Events The Napoleonic Wars Background Essay

This paper expresses and discusses the main element events of the wars taking place during Napoleon's reign as emperor of France, that have been considered by some historical sources brought about by the French revolutions of 1789, and starting in 1803, in which France conquered most of Europe with no rivals and unrivaled till 1808 when other empires started out fighting back, but still France was unparalleled until 1812, the year in which Napoleon's army invaded Russia and concluded the group of Napoleonic wars. The declination of the power of the military in France activated the repair of the Bourbon Monarchy.

The Napoleonic Wars

"Read over and over again in the promotions of Alexander, Hannibal, Caesar, Gustavus, Turenne, Eugene and Frederic. . This is actually the only way to become great general and get better at the secrets of the skill of war", not only said by Napoleon, but also applied during his campaigns in the conquest of other Western nations.

The Battle between Britain and France

Although Britain's Coalition lovers didn't have much involvement in the Napoleonic wars, as a result of strength of its naval force, Britain remained at battle with France throughout the Napoleonic wars period, by minimizing the power of land warfare not only with France but on a global scale for greater than a 10 years. Britain also bought the help of the military forces by paying huge amounts to other Western states.

By occupying Malta and gathering one third Coalition, not only Britain, but also the Holy Roman Empire violated the terms of past treaties. The war intentions of the Third Coalition changed the purpose of the issue as it was clear that their intentions were halting Napoleon.

War of the Third Coalition

Although Napoleon planned an assault on THE UK, he called it off as his intend to gain naval superiority through distraction failed, the plan was to threaten Britain's possessions in the Western world Indies, but was interrupted when Admiral Villeneuve's Fleet was defeated by Admiral Nelson's fleet through the battle of Trafalgar (21 October 1805), that was very amazing as the English side didn't even lose a single ship!

The British signed a treaty with Russia, wishing to remove the People from france from the Batavian Republic

And the Swiss Confederation. Austria later signed up with the treaty when Napoleon proclaimed himself as the ruler of Italy. Sweden also joined up with the coalition formally later on.

The conflict was started by the coalition as Austria commenced by attacking Bavaria with 70, 000 men, but the France responded by mailing out its military from Italy, Napoleon ornamented Austrian military at Ulm, which led to the surrender of the Austrian army without significant losses.

As a result of the defeat of the primary Austrian army north of the Alps by the French military in Italy, Napoleon gained control of Vienna. However, he was compelled to face a more substantial Austro-Russian army far from his supply line; he managed to crush the Austro-Russian army after nine time of intense fight with Czar Alexander I of Russia and Emperor Francis II of the Holy Roman Empire present at the struggle of Austerlitz, that was also known as the war of three emperors. It was considered Napoleon's master piece.

War of the fourth coalition

After defeating the 3rd coalition, Great Britain joined another coalition along with Prussia, Russia, Saxony and Sweden. Napoleon created the confederation of the Rhine out of German expresses. He also increased the rulers of Saxony and Bavaria to the position of kings.

In August 1806 Frederick William III of Prussia decided to engage with France separately from some other great electric power. The results were horrible, as Napoleon himself were able to defeat a detachment of the Prussian military at Jena while one of his Marshals (Davout) defeated a almost all the military with an individual corps at Auerstadt during the same day. As the French military advanced in continued increasing, this led to the destruction of the effectiveness of the Prussian military.

On Oct 27, 1806, Napoleon moved into Berlin after crushing the Prussian military, passing by the tomb of Frederick the fantastic saying "If he were alive we wouldn't be here today" after commanding his marshal to show respect by removing their hats.

After occupying Germany, Napoleon drove Russian forces out of Poland, recuiriting more soldiers as he proceeds, along with Italian military now under his reign. This didn't fulfill Napoleon as he later makes a decision to run after Russia all the way to fully capture the momentary Prussian capitol Konigsberg. The challenge of Heilsberg compelled the Russian military to retrieve even further north. The way Napoleon controlled the path of the Russian army was interesting, as he routed them to Friedland. Following the defeat Czar Alexander got to establish a treaty with Napoleon at tilsit.

By September, Marshal Brune were able to enter the Swedish Pomerania, Forcing the Swedish army to withdraw from the war.

While France was occupied with Russia and Prussia, THE UK was able to occupy Denmark, profiting from its large fleet, which could have restored the damage done to France at the battle of Trafalgar, but Britain's harm gave France a new alley, Denmark.

War of the Fifth coalition 1809

The French thought that after the treaty with Russia in 1807, they would have an interval of calmness, but suddenly out of the blue France was at another was, this time with Spain. The plan of overthrowing Napoleon and positioning Murat on the throne was initiated by Talleyrand and Napoleons minister of law enforcement officials, Fouche. While Talleyrand was dismissed, Fouche received away with only a warning. The problem was under control but royalist terrorism persisted anywhere else, especially in Normandy and Brittany. This proved that catholic provinces flooded with discontent, which later led to the declination of Napoleon romantic relationship with the pope to the idea that he purchased that the pope would be imprisoned and imprisoned for five years.

While Austria was seeking revenge, it was also seeking the help of Russia and Prussia. Russia agreed to take no part in attacking Austria while it pretended to stay France's ally, and Prussia decided to source Austria 80, 000 men to assist in their effort to defeat France.

At first Great Britain was uncertain if it would lend its support to the Austrian forces, but later guaranteed financial aid and support on the north shoreline of Europe. This what was need to get ready for the by the Austrian innovator Francis. Even though financial minister warned Francis about the poor condition of the treasury, and even would further decrease if the army continued to be mobilized.

The Austrian foreign minister in France was prince Metternich, he tried to appear sincere, but began to spy and plot with Talleyrand and others to undermine Napoleon, along with patriotic responsibility, Metternich experienced personal hatred towards Napoleon and what he stood for. Although he skillfully spied on the French court and offered excellent detailed studies about decisions and reactions to the Austrian mobilization, his warning were not taken into account by the Austrian expert.

Napoleon was not in good shape as his realization of his current position blinded him from thinking about his next steps. While he depended on his Russian ally, he was sure a two front side warfare on Austria would promise victory, he commenced to mobilize an army to seize the danger at the east. He withdrew men from Spain and called even more from the confederation of the Rhine states to take part in this warfare with full power

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