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An engineering business with its headquarters in holland could either create a branch in Belgium to service its Belgian customers or offer its services to Belgian clients from its office in the Netherlands. The first case would constitute establishment, the next would merely refer to the provision of services.

Horspool and Humphreys, EU Law, 4th ed.

In the light of the statement explain the development that has occurred in EU law relating to the guidelines of establishment and provision of services. Measure the extent to that your European Court docket of Justice has been able to attract clear lines of variation between them.


Library search for general EU laws texts:

Craig and De Burca:

"EU law: Text Cases and Materials".

Chapter 18: Liberty of establishment also to provide servies.

Chalmers, Hadjiemmanuil, Monti and Tomkins.

"EU Law: Text and Materials".

Chapter 17; The free activity of services


Cases and Materials on EU law.

Chapter 14 "Independence of Establishment and freemovemennt of services: Articles 43 and 49"

Internet resources:

Search of www. google. scholar. com


  • right to practise law EU independence of establishment services
  • Freedom of establishment free movement of services
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Cases (key sources):

Westlaw Search:

Search by conditions: flexibility of establishment services lawyers

C-243/01. Criminal Proceedings against Gambelli [2006] 1 C. M. L. R. 35

C-221/89. R. v Secretary of Talk about for Transport Ex lover p. Factortame Ltd [1991] 3 All E. R. 769. Para 20.

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C-427/85. Percentage v Germany [1988] ECR 1123.

C-294/89. Commission payment v France Republic.

C-340/89. Irene Vlassopoulou v Ministerium fјr Justiz Bundes-und Europaan-gelegenheiten Baden Wurttemberg [1991] ECR 2357.

C-168/98. Grand Duchy of Luxembourg v Euro Parliament and Council of europe [2000] ECR I-09131

C-506/04. Graham J. Wilson v Ordre des avocats du barreau de Luxembourg.

Treaty Articles and Directives


Art 44(2) TEC.

Art 47(1) TEC

Art 47(2) TEC.

Directive 85/384/EEC on the common identification of diplomas

Directive 2005/36/EC for the Acceptance of Professional Qualifications

Directive 77/249 (preamble)

Directive 77/249. Skill 5.

Directive 89/48 Article 2.

Directive 89/48 Article 4.

Directive 89/48 Article 1(g)

Directive 98/5. Article 3(1).

Directive 98/5. Article 5(1).

Directive 98/5. Article 10.

Directive 98/5. Article 10 (1).

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