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Examining The Florence Hauntings Ghost Reviews English Literature Essay

Ever wondered when a ghost is inside your home? There are various experiences that are advised about people talking about ghost tales or haunted places they have observed and witnesses using their own eyes. Some individuals don't even believe in ghost or haunted places, its just one of those things folks have to experience to believe. That is the case with the town of Florence, Alabama. Surviving in this town there's always something to do or get into. Florence has an extremely Haunted past. Most of them are located in downtown, Florence. Such as for example Pricilla located in O'Neal Hall, Molly in the UNA off-campus bookstore, Ghost Bridge as well as the Forks of Cypress, Charles Daniel Stewart in Trowbridges, and George in the Norton Auditorium.

Pricilla was joining Florence State Teachers College. She remained in O'Neal Hall a dormitory for women. Late one nights after everyone had opted to bed, the one female in the dorms still up was Pricilla. As the tears rolled down her face she cried in torment. She sensed she acquired no choice, for there was something she held inside that nobody knew. She had a hidden knowledge that haunted her so bad that she understood there was only one was that her family would never know her solution. As she climbs the stairs to the most notable floor of O'Neal Hall, wearing a white evening gown, finding the rope that she possessed hidden just a few days before she came up with an idea to make all the torment and dread go away she knew that was the only way, it had to be done. She did not do that to disappoint her family, but she realized they could never find out her key. She quietly walked toward the attic floor to the elevator shaft, she then anchored one end of the rope. Her center was defeating so fast and tears rolling down her face as she tied the opposite end of the rope around her neck. Taking the few steps toward the dark elevator shaft, she understood it would soon be over. As she muttered just a little prayer she stepped into the dark elevator shaft. All of Pricilla's problems where eliminated she no more had to hide her top secret that no one will ever know. One report found out about Pricilla is one evening after having a fraternity meeting a young man known as Robert Loften was locking up the building. As he visited close the door he heard a noises upstairs that sounded just like a young lady crying. He thought there might be someone up there so he visited take a look. As he made it to the second floor he noticed her standing before the elevator shaft in an extended white night dress.

Molly was a girl that lived in the house that is currently UNA's off-campus booklet store. She lived in this home with her parents. Sometime around her eleventh birthday she received a doggie. She liked this dog a whole lot. But it is thought that 1 day she opened the door to all her dog, and he had not been behaving the same she tried out to calm him by saying, "It's me. It's Molly. " (Cup). Then snapped at young Molly his tooth shredding your skin off Molly's little hands. One much known time Molly was seen was during a UNA homecoming parade, as the university float went down the road each of them waved at a litttle lady waving at them from the top of the balcony. Following the parade each of them talked about how cute she was. But they soon understood no children lived in the house. That is when they understood it was Molly. Also 1 day a little gal named Kyla Weir is now convinced that she played with Molly for a complete day, looking for Molly's dog. "Molly remains as vivacious and playful as she have been in life. "(Glass).

Ghost Bridge and The Forks of Cypress was built-in 1830 it is know for the columns that surround the mansion. This mansion possessed twenty- four columns. On 6-6-66 the house was struck by lightning, the only thing that still remains will be the twenty-four columns. There's a replica in downtown, Florence of the mansion that is currently a bank. It is stated the columns remained because they are made of equine hair which can be flame resistant. Ghost Bridge is well known for the slave hangings in the late nineteenth century. Although both properties are private property the bridge and columns is seen from the road. There is also a family cemetery just east of the house. The cemetery has a wall structure built around it. On the outside of this wall structure there were some slaves buried there.

Charles Daniel Stewart is the ghost that lives in Trowbridges. Charles family possessed a stunning two story house with huge white columns in the locations that is currently known as Trowbridges. His family ran a copy business. They truly became very prosperous moving and hauling gravel when Florence city began paving its streets. One day he was discovered he was wearing a blue and white checkered top. The next day a woman named Betty that functioned there that saw him just the day before, as she strolled to the back of the restaurant she saw a blue and white checkered t shirt, the same clothing that was on ghost Charles. Charles is at the Challenge of Bull Run. He was later wounded, that's how he perished.

George the ghost of Norton Auditorium is believed to have been a construction worker who was simply loaning his services although it was under development or repair. "He dropped from the scaffold he was working from and achieved his fatality. "(Spencer. ) He hasn't been seen but he makes sounds and turns lamps on. The Norton auditorium is utilized for musical and drama productions. George is mostly known for acting in the plays and doing peculiar haunting things surrounding the building.

There are haunting reviews all around the globe. Some of the ghost that do not even look or make sounds. But Florence, Alabama has defiantly acquired some haunting reports and legends. And mostly likely there are a lot more to come.

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