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Expressive Woman BUT STILL I Surge Poem English Literature Essay

Women: who are we? And what do we represent? For many years women have had to select our changing image that people want to portray. In the past women have been grouped as housewife, arm chocolate, maid, and even slave. Maya Angelou a proper know writer, poet, actress and more can have her works easily read as racial indifference, but with versatile inlayed meanings Maya speaks if you ask me for girl empowerment. Still I surge, Woman work, and Phenomenal woman by Maya Angelou are three strong pieces that uncover the hardships of women and overcoming them.

In Still I go up the starting of the poem is "You might write me down in history Together with your bitter, twisted lays" in the Bible Eve provided Adam the apple that made them have the realization and understanding of shame, with this came up repercussions that bridge to provide day. An example of this might be God stating that child birth would hurt for Eve and her daughters. This implies that from the beginning of energy women were blamed. Maya talks of degradation of women "You may blast me with your words, You might slice me with your eyes, You may destroy me with your hatefulness, But nonetheless, like air, I'll go up" The way I see this is by updating the word "You" with "Men". Men have acted this way toward women in the past as they still do today. When reading the first three lines of the stanza it is easily read with regular flow, and the previous line is to be spoken slowly and gradually and relax with pauses between because Maya especially would like to emphasize the fact that girl will surge. With conviction in the narration Maya writes "Just like moons and like suns" that happen to be ongoing unchanging occasions. Reaction of the ongoing happenings are explained in the next range "With certainty of tides" which is the gravitational yank depending on moon. She finishes with "Exactly like wish springing high, Still I rise" when I read this I translate it if there is desire to be experienced, there is still hope.

Characterization cues in the poem lead me to think that the presenter is a woman. The voice of this poem is a strong woman who wants attention, when she says "I go up" she actually is saying take a look at me and what I've done. When the woman talks of herself she talks about her persona as "my sassiness" and "my sexiness". Another area that points me in direction of a woman speaker is when Maya writes "I party like I've got diamonds On the appointment of my thighs" Diamond jewelry play a significant role being they receive to women to woo them, as well as, engagements presents for marriage. Following the next line speaks of a body part rarely shown by men at the thigh. Three quarters through her poem the narrator grows to the climax almost accusing aloud passion in each word "Out of the huts of history's shame", "I go up" being her argument. More of the past is revealed in her previous lines of the poem and broken with the incessant "I rise". Her last few lines disclose the truth and wish she previously spoke of "Directly into daybreak that's wondrously clear" the presenter is saying now all she can see is opportunity and she actually is out of the surprise. "I am the fantasy and the desire of the slave. " And through the narrator I could envision a female a strong female who lived and never quit. With Maya's previous lines being "I rise" "I surge" I could now translate this to I am free, I prevailed, I will survive.

Woman work, the name alone can be considered a discriminating declaration. The first stanza of Girl work can be an ongoing to-do list as if trying to explain to another her day. The narrator of the poem talks the list as her non-stop life. In this poem there are no instances of exterior help. The poems tone is set in have difficulties. When reading, the feelings I convey are of an individual mother having to deal with the stresses of day-to-day life. The constant work at palm that must be done is stated "the children to tend", "the poultry to fry", "clean up this hut", "Plus the cotton to choose". Putting it plainly everyone who hopes to aid there individuals do these daily activity we care for our children, put food in our mouths, have a shelter to reside in, and work. Bare requirements as these may be, carrying it out by themselves can be exhausting. The next stanza is "Shine on me, sunshine Rainfall on me, rain Fall softly, dewdrops And cool my brow again" in other words rain or stand out the single mom will have to work. In the last line of the stanza she actually is saying when all is done she'll have the ability to rest. The next line clarifies her in her resting state, her brain at ease, not weighed down by realities; the single mom is light and floating "I want to float across the sky 'Til I can rest again. ".

The narrator then goes into to "Fall carefully, snowflakes Cover me with white Cool icy kisses and I want to rest tonight" when Maya writes of the snowflakes falling she is talking about the single moms life the moment that she is living without the busyness. Things in the solo mother's life are now quite sluggish, which lead me to the assumption that the children are produced and her daily activity are few. This being her final rest: death. In fatality people are said to be wintry because their center stops, however the color white symbolize graciousness. The solitary mother reaches tranquility because she possessed done everything in her capacity. Her previous few lines make clear the sole mother's notion of heaven "Sun, rain, curving sky Pile, oceans, leaf and stone Star glimmer, moon shine You're all those things I could call my own" in the poem her duties through the weather didn't ever allow her to take the time and revel in natures splendors.

Phenomenal Woman reviews the objectives of culture and the realities of womanhood. Maya first creates "Pretty women speculate where my solution lies. " beginning the poem with this lines one can be prepared to find the response. The narrator compares her size to 1 of any fashion model their bodies differing. Then your narrator continues on to state "However when I commence to inform them, They think I'm telling lies" in this case they being women who's bodies aspire or already look like fashion models. The trick is not clear yet but one can gather that the trick doesn't have to do with looking such as a fashion model. Explanations receive in her next four lines "It's in the reach of my hands The course of my hips, The stride of my step, The curl of my lips. " Your body parts are significant to her womanly shape but the meaning trips deeper than that of appearance. The final lines of the stanza "I'm a female Phenomenally. Phenomenal woman, That's me. " now this declaration is strong and packed with confidence.

In the next stanza is established with ascending accents to build up the audience. Now the narrator talks of men "Also to the man, The fellows stand or Collapse on their legs. They swarm around me, A hive of honey bees. " she clarifies the impact she has to them. Her presence is not dismiss, she is reputed. The narrator remains her explanation with "It's in the fire in my sight, And the display of my tooth, The swing in my waist, Plus the joy in my ft. " Now two parts of her body receive characteristics of a person. Fire and Delight two characteristics of the girl personality are revealed through her body. The narrator speaks more of men and their means of their wonder; the girl comes with an "inner unknown" but when she explains nobody understands.

The speech of the narrator is a confident, fun, and mystical female. In her last stanza she writes "Now you understand Just why my head's not bowed. I don't shout or leap about Or have to speak real loud. When you see me moving It must make you pleased. " Declaring this, the poem's interpretation is realized that a girl who carries herself with dignity is a phenomenal woman.

The three poems promote the theme of strong women. Other similarities I position are the characterizations of personality in inanimate items. Symbols are also used to depict the narrators view on incidents, I find this progressively more through all three of the works particularly when triumphing over negative affects. For many three the voice really packages to mood of the poem the narrator is so captured details are easily understood. The distinctions include the shade the shades change to match each situation. Another comparison is the experiences, in one overcoming is still and permanently in process, in Women Work she's just beaten the chances, and within the last poem it can be an outcome of prevailing.

In Summary the three works Still I go up, Girl work, and Remarkable woman are inspirational parts that show that anything can be achieved. From different strolls of life the three ladies in the poems were strong and persistent in bettering themselves. With this know we can live with the motto: Anything can be done.

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