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Exploring The Themes Of Educating Rita British Literature Essay

'Educating Rita' is a humor written by the playwright Willy Russell in 1980. Educating Rita only focuses on two main personas. This isn't normally used just because a really good story would be needed to keep the audience interested. The good thing about this is actually the audience can certainly see and understand the relationship between the key characters. Both heroes Rita and Frank distinction in category and education. Rita is a young woman who got a poor education but now wishes to learn literature, so she goes to the Open University. Frank is the Books professor that is allocated to Rita. This story is dependant on a unique circumstance because their lives and ideas are opposites who never normally meet.

We see a difference in cultures from the start as when they first meet you see the different style of talk used. Frank uses clever vocabulary and proper English 'There, you observe, a good example of assonance', while Rita uses each day vocabulary 'Ta. I'll take care of it. If I pack the course in I'll post it to y'. I think the big distinctions in culture and conversation between the individuals is easily seen and understood by the audience which is the differences that make Rita and Frank's romantic relationship very unique. Rita is obviously a working course person, in a culture that isn't really thinking about books and doesn't enjoy it while Frank is a middle-class person, a population where books is important but Frank gets bored of computer. Rita is trying to move up a school through doing this course.

Frank will not change much but Rita provides a breath of fresh air. He stops drinking whisky and becomes more attentive. His frame of mind changes because of Rita. He becomes more light hearted and discovers some of Rita's phrases 'Assonance, its just getting the rhyme wrong''. Despite having the fresh air that Rita provides she will not completely change Frank.

Throughout the play there are different types of barricades. The play is principally occur Frank's office and the first barricade is right at the start of the play when Rita has trouble opening the door. This could be viewed as she needs an education but education doesn't want her. When Rita first attempts to change her life and enter the room she has to have difficulty. Like education doesn't want her. Another example is when Frank's home windows would not open. They have been shut for such a long time they need didn't change. This shows Frank has an opposite judgment of life to Rita. He does not want to improve only be the same for the others of his life.

During Function Two the audience can easily see changes occurring. At the start of Action 2, Frank starts to create poetry again, and Rita is dressed in new clothes. This is a aesthetic change and the audience rapidly notices this. It demonstrates Rita may have improved upon financially or is dressing in a different way because of her change in course. Frank could also of evolved because he's regaining his love for books.

In scene two she makes an attempt to speak in a 'posh' accent which can be an example of external change by changing just how she actually is speaking. She actually is also now talking to students and becoming friends with them, she is even planning to go on trip with them. This seems to make Frank jealous and left out.

By picture three we see, that Frank is certainly going down his drunken road again and the new Rita seems to clash. ''I don't require you to hold me hands as much' Frank still needs things to end up like when he was the instructor and she the willing college student, but Rita now would like independence as well as for Frank to treat her as the same. Rita now wants some independent, alone time. It appears credited to Frank's jealous reaction 'It struck me that there is a period when you explained everything' and a producing likeness for Rita he desired more out of these relationship.

In picture 4 we see another change. Rita has changed to working in a cafe. This may make clear why she was able to buy new clothes and a pen for Frank. Frank doesn't like the actual fact that he doesn't know as many reasons for having Rita any longer. 'It struck me that there is a period when you told me everything.

In comparison Function one showed there is an opportunity that things could result in a happy way and this Rita might just bring Frank back again to the world outside literature. However by Work two it seems even Rita can't stop Frank heading down hill. He starts off drinking greatly which shows his alcohol problems. Things were so bad he made a comparison of himself to Frankenstein.

In conclusion Personally i think the plays ends with the actual fact that education doesn't completely change Rita, but it offers given her the capability to have more options and make 3rd party decisions.

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