. , & Fleck, M. O. (2005). Community leaders' perceptions of sole, low-income mothers' needs and concerns for social support. Journal of Community Health Medical 22(4), 241-257

Social support theory, a platform used to build up focus group inquiry questions. From the group talk by the city leaders, the needs and concerns of solo, low-income mothers are public support concern, personal obstacles to success and system barriers. Cultural support issues such as solo mom needs verbal and non-verbal contact with relatives, friends and health care experts. Needs of informational helps for single mothers including parent duties, infant care duties and resources that are available can help single mom to increase their level of parenting.

Tangible support for solitary mothers including housing, food, financial, child attention and transportation are essential. This are supported by House (1981) and Revenson et al. (1991) stated that whenever tangible support needs are greater than available resources, individuals will experience poor physical and mental health outcomes. Lastly, nursing good care can identify and use standardized equipment to assess mothers' needs and concerns besides on the nurses' intuitive perception. Community health nurses are professional in providing single, low-income moms with informational support, appraisal and mental support.

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