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Examining The Principles Of The Front Office Tourism Essay

What is front office? Front office means that the sales personnel and corporate finance employees in a financial services company. Besides that, front office does mean that sales, marketing and service departments that come in direct contact or communication with the customer example like a customers need to book a hotel room, then they must connection with leading office to realize that. Moreover, front office also needs to liaise with the trunk office such as administrative and housekeeping departments to maintain a two way flow of information. Leading office of your hotel generally performs some basic activities such as: processing advance reservations, registering guests name, rooming guests, handling guest luggage, issuing room keys, security arrangements, providing information to the guest, and settling the accounts. Furthermore, front office service works in the round the clock mode, with daytime, evening and night shifts. Front office service specialists are required to have a good understanding of room booking process and take part in guest settlement. In additional, leading office could also serve as the home for office machinery. Common devices found in leading office include copiers, office computers, multi line phone, postage, and scale machines for mail. Hotels are almost always profit making concerns, which is the rooms which provide almost all of the profit. Front office staff who aren't sales oriented are not apt to be much use, this make clear why we've devoted a section to the many ways that staff can increase the yield.

Answer of Question 1:

Within a hotel organization they involve some staff in front office department which is front office manager, assistant front office manager, front desk representative, night auditor, cashier, reservationist, and telephone operator.

Figure - Staff of Front Office

Front office Manager

The task of front office manager is to do all the duties of leading desk operation, example like, inter-department meeting communications, training the staff, order the staff to do their work, and plan the staff schedule. Front office managers usually interface with the guests, always greeting them when they are enters the establishment, producing sales and answering inquiries. By applying management principles, the front office manager works through the front office staff to communicate feelings of caring, warmth, efficiency and safety to every guest. Therefore, leading office manager should have strong communication skills. With regards to the organization, a front office manager might interface with all guests or only with those considered sensitive or important. The front office manager must has at he or she disposal the basic elements of effective management practice, such like equipment, rooms to be sold, budget, employees or staff, and sales opportunities. The manager must be strain after for coordinating those basic elements to attain the profit goals set by the business. In additional, other duties of leading office manager are include of:

Prepares monthly reports to the overall manager

Assists the room division manager in formulation and implementation of front office policies and procedures

Reviews and approves all room moves and room rate changes to ensure these were necessary

Maintain the required stock of supplies in every front office areas, while controlling costs in these areas

Help the room division manager in forecasting room availability to ensure that the optimal level of occupancy is attained.

Assistant Front Office

The task of assistant front office manager is normally helps on the manager's work. Besides that, the assistant front office manager, he or she will need to ensure the delivery of steady quality customer service on a regular basis. The assistant for the front office is someone who in charge of coordinating the front office operation. In additional, the obligations of assistant front office manager are to get ready and conduct any front office meetings, from then on inform to leading office manager, other front office staff and resolve issues. Other duties of the assistant front office are:

Perform a daily check in and out procedures.

Provide information and direction or guidance to front office staff in order to attain 100 % occupancy.

Complete monthly payroll and are accountable to the front office manager.

Assist the manager in monitor labor costs to budget figures and assists in the day to day operation in the establishment.

Help the front desk through the busy period.

Train the front desk staff.

Front Desk Representative

The front desk representative can be found in many of the larger lodging establishment. Front office representative is one of the staff in hotels or motels, and are always the first person to greet incoming guests. The tasks of the front office representative are for taking incoming requests for rooms and noting special requests for service. When a new guest enter the establishment, the front office representative must be welcome and greeting them, register them, assign rooms and issue room keys or cards to the guests, and providing information to the guest. Moreover, the front office representative may also handle guest mail and luggage, keep an inventory of room reservations, answer telephones and take messages from the guests, deal with customer complaints or refer dissatisfied customers to a manager, and check daily record sheets, guest accounts, receipts and vouches using computerized or manual systems. Therefore, the front office representative must have a strong communication skill to serve the guest.

In small hotel, on the night time, front office representative may assume the duties of assistant manager, night cashier, concierges or night auditor. Just as large hotel, the duties front office representative may be divided among a few of desk clerks.

Night Auditor

Night auditor is recognized as the internal auditor. The responsible for the night time auditor is for conducting audit and creating reports for management. Night auditor also means that all calls and guests coming to front office for different matters are properly addressed and taken care of the house. Besides that, night auditor balances the daily financial transactions. He or she will need to have a good or excellent grasp of accounting principles and the capability to resolve financial discrepancies. Night auditor is basically composed of some important tasks such like settling bank cards for the day with bank to ensure money transfer from the guest account to the hotel account. Furthermore, night audit could also follow the prescribe designed routines, which include to update the guest folio, perform account closing for the day, prepare and distribute daily bill to the guest, and last is prepare and distribute a range of report example like perpetual inventory of account receivable. Moreover, the individual in this position should require experience as a desk clerk and have good communication with the controller.


Cashier is the main one of leading office department. The duties of the cashier are processing guest checkouts and guest legal tender and also supply change for the guest when the guest enter the establishment. Besides that, the cashier also helps to make the front desk workload manageable when it was full house, means that the hotel that has its entire guest rooms occupied and sometimes known as completely occupancy. In additional, the cashier of the front office department is focused on handling of cash money. Other than that, front office cashier could also prepare and settle of guests accounts, administer the safe deposit boxes and offer a forex exchange service.


The responsible of reservationists is for taking reservation and providing information to the future guest about the facilities or rules of the hotel. The primary tasks performed by reservationists are to giving friendly and excellent service to future guest when involved with telephone sales. Besides that, having deal with group bookings such like cancellations, changes, and rooming lists. In additional, the reservationists should answer all reservation phone calls, taking reservations, and dealing with reservations correspondence. Moreover, the person in this position must be checking and ensure that equipment continues to be working properly and that the needed amount of supplies is on hand.

Telephone Operator

The telephone operator wouldn't normally be face to face with guests of the hotel. As being a telephone operator, he or she must have an agreeable and courteous modulation of voice to serve the guest. The obligations of telephone operator are to operate the hotel telephone switchboard and answer all calls with promptly and good manners. The primary duty of an telephone operator is that of transferring calls from beyond your hotel to the appropriate guest room. Besides that, they should be work closely with all departments on telephone related matter. Other than that, the telephone operator must be discreet with information received from callers. In additional, the individual in this position must have full understanding of all facilities and events in the hotel and answer inquiries about it.

Organization Chart of Front Office

Small Hotel

Front Desk Representative

Night Auditor

Front Office Manager

Bell Staff


Desk Staff

Night Auditor

Guest Service


Front Office ManagerMid Size Hotel

Front Office ManagerLarge Hotel

Assistant Front Office Manager

Elevator Operator

Night Auditor

Guest Service

Telephone operator


Reservation Manager

Room key Clerk

Bell Staff


Desk Staff


Front offices are the nerve center of any hotel and play an essential role in a hotel. The staff of front office will welcome the guests, greeting them, carry their luggage, rooming them, give them room keys or cards and mail, answer the question about the actions and facilities in the hotel, and check them out. Besides that, leading office may perform other tasks so on take guest details and allocate their room, take message to them, calculate guest's bills and issue receipts upon payment, place guests possessions in a safe if requested, deal with enquiries and requested from guest and arrange accommodation for guests travelling to other destinations. In a little hotel, the duties may carry out by one people. However, in a huge hotel, there may 3 to 5 people to perform the duties. Each attendant is allocated a couple of specific duties to perform. Because of front office is the first impression to the guest, so that, the staff of front office must be do their job as well as they can.

Question 2

Front office staffs will need to have certain skills to attract guests during the first impression. Reveal Front Office staff skill in guest relations.


Many experienced people who work in hotel concur that social skills are extremely important for front office job. What's social skill? Social skill is depends to how exactly we be friends with others person such like guest, family and friends. Social skill is most always as an art which allows us to communicate, relate, and socialize with other people. Besides that, social skill means possessing the ability to achieve a specific objective efficiently. You will find two types of social skill which can be typing skill and cooking skill. Typing skill is the capability to produce acceptable quality text, without taking all day long over it or spoiling twelve sheets of paper along the way. Cooking skill is the ability that produces food that is both edible and appetizing. So that, social skills are communication with living things instead of tying skill, communicating with keyboard or mouse and cooking skills, communicating kitchen ingredients. Aside from the two skills, it still has other objective to accomplish, but have to employ words, expressions, and gestures. Therefore, social skill is involves combining these elements in such a way concerning influence other people's attitudes and behavior by using those elements. In additional, social skill are same like other kind of skills which can only just developed through practice or training. This practice need to take the form of unscripted face to face conversations. Moreover, good social skills include things such as compromising, cooperating, and respecting the non-public space of others.

Answer of Question 2

The people who work as a front office employees, they need to know and realize some certain skills, in order to attract the guest during the guest enter the establishment and give them a good first impression. The abilities should front office staffs learn are in the figure below:

Figure - The skills should front office staff learn


Behaviour means that the way that somebody behaves and their attitudes, especially towards to other person. For example, a guest enter an establishment, then your reservationists will welcome and greeting them before start dealing with the guest, such like saying 'Hello, welcome, May I Assist you to?' Besides that, the receptionist should speak out the phrase and tone correctly, example like communicate feelings of caring, warmth, efficiency and safety to every guest. In additional, behavior is that leading office staff to go on when they are meeting with the guest for the very first time, especially they may be have no idea anything about the guest in advance. Moreover the receptionist should be neatly attire, nail must be clean and the right hairstyle. Therefore, the receptionist gets the good impression and behavior to the guest.


Self-presentation means that the dressing and grooming of the receptionist. In case the receptionists wearing neatly dressing and grooming, then the guest will learn about the receptionists before having a conversation. Besides that, many hotels needs their staff to wear their uniform neatly, suitable hairstyle and the nail of staff must be clean. For example, the staff of front office department must be wear their uniform or formal attire neatly; in food and beverage department, the chef should wear apron, hats, pants and their nail should be clean and can not be so long; in security department, the guard should wear the security guard uniform with neatly and which there is a weapon ad wisely. In case the hotel staff give the guest bad impression, then the guest won't patron the hotel again. Therefore, the staff of the front office must ensure that their attire is clean and neatly. In the event the receptionist is dirty, then the guest will think that other areas of the hotel are also same dirty.


Position means that where the front office staff such like butler is situated. Where the staff stand is vital, not only with regards to equipment so on the desk, but also with regards to the people that the staffs are dealing with the guest. Besides that, the staff of front office has their own area call 'personal space'. The concept of position can be studied further. Whenever the guest find themselves sitting or standing directly opposite with each other with a desk or table in between, and divided the barrier into two equal 'territories'. If the receptionist slapped the registration form before a guest and then leant forward to start to see the guest filling it out. These kinds of action or behavior are totally wrong and called rude which may causes the invasion that causes people feel uncomfortable.


Posture means that the positioning how the front office staff stand or sit in relation to the guest. Besides that, when facing some people, normally indicates interest and learning forward shows sustained interest. Besides that, some action such like using our limb to attract the individuals who we interested or we can put it to use as barriers to shut out the people were nervous and scare. Once the receptionists leant forward for the desk and watch the guest filling form, certainly, but even then he or she kept arms folded which show that the staff is not very anxious to help the guest.


Gesture means a way of sending signals by moving elements of our anatomies especially our hands, arms and heads. Gesture which has the closest related to the posture. Hands are totally important. The open palm is an indicator of friendship for the older age person and also a sign of honesty. Implies that, many hand-to-face gestures such like touching others nose or mouth will bring out negative feeling or feeling, example like scare, worry, or doubt. For example, whenever a guest enter a establishment and asking the receptionist something, and then the receptionist propping one's at once a hand often indicates boredom. The guest will feeling that the receptionist is not respects they, and then your guest would not patron the hotel again.


Expression means a look on a person face that showing their thoughts and feelings. As being a front office staff, they must give the good first impression towards to the guest. Besides that, the range of possible expressions however, many we can generally recognize when seeing it. For example, smiling with the mouth curves moving upwards and the eyes crinkle a bit at the corner. In order that, the guest will feeling worried or nervous which stare to them with a blank and even get greeted by way of a boredom expression. Therefore, leading office staff should serious when they are serves the guest.

Eye Contact

In front office department, eye contact is a very important thing, since when looking at somebody normally carries not only interest but liking as well. If one is stopping the gaze of others who is talking, which means the person might talk or giving dishonest answer. Moreover, there are three types of direction on looking, such as: business gaze, social gaze and intimate gaze. Business gaze means concentrates on the eyes and forehead in order to maintain a significant and rational atmosphere. Social gaze is the movement of the other person's eyes and mouth which showing a better interest in reactions. Intimate gaze means moves between your other person's eye and body, and signals more than mere social interest. The receptionists must be avoided the intimate gaze. In order that, the receptionists must understand the kind of gaze and put it to use correctly.


Speech is very important in the front office department, because it is the clearest way expressing the eye of the staff in the guest welfare by using phrases, example like 'Good Morning' and 'Can I help you'. Besides that, call the guest 'Sir' or 'Madam' or perhaps call their name directly, and the guest will be feeling the staff is respect they. Obviously, if using the guest name will have a good memory, because that shows that the staff recognizes the guest as a person and simply an unnamed guest. The best way to know the guest name is have a quick look at the guest's registration card.

Non verbal Speech Element

Non verbal speech elements means the tone that the staff of the hotel using to talk with the guest. Word can be speak out warmly, quickly, slowly, and efficiency. The staff may bring everything out together, or can insert a pause example like 'Good Morning. . . sir', this cases show that the staff is uncertain about the guest deserves. Besides that, the staff can lift their tone just a little by the end and turn the phrase into a question such as 'Good Morning. . . sir'. In order that, the staff who work in front office department should know how to use their tone suitable.


At last, social skills is vital to front office work. Good social skills are critical to successful functioning in life. Besides that, social skills enable us to know what to state, how to behave in diverse situations and steps to make the decision correctly. In additional, the staff of front office such like receptionist, can use those skill to calm down some agitate guest. Other than that, people who have good social skills are generally more friends equate to the folks who are poor with social skill.

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