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Examining Ethical Decision Making in Abdominal Pain case

In this essay, I am going to discuss the circumstance of a 12 years old woman, Christine who have been admitted in a pediatric device for observation and analysis for recent stomach pain. I am going to make an effort to solve the legal and moral dilemma that the nurse has encountered in this case with the use of Kerridge's model, for ethical decision making with help of code of ethics, code of professional do, national competence standard and Australian charter of healthcare rights.

Kerridge's model for ethical decision making:

Clearly state the problem

Client will not want the nurse to disclose her physical misuse from her mom, but Nurse has disclosed to the register nurse.

Get the facts

12 time old admitted with severe abs pain due to overdose of Panadol. Nurse noticed bruises on her behalf arm and again, patient informed the nurse that her mother conquering her regularly, and do not inform anyone because she dread it'll be much worse for her if her mom finds out however the Enrolled Nurse informed the Register Nurse for patient wellbeing.

Consider the fundamental ethical principles


Definition: "Recognises the protection under the law of the person to have an opinion, make alternatives, and take actions based on personal beliefs and values" (Gault, 2011)

In the situation, EN has breaches Autonomy (patient's choice) by revealing to to the Register Nurse.


Definition: Beneficence is action that is done for the good thing about patient. Beneficent actions can be studied to help prevent or remove harms or even to simply improve the situation of patient (Gault, 2011).

In the situation, Nurse did well by confirming to the RN. Reporting may prevent future injury to the client and may stop child maltreatment or inappropriate treatment.


Definition: Esteem for confidentiality means a nurse keeps information a patient uncovers in the framework of a nurse-patient marriage to himself/herself (Degree Essays, 2011)

In the situation, Nurse has breached the confidentiality of the patient by disclosing the information.


Definition: To recognized client's right to important information concerning his/her wellbeing to make the informal decision, to tell the truth (Gault, 2011).

In the truth, EN has portrayed the work of attention by telling the truth to the RN for patient's wellbeing.

Consider how the challenge would look from another perspective

Patient, family (Patient's Mother) and nurse are involve, nurse may lose the trust of the individual by disclosing the info, the information that client provided to the EN might be wrong if the patient has some underlying mental condition, patient's might be in trouble if her mom come to knew that she's told to nurse, her mother might be embrace because of the child assault, patient will be covered by taking the truth further.

Identify ethical conflicts

Conflicts between confidentiality and beneficence, conflict between veracity and autonomy.

Code of ethics, you can find discord between nurses value usage of quality medical and healthcare and admiration and kindness and informed decision making.

1) Nurses value quality medical care for all people.

Nurses should are accountable to a proper person regarding patient's security and treatment when necessary. Nurses should take a fair action when patient's basic safety is the problem as well concerning prevent future injury to the patient (ANMC, 2008).

In the situation of Christine, nurse has reported to a proper authority in regards to patient safeness and wellbeing. By doing that, nurse shows her duty of health care towards the individual. l.

2) Nurses value esteem and kindness for personal yet others.

Nurses maintain the dignity of the patient by spotting the vulnerability of the patient and through practiced sympathy. Nurses should comprehend the powerlessness and vulnerability of the patient due to disorder or other circumstances they are going through. There will be significant ability problem between nurses, family of the patient and the individual, mainly where the patient has limited knowledge credited to age and fear. If so nurses must inform the management and tackled the problem (ANMC, 2008).

In the case, there is certainly vulnerability of the individual due to years (below 18), fear of getting worse if her mom come to know that, Christine has informed the nurse about her violent action. In that framework, nurse reported the issue for the individual welfare as well as revealed the kindness by recognizing patient situation. And by the law nurse must inform the management and dealt with the problem for client's wellbeing.

3) Nurses value prepared decision making

Nurses respect patient's moral value, including children to involve in decision making process. When necessary nurses help the patient by giving information about selections they can have to make the decision. And assist as well as advocate for the individual right (ANMC, 2008).

In the truth, nurse engaged to advocate for the patient's right not have any physical abuse. And try to discuses with other health care workers to control the situation skillfully.

5) Nurses value a socially, economically, and ecologically lasting environment promoting health and wellness.

Nurses should ingest to factor about patient public, emotional, environmental circumstances for patient wellbeing and restoration of the individual. Nurses should consider culture sensitivity anticipated to coping with diversity of the culture. Overall goal should show patience focused (ANMC, 2008).

In the truth, nurse required steps to manage the situation and for the patient basic safety as well as positive recovery for the individual. It could be resolved by educating and reassuring the patient and family for legal reasons (of child maltreatment) and also by involving social work, doctor.

Consider regulations in this situation.

Code of conduct:

Nurses should provide safe and competent nursing care in virtually any circumstances,

That may compromise professional specifications. If nurse witnessed any unethical or against the law concern related to patient, it must be dealt with immediately to avoid further harm to patient. Nurse must involve other health professional such as sociable worker etc. nurses where should seek consent from the individual receiving or demanding attention before disclosing the information. Nurses should use professional wisdom to reveal details, taking in to considerations to the wellbeing, health and safety of the individual. Nurses recognise that, by law to disclose particular information for professional goal (ANMC, 2008).

In the situation, nurse has disclosed the information by law without consent from the individual when it comes to patient safeness, dignity, wellbeing. nurse up to date registered nurse anticipated to her duty of good care and professional do to being safeguard of the patient. Above circumstance nurse showed scientific decision making skills to safeguard patient's right and safeness.

Nurses should take all reasonable steps for the public, psychological, physical wellbeing for the patient. Nurse should develop trust with patient to talk about the medical information (ANMC, 2008).

In the case, Nurse developed trust of the individual, so patient could share the info. This helped nurse to make a clinical judgment when it comes to help the patients. Nurse discloses the info for legal reasons being safeguard for the individual and able to follow-up with other person in the health to control or resolve the situation.

In this circumstance there are a few competency standard that are highly relevant to this situation, the elements are, 1. 3, 1. 4, 7. 3, 8. 1, 8. 4, and 9. 1

In the problem there may be potential harm and should take some action to avoid the injury to the individual. EN discloses the information to RN and follow the policies according to the ANMC nationwide competency benchmarks.

Health care protection under the law:


Patients have entitlement to receive care in a manner that is respectful of patient's culture, era, gender.

In the situation, patient is eligible for get the treatment that may give her the best result as well as she has the privileges to treated relating the health health care standard. Her age group should need to take in to awareness. Nurse has taken all rights of the individual to help the individual (ACHR, 2008).


Health health care will tell the individual about the attention, that patient acquiring and help patient, know very well what is going on to your client. Patient can contribute to the communication when you are as open up and honest as patient can be (ACHR, 2008)

In the situation, nurse should communicate with patient regarding her treatment and her management plan but in this circumstance her years should be studied onto account.

Patient has evident bruises on her arm and again so it's proves that it is a child misuse from her mother and in Victoria, this can be a legal obligation to article suspected child abuse.

7. Make the honest decision-

12 season old has a right to respect safety, have judgment and make choice. Code of ethics declare that nurses value quality nursing care for everyone, Nurses value moral management of information (this consists of circumstances where confidentiality must be breached).


At the end, nurse has followed code of ethics of nursing, proper conduct of law relating to situation. Nurse also shows clinical judgment to safeguard patient's privileges and nurse has expressed duty of treatment towards the patient as well as informing appropriate person to attempt to manage the situation professionally.

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