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Examples of persuasive essays : The foundation

The topic of a persuasive essay can be anything provided that you have valid points to justify your arguments. Whether you are giving examples of persuasive essays such as junk food in schools or asking for a salary hike from your boss, the format and articulation have to be appropriate enough for the essay to make a mark. Here are certain tips that will teach you how to start a thesis.

The first thing that you should keep in mind is the requirement for a strong stance which you can defend in your thesis statement. The thesis statement is basically one sentence which tends to boil down the argument which you would like to discuss in the essay. Unless you have a strong beginning, there is no way you can make an impact on the readers. Your stance has to be active on the issue since dynamism is immensely important especially when you are trying to convince someone who does not share the same opinion as you. The first way of convincing people with the example of persuasive essay is to give them a topic and request them to ponder over it in an open-minded manner. Every paragraph must begin with a sentence that gives a clear insight regarding the topic which the essay is based on. The beginning portion of every paragraph serves as a mini-thesis proclamation and gives a cohesive pace to the argument. The argument has to be placed brick by brick in order to ensure that it does not petrify the reader.

You can take help from thesis generator as there are lots of software programs that are available on the internet which will guide you in writing a detailed thesis on any topic. Facts and lots of references have to be interwoven in order to back the claims that you are projecting. There are certain points which can be comprehended easily since they are common sense, but you need to have a proper explanation for the ones that are not. One of the more recommended ways of doing this is to do the process in reverse order. If you state the evidence first, then it will lead the readers to the point that you are trying to make. In some of the best examples of persuasive essays, you will notice that the author has followed this method so as to prove the argument by emphasizing on the evidence.

If you keep the sentences short and concise, then you will be able to build a better impact on the argument through logically explaining all the fundamentals related to the topic. Making multiple points in the same paragraph might pull the reader’s attention away from something which you want them to emphasize on.

Effective persuasion techniques to convince the readers in examples of persuasive essays

The art of persuasion is a topic that has been researched since the ancient Greek history. Although convincing someone in person might be tougher than on paper, there are certain tips and tricks which will make you a master in persuasive essays if you know the right ways to lure the readers. Let us consider some of these methods and discuss them in detail:

  • Repetition : You need to keep hammering your thesis and keep pondering on the same point which will definitely strike a chord with them. Eventually, they will comprehend your point. Example:
  • Social Validation : In most of the examples of persuasive speech essays, you will notice lots of quotations which back the points that the author is trying to make. Pertaining to the quotation, they will think along the lines that you want them to, and will definitely allow you to get a better grip over their thought process.
  • Agitation related to the problem : In some of the examples of persuasive essays, you will observe that the writer is trying to show the nature of the problem and its gravity before giving the solutions to curb it. This is a method that is widely used by writers since it gives the audience a better understanding of what the problem is and how its impact will be in the future. By the time the reader reaches the solution, they will be in a state of mind that the chances of them being convinced by your solution will be high. You just need to give them ample reasons to start caring for the argument that you are trying to make. In a 500 word essay, at least 40% of the essay must express the impact of the problem in the future.

While applying for a job, you will have to draft a convincing cover letter that gives a good impression about you to the person reviewing your profile. There are lots of ways to write cover letters, but you need to make sure that you are not blowing your achievements out of proportions. There are people who can see through cover letters pretty well and they will instantly get to know whether you are bluffing or not. Lots of examples of persuasive essays highlight the ways of drafting cover letters and what all should you avoid while writing it. Also, essay proofreading is must since there might be lots of errors which can go unnoticed. There are proofreading software programs available online which are easy to use and very technical when it comes to evaluating an essay. They will check the grammar, spellings, articulation and sentence-structure. The software will analyze accordingly and suggest ways in which the quality of the article can be improved. In most of the examples of persuasive essay, the author makes sure to proofread the essay before submitting it for review since elementary mistakes can make the readers lose interest.

Hence, if you are looking for examples of persuasive essays, you can search online and you will definitely come across hundreds of suitable topics and research accordingly.

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