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Examining Problems Of Urbanization

In this article, problems of urbanization is reviewed what extend can be met by insurance policy of sustainable development. This essay includes the definition of urbanization and its own problems. These problems are pollution problems, traffic congestion, casing and effects of urbanization on society. This essay represents possible alternatives for these problems by insurance policy of sustainable development. Also, it includes the explanation of lasting development.

The interpretation of urbanization can be basically referred to as the development of towns by encompassing the rural areas in it. Urbanization is not simply physically progress. Also, it includes population and public and economic structure. The urban progress generally has been triggered by immigrations. Most of these immigrations are done from rural areas to cities. Sometimes it can be seen from countries to countries. The reasons of migration can be arranged as economical, technologic and sociological. The urbanization has positive sides as well as negative. The major benefit of urbanization is monetary development. The metropolitan areas source more facilities to its people with large amount of technological instruments. Alternatively, negative attributes follow the scientific and inexpensive development. All kinds of pollution increase together with growth of human population. Traffic congestion also starts to seen in the developed countries. Casing problems accrue scheduled to population gain access to from rural areas to urban areas. The whole of culture is influenced by urbanization. Many of these negative sides can be assemble as the issues of urbanization.

The problems of urbanization need to be addressed. In such a developing world, nobody can stop the expansion of people. However, if urban areas could be developed with a good method like sustainability, the issues of urbanization would be resolved. Sustainability means the ability of sustain something. In other words, think into the future and make an idea. The purpose of it is prevent some problems which will be faced in the future. If the metropolitan areas are developed regarding to plan of sustainable development, the issues of urbanization can be attained.

In the last decades, the urbanization have been got an uncontrolled phase. The huge amounts of individuals migrate to towns from rural areas. There are several factors behind it. The significant reasons of urbanization can be set up as economical, technologic, politic and psycho-sociological.

People, who have been residing in the rural areas, have a tendency to migrate to places because of financial factors. Specially, in the developed countries, there may be great amount of difference between peasant`s income and civics income. So, the individuals who have been living in the rural areas immigrate to cities to increase their earnings. Besides, people immigrate to live more comfortable as well as for education.

Firstly, society problem develops in urbanization. The total amount of the population between rural areas and places starts to expand up. As the cities are expanding, the farmland starts off to destroy. Inside the rural areas, life is more challenging than the life span, in the places. Transportation, communication, technological needs are always difficult to benefit in the rural areas. Therefore, people spread towards towns.

All types of air pollution is seen easily in the urbanization. Air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, light pollution and stable product misuse are the main pollutions that happen to be increased parallel to urbanization. Because of the population development, the quality of air decreases in the urban areas. The trucks, cars, factories always exhaust plenty of carbon dioxide per day to mid-air. The amount of truck, car, and manufacturing plant are raised parallel to people population. As inhabitants growth in places, the demand of clean drinking water increase. Sometimes the neighborhood authority cannot resource enough clean water to citizen due to high population. So, the water pollution occurs in the cities. The other air pollution is noise pollution. In our daily life everybody use their autos, especially in the metropolitan areas, car noise is the easiest example for noises pollution. The sound could be created by autos, people, factories, development sites. Because of noisy environment, folks have been less fertile and uncreative in their professional life. Again, all are connected with people growth. Light pollution causes to loss of electricity energy as well as environmental pollution. This also creates a problem for future years. By using more energy to use lights, the resources for electricity decrease. This is the key problem of urbanization, unsustainable development. In the developing countries, stable product throw away is another problem in the modern times. High people always need more source. Sanitation should be always kept on high for public health. Whole pollutions act a very important role in human life. Air pollution creates different type of disasters.

According to P. S. Brandon, P. L. Lombardi & V. Bentivegna (1997, p. 134) China is one of the places which is faced with environmental degradation, on the planet. Environmental degradation addresses both its air and water. To improve this environmental degradation governments develop some tight laws. Water air pollution, air pollution, noise air pollution and the other environmental degradations can be satisfied by insurance plan of environmental safety law.

The other problem which occurs in the metropolitan areas because of urbanization is traffic congestion. Using a private car has become very common on earth. Everybody prefers to use their autos to simply their life. It seems especially in the urbanization countries. This frame of mind creates traffic congestion. Besides, with this issue, it causes more energy usage, time damage and makes people nervous. To decrease the traffic congestion, the governments find some possible solutions. Public travel is the most frequent solution to prevent traffic congestion. The developing places should produce more sustainable products, vehicles, structures to save more energy for future decades. Corresponding to S. M. Wheeler and T. Beatley (2004, p. 98) to prevent the traffic congestion, traffic calming is the process of slowing down traffic to create safer, conductive to pedestrians, cyclists and personal life. With this alternative solution, the air and noise air pollution will be reduced. Also, the gas utilization will be reduced. The towns could be more sustain by traffic calming method. Energy will be saved by this way. Roads will be utilized safely. Briefly, this method will be fixed one of the urbanization problem, traffic congestion.

As list of my article, third problem of the urbanization is real estate. Because of large amount of migrants, property problem has been increasing daily in towns. The migrants who migrate from rural areas to places produce a problem. These migrants try to find suitable accommodation for them. Unfortunately, because of the low income of migrants, it is impossible to find an accommodation by acceptable price. A couple of massive amount flats, properties and structures to stay in locations. However, the accommodation price is large as well as amount of accommodation. People begin to live unsuitable structures in locations after migration. The migrants maintain old and inconvenient accommodation to survive their life. This creates another problem, which is called visual air pollution. Besides, several diseases can certainly spread into places. According to Tag, Gordon, Peter & Ron (2007, p. 362) sets of buildings or building stocks is the useful method to to the management of interpersonal enclosure stock. The government authorities have some coverage to to the management of communal housing stock. If insurance plan of casing always can be applied, the real estate problem can be fixed by this coverage.

Fourthly, hurting of societies can be counted as a problem of urbanization. Urbanization effect on societies is the other problem. Fundamentally, this problem is the consequence of other problems, air pollution, traffic congestion and cover. Due to these problems, individuals` welfare goes down. The societies feel bed. This problem can be solved after other problem`s alternatives.

As a result of, urbanization is created by people and can be solved again by people. The primary reason of urbanization is unbalanced income between peasant and civic. Within the other worlds, urbanization is development of towns and contraction of farmland. Relating to Philip M. Hauser & Leo F. Schnore (1967, p. 1) the reason why to introduction of cities will be the size of total population, the control of natural environment, technological development and improvements in social business. The major triggering factor of growing cities is technology. Technology should be used correctly. Even though cannot be used appropriately or without caring future, it cause some problems such as urbanization. Urbanization has tons of negative factors. In case, urbanization control by policy of ecological development. The simple meaning of ecological development is deliberate growing. The issues which occur due to urbanization can be fixed with nurturing future. And expanding some guidelines or guidelines by governments will prevent problems of urbanization. For example, to prevent environmentally friendly pollution which has air pollution, water pollution, noise pollution, visual air pollution and sound wastes can be reduced by making lawful to sustainable development. On the other hand, increasing the number of public transportation with affordable price can boost the demand of using general public transport. Besides, the petrol consumption, sound and air pollution can be fixed by this way. Also, traffic congestion can be resolved by growing the infrastructure of vehicles facilities. For the other problem, housing problem, government authorities can apply rigid rules to prevent property problems which is arise because of immigrations from rural areas to locations. If each one of these problems are resolved, automatically, the previous problem, aftereffect of urbanization on societies can be disappeared.

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