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Event Management Of Rio Carnival Festival


The event chosen to be able to complete this piece of work is the Rio Carnival. This is one of the famous celebrations and it is placed before Lent which is known as one of the biggest festival where in fact the participant general public is more than two million in statistics each day. The celebration is one of the oldest one as well. Before going in to further information of the event and covering the topic by different required perspectives the researcher gives a brief account about event management and the advancements which has taken place with the duration of time and introduction of latest systems. (Getz, 2007)

Life is full situations that aren't only interesting but filled with attractions and excursion for the public. There has been a whole lot said and discussed and mostly one will dsicover destinations under remarkable pressure because they are uncertain how to offer by means of these happenings and save them by becoming a touristic product. Before, major situations have been victim of different unwanted activities which includes not only spoiled the image of the vacation spot but in addition the fame of the function has been afflicted to a great magnitude. In the present world where technology through advertising has covered all the entertainment aspects for public and community can enjoy the event by the confinement of their home just by near their television collections, still the true joy is good for live entertainment as general population want to get involved and be area of the colourful environment which cannot be captured or experienced through tv set no subject how good these are captured.

A superior repeatable Event Management method offers an business with the aptitude to sense Situations, understand them, and then choose on the right control commotion or action to avoid an incident and/or service disruption. Suitable activities or behaviours can comprise of an action release a an event or even to trace an event. Well-organized service techniques base on the well-timed handling of the several activities essential to avoid confrontations and service outages. (Reisinger, 2009)

As Event Management supplies the capacity to sense situations before time, a link can configure technology to preserve a meeting Management technique to activate a meeting after it has been mechanically noticed and become automatically allocated to the best resolver faction for action before any distinct service disruption or outage happens. Utilizing technology to preserve an Event Management procedure helps it be probable for a couple activities to be observed by exemption which can assist eradicate the requirement for costly and offer concentrated "real time monitoring", whereas at the similar time, shedding unavailability or down-time. Inside Event Management there are some altered kinds of events to take care of such as:

Normal Operation Occasions:

These varieties of happenings can include an automated announcement that a planned workload job is finished as common or a consumer has logged into an product that they had the right point of admission to, or an email has gained an anticipated receiver. Standard process events are significant to see since they might stand for a breach of policy or non observance to a development. (Richards et al. , 2010)

Exception Occurrences:

These kinds of situations might comprise customer endeavours to access an application with an incorrect password too many times or, a device's CPU is above a satisfactory usage rate or a Personal computer scan reveals installing unlawful software. (Reisinger, 2009)

Unusual Events:

These sorts of events typically signify something unforeseen and require immediate notice such as server recollection utilization within 5% of the best expected performance level, or the conclusion time of a transaction 10% longer than normal. The key point with any of these event kinds is that instant action should arise to be able to either raise an occurrence record or a "dismiss and log" of the function for further monitoring and trending.

The Great things about Event Management:

By officially making use of these key activities of an Event Management course, organizations are able to augment effective efficiencies by becoming more useful at managing functions that knowledge faults and service outages. In today's multifaceted IT environments, the degree of data being produced on a regular basis can be irresistible plus uncontrollable without managed and repeatable processes and the technology to aid those processes. Millions of trade's discounts that rely onto it prop up are conducted every day. Devoid of an accepting of critical business procedures, managing events actually is an unproductive best figure endeavour. (Getz, 2007)

An outline of the actual festival/event is:

The carnival kept once a year in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is the for the most part well-known party on the planet, growing year-on-year and attracting thousands of overseas as well as countrywide tourists. Inside the week about festival 80% of the annual consumption of beverage is drunk plus 70% of the every year tourist profits are comprised, undoubtedly showing the importance of the event inexpensively? To Brazilians celebration and dance are as significant as sports, which is absolutely saying something!

The roots of celebration:

The name "carnival" comes by the Latin expression carnelevare interpretation abstinence as of the eating of meat and poultry. Carnival week is organised to agree through the start of the Roman Catholic period of Lent, 40 days prior to Easter. Lent is conventionally an interval of abstinence, prayer and self-evaluation for Christians and represents the 40 days that the Bible instructs us Jesus put in in the desert resisting the temptations of Satan. As the dates for Easter fluctuate each year so do those for the main carnival weekend. There are several parades and functions by plus following the main labelled situations in the Sambodromo, some of that happen to be free plus performed in the street in various districts about the city or as practice weekends in the central site itself. (Dunne L et al. , 2002)

Carnival as a festivity of music, dancing, misbehaviour as well as extremes plus dates back to the historic Roman carnival of Saturnalia that was introduced in 217 BC to lift up the assurance of battle-weary Romans next overcomes by the Carthaginians. It had been classically a week of eating, drinking alcohol as well as the deride turnaround of the communal order, slaves being given several further liberties for example Several Roman Emperors such as Augustus and Caligula attempted to shorten the festivities to 3 days but were fulfilled by means of such chaos plus were forced to depart the occupants with their social gathering. (Getz, 2007)

Rio Carnival today:

Even though Rio Carnival might not exactly be the lone party in Brazil, continues to be expensive well-known. As far as the participants are considered, biggest carnival in conditions of member is presented in Recife in the North where in 2006 1. 5 million people required part. The Rio event is rolling out regularly since its taking place back in the 17th Century furthermore each year it grows in size and much more area and samba classes turn out to be mixed up in the spectacle. Blocos (Blocks) are small or middle measured congregation of musicians and dancers drawn as of neighbourhoods who parade with a challenging matter, motto and point. They may be clothed in complementing T shirts or in extra high outfit and there are actually over 100 Blocos, numerous of whom do not go away as of their street or neighbourhood while exhibiting. Hundreds of residents congregate and escort them in their hard work. (Richards et al. , 2010)

Over deeply financed samba academic institutions are huge groups of performers which take part in parade tournaments in a particularly built Sambodromo. These academic institutions procession placed on the 4 major times of the carnival, combined with the title parade person organised on the Sunday night. The official opposition can be alienated into 10 categories and successful picked by each circulation after being reconsidered on each of the following; drumming group, Samba song, Harmony, Flow and heart, subject of the year, Overall impression, Floats and props, Outfits, Vanguard group and Flag bearer. A couple of 4 judges in each group and these people stay in booths along the parade course in the Sambodromo. Great ranking is awarded to the winners and the rivalry is considered very critically with large amounts of makes an attempt, exercise and money invested. (Reisinger, 2009)

Entrance tickets for the Sambodromo parades are granted and therefore are costly even in the low-priced bleacher seating which cost some hundred us dollars. Places in the VIP containers run to thousands of dollars as they feature the spectator a lot more ease and availability of facilities, open bar, 3 course evening meal etc. for exactly what is a lengthy of looking at. Tickets and some hotels frequently sell out month's in advance so if you want to move ensure a longer way beforehand.

The stakeholders:

Keeping in mind the nature of the event it turns out to be clear that the stakeholders are simply the travelers and local audiences that come as of everywhere to enjoy this event, its shade and the several parade and dances which are the very major part of the celebration. (Bichou et al. , 2007)

Social-cultural benefits and issues linked with festival:

The modern world is facing threats like terrorism and aim for getting rid of and there are many elements of the world where the criminals await such mega events in order to get a chance to cause damage on high scales. The damage can be anything like robbing, getting rid of and even bomb blasts which are usually the key focus for terrorists in today's world. The city may always feel itself vulnerable during such programs and events as the proportion of crime is higher and it's difficult to trace and control because of the size of event.

Talking about benefits, festivity like Rio brings business to the united states and permits the foreigner to understand the culture of the indigenous people. Not only does it catch the attention of people for long time but even in the four (Getz, 2007)

What travelers might understand as an attempt to get closer to the authentic and break through to the trunk region, hosts will most likely understand as a violation, an infringement on private and personal space, and these differing perceptions shape the power relationships flanked by hosts and tourists.

Just as items are altered because they are placed in leading and false backside regions, the hosts are alienated through their assignments in the business: they become "anders, " someone other than what they were in the past. This view of how hosts and their culture are changed allows me to find the central notion of authenticity in the critique of the tourism business in the works in my learning. The three authors portray tourism as making those who live and work in the business "anders. " Returning to the notion of front and rear parts, then, I dispute that the performers portray the genuine rear region as a space that is lost or is threatened by travel and leisure, as it is gradually becomes "anders" which is turned into a incorrect, staged back again region. The learning depicts tourism and its own effects as a danger, implicitly noting a failure to safeguard the authenticity of the back region as of tourism.

Discussion how the celebration event can help foster social understanding

There are numerous possible ways in the carnival may help in order to foster ethnic understandings. The world has actually is small community and as a result people have actually is closer to the other person with the help of Information technology. That's the key cause behind the fact that people wish to know about each other's culture worth and beliefs as they find knowing about these ethnical ideals very interesting. In order to get the ethnic understandings events like The Rio Carnival performs an integral role as not only the actual fact that its is very attractive but at the same time it's one of the famous and big happening that automatically attracts the attention of people as of worldwide and they want to know about it, how it started and the other connected civilizations with it. (Bichou et al. , 2007)

People by all over the world as mentioned before travel to Brazil to enjoy this festival. Thus giving them possibility to know about the neighborhood cultures and the various interesting facts that may be associated with these cultures which may fluctuate after every hundred miles with respect to the locals of the country and different ethnic beliefs which they may hold.

Recommendations for mitigating negative social and cultural effects of the event festival

Contemporary world faces some serious hazards. These threats can be terrorism, robberies, killings and other issues. Terrorists are always searching for such celebrations and communal gatherings where in fact the number of individuals irrespective of the simple fact they are performer or audience. This simply for the reason why that the greater big the gathering is the larger will be the level of damage which might be triggered by these terrorists.

Therefore, it turns out to be the duty of the event management team and the concerned authorities to make certain that the available latest tools and other facilities like it and managements and security techniques are adopted in order to make sure that the function management is successful at the same time is safe by any kind terrorist activity which might cause the increased loss of important lives. (Getz, 2007)


Considering the intricacies than it organizations at the moment, there's a strong need of fine Event management practice and the necessity for technology empowered procedures is vital for greatest operational effectiveness. The purpose of a meeting Management course is to perceive occurrences of significant service factors and behave instantly to lead those events. At present we want data gathered, concurrent, refined and then analyzed as much quickly and correctly as you can. Efficiency commence with prior prep to get a concept whatever services are essential and entail supervision along with regular reassess periods to keep these rules clear, precise and suitable. (Reisinger, 2009)

Technology contributes a great deal in enhancing the function Management process by computerizing the true process actions themselves (for example event acknowledgement, event announcement and computerized incident creation), and through studying the results as of some other associated methods (such as Settings Management). Incorporation with other practices (particularly Occurrence Management, turmoil Management, Availability Management, Settings Management and Service get ranking Management) is crucially significant to ensure that events are handled efficiently and that the utmost levels of availability and service are stored. (Getz, 2007)

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