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Every Child Issues Case Study

Every Child Matters is a Federal approach directed to ensure all children, no matter their circumstances or background have the support they need to: be healthy; remain safe; enjoy and achieve; make a good contribution; and achieve financial well-being. This essay will explore the background of the construction, its goals and other relevant guidelines and legislation. I'll then reflect on how ECM has influenced my Local Authority and the institution where I am training. Finally I will then reflect about how ECM will notify my planning and teaching, and what it will mean if you ask me as a specialist in the school room and in developing my practice.

In 2003 the federal government released the initial Every Child Concerns: Green paper, it was a response to the Joint Main Inspectors article on the conclusions of Lord Laming's (Victoria Climbie's fatality) open public enquiry. It outlined many failings from services to connect and intervene. It lay out proposals how to address the problems of concern that were identified and suggested measures that were needed to improve and reform childcare

The Green Newspaper identified four areas of action:

Support for parents and carers

Effective coverage and early on intervention

Accountability and poor integration

Reform of the workforce

The goal was never to only protect children but also to enable children to improve and fulfil their lives. The Green Newspaper built after the foundations of Sure Start, looking to eliminate child poverty and bringing up school standards.

The success of the Green Newspaper led to the newspaper being transformed in to Every Child Things: ANOTHER Steps. Alongside this and with the support of the Houses of Parliament, the 1998 Children's Function was reformed and adapted into The Children's Take action 2004. This Function targeted to encourage. It also directed to ensure that LA's (Local Regulators) received more flexibility when employing their provision.

One result of this action was the development of Local Safeguarding Children's Boards. These boards targeted to co-ordinate between all LA's in an area area in order to guard children. The Action also led to the forming of the Every Child Issues Framework

Every Child Matters: Change for Children, became a national framework. The name Every Child Matters was used to amalgamate all of the documents, that directed to organise and deliver services that ensured every child and young person became an active member of population. There is also the aim of preventions instead of just dealing with the results. For this to work the platform suggested multi-agency cooperation from all those working with children and young people. Through this cooperation of services it could hopefully allow children and teenagers to achieve the five outcomes of the THE KIDS Act 2004 (Section 10). Section 10 requires open public services to ensure all children and teenagers are:

-Protected from neglect and harm

-Have the right to education, training and recreation

- Physical and mental health insurance and emotional well-being

-Contributing to society

-Achieve communal and financial well-being

These are summarised as allowing children or young people to: Stay Safe, Be Healthy, Make a good Contribution, Enjoy and Achieve, and Achieve Economic Well-Being. These five benefits are referenced to throughout Every Child Matters. To ensure all children and young people improvement against these effects, policies and practices would have to be developed and integrated.

The platform also focused on trying to ensure every child acquired provision no matter their background or circumstances, and enable children and young people to truly have a greater say about the issues and problems that have an effect on them collectively so when individuals. This was visible in 2005, when the first Children's Commissioner for England was elected; this offered a speech for children. This is one action aimed to prevent problems alternatively than dealing with consequences. As well as this the construction was seen as an 'inescapable moral essential' which it designed to assist a radical reform of services

In 2007 The Children's Plan was shared, this aimed to build after the Every Child Concerns platform. The Children's Plan: Building Brighter Future was a ten time plan that aimed to centralise children and teenagers, and increasing the concentrate on parental functions and the wider neighborhoods. The Plan centered on the Children's Trusts, and thought that was central to delivering quality, and set high expectations of them to deliver. The Children's Trusts experienced similar goals to those of the neighborhood Safeguarding Children Planks, they both targeted to collaborate.

The Trusts take the kid centred approach and use a built-in strategy of joint planning and commissioning, and pooled costs. This inter firm co-operation aims to be lasting by using a shared words and similar techniques. Working in this manner means that the trust will maybe have the ability to deliver something that is very child centred, and does not have any restrictions from professional restrictions or any other existing companies. Other frameworks, initiatives, acts and policies which have been due to, or associated with, the Every Child Issues plan include Working Along to guard Children (2006) and The Equality Action (2006).

My Local Authority has made many changes and developed many guidelines. The LA has developed an insurance plan on e-safety, describing the risks and what you can do to stay safe. They have also developed an Assessment and Respond to Children System (ARCS). This explains the Common Analysis Framework (CAF) and exactly how it seeks to assess

The LA are also currently undertaking an appointment of the Thurrock's Draft Children and Young People's Plan 2010-2013 (CYPP). This is actually the modified plan is signed up to by many organisations offering key services for children and teenagers in Thurrock (like the Council, the NHS, the authorities, schools and colleges and the voluntary sector). It models out the priorities for the Children's Trust, predicated on the research of the needs of children and teenagers, and what has been learned through various consultations and interactions with children, young people, their parents, carers and pros. These plans have to be prepared by all areas in the country and the Department of Children Colleges and Families (DFSF) provide guidance to help them do this. These programs will form the key planning document of most Children's Trust agencies, and partner firms, meaning that whatever is done with children and teenagers in Thurrock it will contribute to obtaining the collective ambitions every person has for these people.

Thurrock Children & Young People's Plan 2007-10, developed many procedures such as EACH YOUNG ONE, Every Young Person, All Companies - Our Plan 2007 - 2010. This identified the priorities which were needed and the goals to be set in order for those children and young people in Thurrock to have the ability to achieve the five results of ECM. It targeted to boost services in Thurrock over the past three years. The program was delivered through the kids and Young People's Strategic Partnership (CYPSP), which aims to meet up with the need of children and young people in Thurrock. It places out 12 goals that they targeted to attain to have the ability to meet up with the ultimate five goals of ECM.

In January of the year 'A Review of University Improvement' was also conducted by Peter Wylie for Thurrock Council. It was a review of how effective college improvement services in Thurrock were, and it continued to propose options for the future whilst remember the neighborhood and national policy priorities.

One such insurance plan: Your son or daughter, your universities, our future: building a 21st century institutions system aims to make a school system. It is something that aims to respond to changes in overall economy and culture and allow every child to enjoy growing up, and develop their potential and expertise. It also offers them the extensive skills they will need for the future.

There a wide range of guidelines, regulations and legislation in location to ensure children are safeguarded and achieve wellbeing, and each protects various areas and ensures multiagency cooperation. As a trainee teacher and a professional teacher I'll need to be aware of these because they underpin anything that I do. Within institution and in my coaching and planning, the five key ideas of the ECM framework must be at the forefront of my mind, they have to be at the heart of every aspect of the institution, including.

Within Every Child Issues, at the heart of the curriculum it expresses that ECM requires professors to be devoted and passionate, and offer. It also claims that teaching will include activities that are beyond the institution, that involve parents and relate with true to life experience. It also advises. The curriculum is designed with ECM at the centre; the look features address all 5 aspects, such as ensuring children are given the chance to learn in many subjects, and in a number of settings and environments. ECM is at the centre when contemplating and ensuring opportunities for incidents such as productions and activities days, so when considering the school's exercises. Also when considering any long hours, offering opportunities before, during and after school, and links with health and social businesses.

Young people's lives are centred around university, and they clearly offer an important part to learn in aiding children to attain the five aspects of ECM. Academic institutions need to take into consideration the needs of most learners when planning. I am going to now consider how each aspect is/can be promoted in the curriculum.

Schools can promote being healthy and being safe with a positive institution ethos, which helps bring about inclusion. It will also follow many guidelines and techniques, to ensure children stay safe. When working as a Trainee Instructor and a professional teacher I am going to have to be alert to all the insurance policies that the institution uses and ensure I am maintained current with these. For example: safeguarding and health insurance and safety insurance policies. Some procedures for this might be: questioning any parents in the school with out a name badge; and safe practices hinges on entrances. I will also have to ensure I promote addition by methods such as personalisation.

The school in which I am training will try very hard to ensure that children remain healthy. They have gained the Healthy College Award and have recently been given The Activities Unlimited Award. The institution now offers a range of after institution and lunchtime golf clubs, and healthy snack foods for Foundation Stage and KS1 children. The school also earns coaches for taking P. E. lessons, to encourage learners and show them the sport that they are experts in. Normal water is provided during the day and each young one has their own drinking water bottle for them to drink from when in lessons. The school also actively promotes walking or cycling to institution, and conducts bicycling proficiency for pupils. Within the last year lunchtimes have become more structured with MDA and LSA's taking organized activities. Another good initiative that the institution has implemented is the utilization of peer buddying and mentoring, with each adult in the institution mentoring at least one child that is need. The institution also provides opportunities for learners to expand vegetables. Aswell as having regular assemblies considered by cops and appointments from health personnel. The school makes many links between your community with trips to sing at old people's homes and links with reading schemes through the catalogue.

When I am planning and instructing I will need to ensure that I take advantage of circle time for you to explore health and personal issues as well as encourage question and peer decisions. I could also provide a tranquil area within my class where children are able to take time out. Opportunities should get to market and encourage and also to figure out how to be healthy in many things. I will have to be aware of this and apply them in my own teaching. A couple of examples include: allowing for leaner's to be empowered through making their own decisions, stimulating variety, respecting difference and coaching them about their own id, and using mathematics to investigate data on diet and health. Background may be used to explore community record and individual personal information.

Schools have the duty to ensure children are able to enjoy and achieve whilst remaining safe when they are at school, through a wide range of policies and techniques. For example guidelines for how to use equipment safely and securely, safeguarding, undertaking risk assessments, and bullying guidelines. Nevertheless the staying safe element of ECM will go much beyond the school and it is about.

The school where I am training provides many opportunities to ensure children have the ability to stay safe. They provide day and personal trips and set rules around the institution based upon the schools Center values. With the increase in the use of the internet, the LA also have developed an insurance plan for E-safety. The school provides mentoring and home work clubs to guarantee the learners don't show up behind with work and provide pupils with the opportunities to discuss any issues they could have. The school also has a council that functions as the learner tone and gets learners more mixed up in school. The school also encourages self-confidence for children to speak out, and uses role play, performances and presentations to promote this. The institution uses sessions from outside professionals, such as community police officers, and before any college trips, a safeness check should be conducted.

There are also many opportunities to promote keeping safe in the topics that are being taught in my university. For example art, and design and technology could be utilized to promote safe practice and controlling risks that may occur. ICT could be used to develop safe practices, such as questioning information and how to sit appropriately at computer, i. e. . position. When Teaching I have to be aware of how I can incorporate staying safe in my own planning and in my own classroom. I'd also have to use the universities Core Values to assist safety and place class rules with the children. I will also have to take some responsibility in guaranteeing the institution is safe, since it is everybody's responsibility not only the head educators or senior managers. I possibly could use stories in my class to deal with behaviours such as bullying and challenging stereotypes, resolving discord and implications.

Schools must ensure every child is making a confident contribution by guaranteeing the environment is created to encourage all to get involved. They also give learners a words, and range in educating strategies. The school where I am training has a school council that provides the kids with a tone of voice to speak away. Inside the Every Child Concerns, in the centre of the curriculum booklet it says that if the children are aware that they have the chance to enrich the lives of others and support and care for them, and eventually change things for the better, they are more likely to become more sociable beyond the institution gates.

The school I will be training at provides opportunities over the curriculum to ensure children give a positive contribution. The institution council gives the possibility to make decisions such as what equipment will be built in the playground. It is important that children are able to make choices that have a genuine impact. Learners are also given various duties around the school such to be accountable for the library, putting literature away or giving them out, watering and looking after your garden, and collecting the register. They also encourage learners to take part in clubs and assignments around the school. The school offers various night clubs and everybody participates in the Christmas works, as well as using buddying and mentoring plans. They make links with the city through jobs such as Christmas performing and also use such projects to improve money for charities.

I will need to be aware of these items to ensure which i include them into my class, for example by giving children responsibilities. I am going to also need to be familiar with the ways the kids can offer a confident contribution using subject matter, such as promoting group work in British, including tuning in, speaking and responding to others, or encouraging children to donate to a performance in music. WHILE I am teaching I will must ensure I enable and offer children with an chance to speak out and tell me the support they need, and provide an environment which is established for many to have the ability to participate in. I could use various solutions to promote positive contribution such as using discussion partners, bonuses and mentors.

Enjoying and Obtaining is promoted in institutions by lessons always taking take into account different learning styles and skills, thus ensuring that learners enjoy their learning.

To ensure they enjoy and achieve, I may need to refer a kid that may need more expert help, research any needs they could have, differentiate and personalise my lessons, and celebrate achievements. If children are enjoying learning and also have good supportive relationships, they will achieve. Every child has a skill, which is the duty of the school to uncover these talents and ensure that teenagers view themselves as successful and can live a fulfilling life.

This means that the curriculum must be filled with problems and surprises. Children have to be in a position to build after their own aptitudes as well as being able to enjoy what they are learning, and should be given opportunities to take on responsibility, whilst always considering each child's individual needs. The school i am training at supplies the pupils many opportunities to accomplish and enjoy over the curriculum. The school gives every year group a topic every term, this allows children to see links between content, and them with opportunities to deeply explore issues. The institution provides many travels from exciting activities to historical sites, and opportunities for children to participate in the community through activities and projects. The institution also provides many opportunities for children to show their skills through concerts, has, and athletics, and uses an accomplishment wall to praise children that achieve and/or participate, as well as having accomplishment assemblies once weekly. In the accomplishment assemblies many prizes are given: sporting accolades; awards for effort; knowledge and reading; or anything else that is known as an achievement. The institution also provides catch-up lessons and additional support through lunchtime and afterschool.

I must ensure that I start to see the college as a learning community and that I see myself as a business lead learner. I'll need to ensure that I provide opportunities for children to explore deeply and broadly. WHENEVER I am planning I will try and ensure to incorporate the children's interest into lessons, and I will also need to ensure I organize vacations to help them to enjoy and achieve. I'll need to try and use experts and organisations when coaching, and reach out and use parents where possible. I will also need to fully get involved throughout the school to ensure I help out with allowing children to enjoy and achieve.

There a wide range of opportunities in lessons where I can intend to ensure children enjoy and achieve. In PSHE I possibly could provide practical learning activities that relate to real life. I possibly could also use true to life situations in mathematics or use investigation video games and strategies. I will have to be able to integrate and ensure the children 'enjoying and reaching' reaches the heart of my teaching and planning. I must understand that it is not about just instructing the lesson; it is approximately them understanding, enjoying and learning from the lessons.

Economic wellbeing is about contextualising learning by relating it to the real world, and learners see the value of these learning. It also helps learners to create a. This means that children can perform a great sense of satisfaction from being responsible for their own future.

The university where I am training uses many opportunities in the curriculum to help children to accomplish economic wellbeing. The school provides learning opportunities for children to fundraise, in school or in an outside school environment. The institution also encourages children to take on jobs in college such as taking responsibility for the school catalogue or collecting the register. The institution also provides control opportunities for pupils, such as becoming mentors or area of the school council. The institution also actively helps bring about and embraces ethnic difference and diversity. I possibly could help children to attain economic wellbeing by causing them in charge of their meal money and make it their responsibility to work out any change. I must ensure I encourage children to defend myself against responsibilities in the institution and in the category.

There a wide range of opportunities for learners to accomplish financial wellbeing in things. For example I could use English to develop communication skills, and expressing views and ideas effectively. Learners could also develop their skills in obtaining information, analysing it, and analyzing it in technology. P. E. could be utilized to teach children to work both as an individual and within team.

When considering my personal development, my concern is to understand how to plan properly, ensuring I use various learning conditions and consider the various children's contexts. I am going to need to sit down with my Institution Based Trainer and maybe the class's previous educator, and consider each child's framework. I am going to then have the ability to use this to personalise and differentiate planning. It will also inform me of the children's interests, this will help me to plan for their hobbies and ensure they benefit from the lessons.

ECM has greatly influenced education and the way teachers teach. It has impacted many areas from, planning, basic safety, and dealing with behaviour. They have played a major part in radically reforming many children and young people's services and lives. It is important however never to only reward the insurance plan but also to criticise the coverage in order for it to be developed and better. This can be observed in the development from the Green Paper. At every level the original plan aims were examined and then reset. For ECM to totally achieve its aims it's important that there has to be multi-disciplinary work, and this teams and co-workers need to constantly reflect and evaluate. The overall aftereffect of Every Child Matters and been substantial, and I'm sure that the results will still be seen for quite some time to come.

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