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Having a look at an exemplification essay sample

Exemplification stands for providing examples about something. Respectively, writing an exemplification essay sample suggests providing a sufficient number of examples in order to support a generalization about a particular subject. In this type of essay, examples are utilized as supporting material to clarify or explain the assigned generalization.

An exemplification essay sample (also dubbed an illustrative essay) makes use of examples to explain, show or prove a certain point or argument.

The key to a good exemplification essay sample is to employ enough specific and detailed examples to get the point across. It’s clear that in your exemplification essay sample, all the examples need to be carefully chosen to be appealing to your readers and help them to understand the key point of your exemplification essay sample.

Effective examples are expected to drastically enhance your essay writing. As a result, your essay will boast such qualities as intensity and vitality.

A typical exemplification essay sample comes with both comprehensive and brief examples. Brief examples are used relatively frequently in this type of essay. They offer concise details to illustrate clear-cut ideas. As for comprehensive examples, they’re utilized in order to illustrate complex ideas, that can’t be adequately explained with brief examples.

It goes without saying the examples utilized in your exemplification essay sample need to be relevant. So, they should be tied right to the point. In fact, you don’t necessarily need to drastically extend a particular example just because you’ve discovered tons of information on it. Instead, you’d better find as many examples as you can and then choose the most convincing ones for your exemplification essay sample.

The examples used in your exemplification essay sample, should be representative. In other words they require reflecting the majority, telling what’s usually the case.

A fundamental thing in writing this exemplification essay sample is organization. So, you require considering the order in which your sub-claims, supporting the thesis statement are presented in your sample exemplification essay.

Most exemplification essay samples are organized using any of the three methods mentioned below:

  • Ascending
  • Descending
  • Chronological

Chronological order of importance is primarily utilized in descriptive and narrative essays. It’s because in this case events need to be told from the beginning till the end. The given order is also utilized in process-analysis essays, because the sequence of steps is important for understanding of the topic. Cause and effect essays also depend on this order, as in these writing works one thing naturally leads to another.

When dealing with descending and ascending order of importance, time sequence or chronology matters nothing. In this case, the emphasis is given to the degrees of the sub-claims.

If you’ve made up your mind to use the ascending order of importance, you should arrange your paragraphs from least crucial to most important, so the audience is left with the strongest point, which needs to be made. Your points gradually build up to loud, powerful crescendo at the end of your sample of exemplification essay.

The descending order of importance acts in the opposite way. In this case, the main body paragraphs start with the most compelling point or reason and gradually work down to the least crucial point.

Avoid randomly tossing examples or reasons into the main body section. Otherwise, attentive readers will detect this stuff and immediately give up reading your essay.

The entire writing process suggests following these tips:

  • First of all, you require deciding on a topic. Well, what generalization are you eager to exemplify? If you’re dealing with an assigned topic, then most probably you’ll get a ready-made set of generalizations about this, so you can simply build your writing work from it. If you’ve picked it up by yourself, you’ll require deciding on a generalization about a topic to be supported with examples.
  • Secondly, you’re expected to determine a purpose. What angle of the generalization do you really intend to present to your audience? With a clear purpose you’ll easily pick up examples and create a good thesis.
  • Mind your audience. Think how they will feel about the generalization you’re actually discussing.
  • Make a list of examples that relate to your generalization. Perhaps, initially, it makes sense to list all the available examples. Then you can narrow them down. You’re welcome to include short stories, statistics, facts and any other types of examples.
  • Pick up examples from the list. Sure, they need to be relevant to the purpose and generalization.
  • Write a good thesis statement. It needs to state the generalization being exemplified by you.
  • Write an introduction, letting your readers know what to expect from your exemplification essay.
  • Create a well-developed body supporting your thesis and generalization. Each of the body paragraphs needs to relate to the thesis. The body should contain all the examples listed earlier.
  • Have your examples arranged in logical order.
  • Make use of transitional words as well as phrases to guide readers through your exemplification essay.
  • Finally, you should write a conclusion, summarizing the key points of your exemplification essay and restating the thesis.

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