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Evolution of Escalator and Elevator Advertising

In a noisy, media saturated and distracted consumer environment, the elevator and escalator advertisements ignites curiosity and fires demand for client brands through integrated alternative marketing technologies that authentically engage and truly influence consumers.

It work in helping clients reach consumers, surprising and unconventional ways.

The companies should take good thing about elevators by marketing their products and services. The elevator is actually crowded with people, and these people may be one day is a customers because of this advertisements. the elevator is transferring people every day. In some instances the transferring will continue 24/7 now in the 21st century the elevator advertisements is an effective tool for advertisement. In my opinion, it's the most effective tool in the new century. Because in the recent days, most people espically the young people

Don't prefer to read, watch the usuall advertisements and pay attention to radio advertisment. The elevator advertisements should be creative and attracting in the way that will take the individuals attention. In Saudi Arabia these varieties of advertisements aren't popular. The elevator advertisements aren't costly and also it is a cost effective. In my opinion if use propably, it will make a reveloution in the advertisement world. Some amounts of researches has been conducted concerning this topic. The elevator advertisement is a powerful tool for attracting folks. Because they don't have any alternatives except looking to your advertisment. So there is absolutely no try to escape from getting the idea of your advertisment.

Type of elevator advertisments:

  • Outside door advertising
  • Inside the elevator using brochoures or painting
  • Outside (outdoor) media
  • Inside (indoor) media
  • Sounds (inside the elevator)
  • On the elevator buttons (inside and outside)
  • Creative and innovative advertisments (costly).

Outside (door)

We had put a media advertisments beyond your elevator during the waiting time (period) for the elevator to come and transfer them. The survey implies that the majority of folks want to the elevator advertisment and the media which we had said there.

The survey demonstrates the majority of individuals are looking to the elevator advertisment and the media which we'd put it beyond your elevator through the waiting time (period) for the elevator to come and transfer them. So their eyes are always seeking to the elevator door. Therefore, why we can't utilize this powerful tool and in my opinion the most effective tool to advertise our products or services.


The majority of men and women show that they get board in the time of transfering. Why can't we give them something interesting like a media with music inside the elevator. Or we make the elevator more interesting with colours and brochures. Also in a survey we put an avertisment for a famous product in the elevator for the sake of the study and we asked all the respondents wheather it got their attention or not. And 93% of these saw that advertisments. So there is absolutely no try to escape from seeing the advertisment. And when we put a tiny screen for the media, it implies that 98% of the sample responds to that.

(Escalator advertising)

The majority implies that the escalator advertising is very attractive and it attract the eyes.

Types of escalator advertising:

There are numerous creative types of the escalator advertising and the most attractive on are:

  • Beside the escalator by using a brochoures or any kind of advertisments
  • Between the esclators using painting or drowing
  • On the escalator floor (steps) using a creative pictures on all the escalator steps
  • Advertising using the media (TV) at the top of escalator in the form of increasing or going down.
  • Using the sound advertising between the way of transfering (it isn't very effective)
  • In the entry and the exit of the essclator
  • On the escalator handrails: (it allows advertisements, branding, and other decorative communication material to be easily put on escalator handrails. )

Also the escalator and the elevator are usually crowded and the riders are always changing, which means that your advertising will be for another variety of men and women and different types of individuals with different ages and also with different classes. And that means you will market you products or services for all the types of the individuals using an inexpensive and powerful tool for getting the riders attentions.

What Escalator Owners Gain:

  • Increased income at marginal cost
  • Utilization of previously unproductive structures
  • Better communication with riders
  • Enhanced location aesthetics and ambiance, leading to stronger customer relations and increased ridership
  • Minimal involvement from escalator owner!

What the Riders gain:

  • Improved escalator appearance
  • More interesting environments
  • Source of "food for thought"
  • Antimicrobial protection for handrails, giving riders a sense of comfort and limiting riders' contact with contagious disease

What the Advertisers gain:

  • Opportunity to fully capture public attention with new advertising platform
  • Marketing avenue provides high-impression frequency
  • Innovative ad placement to beat other marketing noise
  • New mode of marketing to drive client "buzz"
  • Long impression period as average rider is on escalator for 30 seconds
  • Great medium for viral marketing

(it allows advertisements, branding, and other decorative communication material to be easily applied to escalator handrails. Easily talk to riders at stores, transit systems and airports during average rides of 30 seconds. )


Sampling: 571 in the major cities of Saudi Arabia

197 Inside the western region (Jeddah, Makkah, Al Madinah and Al Taif)

123 in the centre region

106 in the eastern region

86 in the northern region

59 in the southern region

The unit of analysis will be the individuals who are using the elevators and escalators regularly including the people who are employed in the shopping malls, airports, office building and hotels in the most crowded and busiest places.

A questionair was used to accumulate the data from the respondents.

The folks who are going to take the left will be extracted by this Ideas and creativety. Inside the small amount of time those advertisments will push them to read, see or listen to the advertising. Mostly the mirror in the elevator was appeal to the riders and they spent time for watching themselves. sometimes they'll spent time watching the riders shows, seeking to the ground screen in the elevator or seeing individuals faces.

It is the very best for attracting the customers' attention. Simply the riders are the stressed audience and they're surrounded by this media to entertain them. it is the key for a successful marketing. If used properly in the crowded elevators and escalator, it'll be the least expensive and powerful tool for marketing you products or services.

The best locations for escalator and elevator advertisements (advertising):

  • Transportation hubs,
  • convention centers,
  • offices buildings
  • hosbitals,
  • hotels,
  • department stores,
  • airports,
  • sports arenas,
  • shopping malls plus more.
  • train stations,
  • shopping centres

It is progressive and creative

It is a good alternatives of other marketing strategies.

Escalator Steps enables advertising, branding, and other decorative communication material to be easily applied to existing escalator steps.

Easily communicate with customers in high density locations by using this high impact medium.

It is an impressive media solution.

Why Advertising on Escalators?

Benefits to Advertisers using Escalator Step Advertising

  • Multi-Impact Impression - Usage of Steps Escalator graphics will bring about a higher impact rate to pedestrians. Pedestrians will dsicover as many as 50 steps as they ride escalators for over 30 seconds.
  • Unrestricted Message Space - Aap!Global can tailor installing graphic to popular escalator step models providing advertisers with large, high impact advertising spaces.
  • High Impact - Influence point of purchase shoppers - escalator step graphics do not contend with traditional media and capture audience attention before entering points of purchase.
  • Targeted - Escalator are usually located at points of purchase.
  • Easy to Use - Aap!Steps fit easily in existing properties with reduced owner involvement.
  • Non-Traditional - Aap!Steps invites non traditional companies to put adverts in the out-of-home segment

It is enjoyable up close or from a distance

Benefits to Properties

Aap!Step is a distinctive, dynamic, scrolling advertising display which provides a way to obtain incremental non-rental earnings while aesthetically improving and modernizing a property.

Companies can now put their advertisements in the hands of millions of economically active customers during average 30 second escalator rides.

Escalator Handrail Advertising provides advertisers with an extremely effective new media, property owners with an additional revenue stream or branding opportunity and escalator riders with an engaging handrail that increases safety and comfort.

The intelligent use of the elevators and taking benefits associated with the empty spaces.

Your advertisments will reach your goals.

Some of the ads are boring but these kinds of ads are different from others. It is not boring

Property owners:

Property owners have opportunity to utilise Escalator or Elevator Media to generate new revenues from advertising sales, or as a powerful way to increase internal branding or communications with escalator riders.

As a fresh revenue stream:

Escalated Advertising, via selling Escalator or Elevator Media to advertisers, offers property groups the chance to generate substantial advertising revenue without risk.

Advantages to Property owners

In addition to making existing structures profitable, Escalator or the elevator Media, enhances the appearance, location aesthetics and also improves rider safety and comfort.

For the firms which can be always looking for highly effective and fresh media opportunities. Escalator and elevator Advertising provides a unique solution.

the Creative looks on the elevator and escalator will really grabs peoples attention

Escalator and elevator Advertising dominates the surroundings, providing cut through even in a cluttered shopping centre.

Reasons Escalator Handrail Media is an initial choice for advertisers.

Escalator Handrail Media offers significant advantages over traditional outdoor advertising. Benefits include:

  • 30 seconds exposure to a captive audience
  • Frequently reach mass audiences at targeted locations
  • 76% unprompted advertising recall
  • 30 meters of advertising that surrounds the consumer
  • Hands on advertising which is often unavoidable
  • Close to the point of purchase

Escalator and elevator advertising are perfect for:

  • Increasing sales
  • Increasing foot traffic
  • Increasing brand exposure
  • Launching a new brand
  • Building brand image
  • Reinforcing other media at prime locations
  • Directing escalator traffic flow

What ever an advertisers goals Escalator and elevator advertising will help to achieve them.

Escalator and elevator advertising is the perfect compliment to TV, Print and Radio, and is a must in any out of home campaign.

It is fun and easy way to communicate, it could be used for branding, advertising or decoration.


There was too little information on this topic due to the fact that very little research as conducted on the elevator and escalator advertising. Hence secondary type sources didn't produce very precise information on this matter. Therefore, primary data acquisition methodologies like questionnaires and interviews had to be used in order to obtain the required information in order to satisfy the research objectives.

Although the ambient media sector is starting to grow up and move from the stunts that used to dominate, there are still lots of agencies with an eye for a great gimmick. Describes lots of outdoor innovations and explains that as consumers become more used to seeing advertising while they may be out and about, outdoor companies are increasingly looking for opportunities to speak to the public when they least expect it. Comments on new technology such as digital escalator panels and elevator advertising.

these new developments are only really doing work for entertainment brands at this time.

that are easier, quicker and cheaper to update, can be shared between more brands, offer flexibility in the messages that may be displayed and are by their nature more eye-catching.

Esclator advertising allows extremely high visibility advertising in prime throughput locations enabling you to target shoppers, commuters, families and business people.

It is a brand new opportunity.

Elevator: you can put a screen with a security camera to watch what is certainly going on in the elevator

Now there is a new media opportunity, this is a dynamic new media that reaches the audience that always in demands. This media that teaches, moves and uniquely interact with it's audience. It is an interactive, impactful and informative communication

Saudi Arabia community likes to explore and find the new things, a lot of the people there are economically active. It really is a rich country and these varieties of advertising will be an opportunity for the firms which are looking for increasing their sales and marketing their products.

You can place the advertising in the high traffic locations.

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